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hi people that are looking at my 14. i live in a really nice hair is brown the same with my eyes.i life with my dad.hope you like my profile.these are my dream avatar.i love the middle one so if you do comment me saying that plzz.also i only put friends that i talk to alot or friends i know in real life.who ever looks at my profile can u add xXthe_last_love123Xx because this account got hacked
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LiL HoT MoMa55 Report | 09/01/2008 3:29 pm
LiL HoT MoMa55
hey nice pro
LiL HoT MoMa55 Report | 08/01/2008 5:05 pm
LiL HoT MoMa55
hey u rockin that out fit no lie so wat u been up too
II-Rainbow Cookehz-II Report | 07/20/2008 1:30 pm
II-Rainbow Cookehz-II
Gaara Sexy No Jitsu Wrote 

alviss7 Wrote

Gaara Sexy No Jitsu Wrote

alviss7 Wrote

Gaara Sexy No Jitsu Wrote

alviss7 Wrote

Gaara Sexy No Jitsu Wrote

alviss7 Wrote

Gaara Sexy No Jitsu Wrote

Hey homie, check this out! It's part of the gaia website, and it gives you free gaia gold. I am going around giving it out to people on gaia because I want other people to become rich. I'm not on my main account right now because I don't want to be traced back to giving it out.

There are a couple of rules that go along with this offer

1. You may send this to only 10 of your friends

2. You must use it in moderation, too much will attract the mod's attention.

3. You may only generate 100,000 gold per day

One more thing. The leaving site warning will still appear, and it'll log you out, because Gaia doesn't want you to use this. Just log back in and it'll be fine

Here is the link and have fun being rich.


I dont believe you... Why would gaia have something like that?

If you're afraid it's going to steal your account, use a mule.

Okay, I suppose. Lemme try it out.

Alright, tell me if it works.

Holy s**t, it actually works! The last chainmail thing I tried stole my account, but this gave me a million gold!

C'mon dude, would I steal your account?

Oh, send me a screenshot, okay? I want to be able to show it to people.

'Kay, here's my screenie.

Cool thanks. Send this to your friends!

Hey, I am living dead, check this out! It really works!

My friend Alviss7 just sent me this. I know you're thinking it's a scam, I thought so too. But I tried it, and it works! See for yourself!
Hinata426 Report | 07/19/2008 12:06 pm
HI! how r ya?
LiL HoT MoMa55 Report | 07/08/2008 2:40 pm
LiL HoT MoMa55
hey gurl srry i havent talked to u in a wild so how u been
II-Rainbow Cookehz-II Report | 06/26/2008 12:11 am
II-Rainbow Cookehz-II
hey how have u been?
Holly_Girly101 Report | 05/31/2008 7:23 pm
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
pepe84 Report | 05/22/2008 5:37 pm
Flcony Report | 05/16/2008 2:24 am
hanna montana pahlease
l CumCake l Report | 05/05/2008 12:12 pm
l CumCake l
hey mrgreen miss u! were r u anyway?



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