Me likes milk. >.<
Spare time wheeee~!!
Never tasted tofu... V.V.

Oh yeah!

About me: ((Where to start.... Urrrr nothing very interesting so I'll say random stuff that pops into my little head))

Um... OK~!! Well, i'm a person... with a brain... I guess.... >.> (prolly a small one)

Not to mention, I have an attention span of a peanut!~ If that's possible...
I don't like when ppl mess with my friends!
((Because that's my job!!)) Just kidding...

I love:
puppies and kitties,
and also giraffes,
monkeys and
Pretty much everything Animals X 1,000

I dislike:
~Ripping paper -ugg ._.'' -
~People ripping paper anyways. >...<
~People telling other people I hate the sound of ripping paper
~People laughing about it.
~People laughing about the fact I can't do anything about it...

I <3 <3 <3 Music... It rocks my life~~ And yar I am a religious kinda person. i guess, o.o if ppl ask me, so yeah I listen to that music too~ Sometimes.

So yeah, the point is to please never correct my grammar, I'll decide to fix it one day, when I decide all my other dreams are pointless. But for now, live on!!
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Look at the video I made...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

I took this quiz 2 times.... first i was white and the next two times were green... It keeps saying my enemies are black.... 0.0 Woah, beware!!!!


I don't know.....


I'll do a description later... When i'm less lazy... (As in probrably never)



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i mish ma cassie mucho crying

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Verse 1 of "This Pain" In my journal TODAY all new song by iJacey
Be Sure To Comment On The Entry

This song IS FOR YOU you have to read it.

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ppppppsssss casiie when were you on??

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probably not but thats whats fun bout it

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¿Ku? i forgot what we were talking about

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We should summon the gypsies after it matey

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the one with the human eating taco

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hahahahaha such a funny chain member my taco one!!

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yayness for sleepyness!


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If I ask 'What's wrong with me?' You're supposed to say, 'Everything.' </3