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fav sayn's an' creddo once i get 'round to it...poetic license,i can't spell

How can the single droplets of water know themselves to be a river<-Zen saying
There is nothing sweeter than a lady's invitation to her pillow<-Me
Confused an' amused..yup that me<-me stupi it obvious


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AiKandii Report | 01/26/2010 2:54 pm
hi crazy docter dude waddup did u get the invite from my other acc
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/18/2010 4:14 pm
Well, as long as you're happy with your anger issues, I guess there's really no problem. I tend to be scary when I'm angry sometimes, too, and I know what you mean about seeing the fear in people's faces. Actually, that's the best part. I remember once, my cousin used to pick on me all the time as kids, and he was bigger than me so I usually lost, but one day he sat in my chair and I'd just had enough, so I yanked the chair out from under him and he fell right on his ass, and I went "THATS MY CHAIR". He was scrambling backwards on all fours when I lifted the chair up like I was gonna hit him. And from that day forward, he never picked on me again... especially since I beat him up side the head with the remote control a few hours after I rightfully took my chair back. XD I was like that as a kid, though. I'd get beaten down and beaten down until one day I just found something inside me that unleashed a wave of "back the f*ck up off me or you're gonna get your head smashed in". Now a days I don't really get sh*t often anymore. I tend to radiate with this certain energy just makes people think twice about getting on my bad side.

Something I don't understand is that even though I've developed into this huge b*tch over the years, people still enjoy being around me. I can beat the crap out of people and push them away, and they still come back for more. I'm not sure if I just attract some durable people or if there's really something about me that's worth enduring my b*tchiness for, but either way, it looks like I'm stuck with people. No matter what I do to push some of them away, they just don't budge, no matter how much I piss them off.

Ya know, I wonder if we might not wanna move this conversation to PM.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/16/2010 4:34 pm
Well, since you have patience you'll probably learn the anger-controlling skill rather quickly. It really just takes time. I actually used to have patience. But dealing with stupid people over the years has caused it to just.... evaporate, I guess. One morning I think I just woke up and said "f*ck patience. It makes life too slow." haha Yeah, I did enjoy Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. I don't so much watch TV much anymore, though, unless it's like a movie or something, even when I'm in the living room. I just don't like it so much anymore. I'd rather be online while I'm writing. My name has been changed a couple times. I started out as nevertobeokay and then I switched to xo Ashurii xo and now I am what I am. I'm thinking about changing it again, but I don't wanna pay the 10k to do so. lol

Ironically the text I have to type in to send this says "Brainy Months". I thought it was amusing.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/14/2010 8:44 pm
i can control my anger pretty well, but it took me a long time to learn that skill. i'm such an impatient person that i don't even have the patience to learn patience. that was quite some ramble you gave. I used to watch Pinky and the Brain all the time. I really miss that show! Yeah, my avi is ever changing, right up to the increments of time between each change. I get bored with it. Sometimes I get bored fast and sometimes I get bored really slowly. I have fun putting them together. I always save an outfit when I really like it and I never end up using the same outfit twice. Sometimes I may have a similar avi, but it has never been the same.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/11/2010 3:04 pm
yeah, i've given up on trying to fix idiocy. it's why i tend not to crit many n00bs anymore. i don't have the patience like some people do. i think those who have the patience are wonderful, but i was never made to be patient.
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/06/2010 11:32 pm
I personally consider them seperate because they're many celts. For instance, the irish, british, and scotts all worshipped a different set of gods, but they're all Celts. Druids for the most part were Irish and they also incorperated Fae magic, which the other Celtic tribes didn't, or at least I haven't found anything saying they did.
TheVoiceOfCreation Report | 01/06/2010 4:55 pm
some n00b called me the poem police awhile back 'cause they couldn't take my blunt crit and i put it on there as a joke. now it's sort of become just another part of the siggy and another thing that people recognize me by. my siggy kinda stands out. XD
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/05/2010 7:43 am
Ahhh.. that's interesting. My patron Goddess is Morrigan. lol. I started to read up on Celtic at first but I didn't find too much with it that I really cared for. The Druids were just as interesting and that got me into Fae.
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/05/2010 7:17 am
At the moment I'm a Spiritualist, but only because I can't find anything reliable about the Egyptain sect. Yourself?
Lovers Never Tell Report | 01/03/2010 11:21 pm
Then you're in a really bad place... I'm as open as it gets. Even my licence plate says Pagan. Pfft trying times. There's even like 4 pagan shops within reasonable driving distance. My local sect had their Samhain festival on the news.

I'm doing well enough. You?


I count not well 1.....2......3.......4...... fahhk wat come next well i guess i really don't need-ta kno' i play bass so there is no existence after 4....jus' 1........2........3..........4........1 yay i did it i got-ta get back ta mi lady(my bass):annabel lee.......woot musical noises come out.................


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