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hi, i'm cathy tran! i like singing. i like dancing! i love clothes omg. heyheyhey, i'm a kpopper! forever a shawol ♥ i'm onew's mvp. i'm just going to go now and keep it short, because what am i even supposed to write about myself?

puahahah. t r a m m i e was heeere.

yeah, bby.

WSSSUPP. This is TRAAAAM, 'hacking' my bestfran` CATHY. Ohyeah. LOL. Usually my 'hacks' are heeella long. But let's keep this short, yes? Hmm. Puahahah. I love Cathy more than you do. Cathy's special day, June3. Feed her cake & give her Yesung for a present ;D Or a cow. Yeah, Cathy likes cows & Yesung. (: Cathy's retarded<3. She makes me laugh all the time. She makes me laugh so much that my mom yelled at me for being too loud and unladylike :C But that's okay Cathy, I forgive you ;D Cathy's usually hypered. That's a good sign, lol. Is this too long? LOL. Theeen bye ;D But a few last words. You mess with Cathy, you've got me to deal with. OH I WILL CUT YOU. I WILL CUT YOU SO BAD. Yeah, okay bye. I LOVE YOU CATHY. 8D

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