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I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

heyy my name is richelle and im almost 13 >.> my birthdays at the end of the freaking year go me! i suck lol. anyways i dont belive in lables xD so screw you im going into 8th grade whoo hoo! but im more mature than that xD i have 2 brothers and 1 sister oh w8 and a dog xD i like the colors red black and purple i have some really really good friends luvs ya guys >.<

Caity, Twiggy (Chantelle), Kaity-lynn (kaitlyn), Danika, Matt, Stepherz (stephanie), Lacey, Dallas is pretty cool lol and Skylar

i have a few new pplz that im starting to like more lol

Alex, and kyle (better not screw it up ;P )

im currently not pissed at anyone i do hate someone but its upsetting to put her name down cause she screwed up my life
my dad died in 2000 i miss him alot D8 R.I.P
i like to meet new friends im kinda shy around em but when i get used to em i start enjoying having them as a friend lol (weirdo>.< wink

yah i like random comment and random pms SO PM ME! lol
now u know a little about me Richelle

btw my second language is french lol

if i can think of anything else ill add it o.O....
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