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Hiya peoples here are some walkthoughs for some game Ok so here are so game walkthoughts (note:these are not made from me)

#####. ..#####..####.####..#....#...#.

#......#..##### #.... #......
#......#..#####.#####.#####..(SILENT HILL)FOR PS1

The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh.

A middle aged writer
A town with a demonic history..
A child with a connection ..
The city from hell..

This walkthrough for Silent Hill has been written by Adnan Javed
better known as AJ among his dearly beloved friends and as
ChandooG on the gamefaqs message boards. This is a complete
walkthrough for Silent Hill , so sit back and..


If you have any questions about this guide or about this
game then contact me at this email address :

Returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com or

# #
# FAQ / Walkthrough #
# By Adnan Javed #
# Alias AJ #
# ChandooG on gamefaqs.com message boards #
# Returnofthemaniac@hotmail.com #
# Completed on 21/9/03 #
# #
# www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil #
# www.rebiohazard.com *under repairs* #
# #

###### ### #### ###
# ## # # # # # # ####
# # # #### # ### # # #
# #### # # # # # # ###
# # # ### #### #### ### #

### # # #### ##### ###
# ## ## # ### # # # # #
# # # # # # # ### ## # # ###
# # # # ## # # # ## # #
### ## # # # #### # # # ###(TABLE OF CONTEXT)

| |
| |
| * Information |
| |
| * Version History |
| |
| * Introduction |
| --> Basic game intro |
| |
| * Story |
| |
| * Characters |
| |
| * Controls |
| |
| * Weapons |
| --> Guns |
| --> Hand to hand weapons |
| |
| * Monsters |
| --> Enemies |
| --> Bosses |
| |
| * Basic Survival Tips |
| --> Tips |
| --> Health Chart |
| |
| * Complete walkthrough |
| |
| * Game Endings Description |
| |
| * Game Memo's |
| |
| * Item Descriptions |
| |
| * Puzzle Solutions |
| |
| * Cheats |
| --> In game secrets |
| --> Tips |
| --> Cheat Codes |
| |
| * MY review |
| |
| * Fun Stuff |
| --> Observations |
| --> Memorable Quotes |
| |
| * Legal things |
| --> Legal disclaimer |
| --> Credits |
| --> Ending words |
| |

If you have any questions about this guide or about this
game then contact me at this email address :

Returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com or

### ###
# #
# ¯|¯ | ||¯¯ /¯¯ |¯¯)| | / ´¯|¯` | /¯¯ | | #
# _|_ | ||¯ __/ |¯¯| | /-- | | __/ | | #
# #

Guide For : Silent Hill
System : Sony PlayStation
Developer : KCET
Publisher : Konami
Genre : Survival Horror Title
Rating : 18

Author : Adnan Javed
Alias : AJ
Blood : 0
Age : 17
FAQ size :
FAQ date : 20.9.2003

Learning Curve of the game : Half hour
Difficulty : Easy
Endings : 5
Playable characters : 1
NPC : 5
Bosses : 4
Annoying characters : 1 *dahlia*

End section

### ###
# #
# /|_¯ |¯¯)(¯ | /¯¯ | | | ||(¯ ´¯|¯` /¯¯ |¯¯) _/#
# / |__ |¯¯._)| __/ | | |´¯`||._) | __/ |¯¯ _/ #
# #

Version 1 :
First and final version most probably, until or
unless someone tells me really something important that i
forgot to add, or unless i just feel like adding new things
to the guide.. sit back and enjoy.. first and final ride .

End section

### ###
# #
# ¯|¯ | |´¯|¯`|¯¯)/¯¯|¯¯ | | /¯¯'´¯|¯`|/¯¯ | | #
# _|_ | | | |¯¯__/|__/ ../ __, | |__/ | | #
# #

There was a time when resident evil was the king of survival
horror games, the time when the playstation was the king
of consoles, and at that time konami made their own entrance
into the survival horror field with their psychological horror
title, silent hill. Silent hill was a step far away from
the usual resident evil games when it came to scariness
in the game. Other then that the biggest difference between
the titles was that silent hill is a complete 3D game while
its biggest competition was not a complete 3D game.

Silent hill quickly became one of the most famous survival
horror games ever released because of its foggy environments
and the scare the game produces, but like each game silent
hill had its drawbacks the biggest one of them being that
the game was very repetitive and running down the long streets
of the city can really get boring after a while. But if
you ignore these factors and look at the game's good points
then silent hill is an excellent game through and through.

This game was not so graphic heavy compared to other games
and the full 3D environments meant that the loading times in
this game are almost non existent, unlike resident evil where
you have to sit through an entire length animation to enter a
new area. The plot of the game is although a bit hard to
understand but just like konami's other title "Metal Gear Solid"
if you can understand it completely then its a very
rewarding experience and a very good story.

The other good thing about this game is that there is almost
in most of the area's no background music at all, most of the
time what you hear in the backgrounds are the natural sounds
or the sounds of the approaching enemies, the flashlight one
of the uniquest elements of this game proves to be a very
useful element indeed, not only does it let you see in the
completely dark environ but it also makes the game look more
lush and scary for that matter.

Through in through silent hill is an excellent game although
now its starting to age a little but if you are a survival
horror fan and want to experience a new kind of fear then
i would recommend this game to you immediately.

End section

### ###
# #
# (¯ ´¯|¯`/¯¯|¯¯) _/ #
# ._) | __/|¯¯ _/ #
# #
### ### (STORY)

Silent hill, a relatively unknown town in the United States
which has been suffering from false magical claims and its
tragic fate since the civil war, now is slowly re-establishing
itself, 7 years ago a huge fire burned a couple of houses in
the city area, after that the city started to change, now it
is one of the most famous holiday spots in the area. Many
people come to silent hill with their families just to enjoy
their time and have some fun.

Harry mason, a 36 year old writer is one of those people, he
used to come here often with his wife, seven years ago just
after the horrible fire occurred in the town harry and his
wife find a child laying on the side of the road exiting
from silent hill, they decide to keep the baby and name it
Cheryl, a couple of years after that Harry's wife suffers
a strange disease and passes away, now harry was left alone
with Cheryl, he raised Cheryl better then most people
would treat their own flesh and blood.

Silent hill was still Harry's favorite vacation spot, he
still went there often with Cheryl now, it was just another
vacation time when something went wrong. Cheryl was drawing
something in her sketchbook and harry was driving towards the
town, suddenly he notices a police bike coming in at a very
fast speed. The officer stays with Harry's car for a few
seconds then speeds on in front, harry ignores the officer
and continues back to his driving.

A little while later harry see's a wreck of a motorcycle on
the side, quickly identifying it harry turns around to see
the passing wreck , but he fails to notice the figure coming
ahead of the car in time, a young girl steps in front of the
car and harry tries his best to avoid the girl and in doing
so crashes the car, and gets knocked out.

When harry wakes up he finds Cheryl missing, she's not in
the car, so he gets out of the car and starts looking for her
in the town of silent hill..

The Silent Hill Manual :

The resort town of Silent Hill slips into quiet desolation,
now that the peak of development and growth has passed by.
The memories of a tragic fire 7 years ago still haunt the
townsfolk, and with the tourist season long past, there is
hardly a shadow stirring.

Harry Mason prefers to take late vacations with his daughter
Cheryl. This year they've made plans to visit Silent Hill.
Due to car trouble, they reach the outskirts of the town
late at night. Cheryl is sleeping in the back seat as a
motorcycle cop roars past his truck.

Moments later Harry spots the motorcycle dumped on the shoulder.
There is no one to be seen. It paints an ominous picture.
Suddenly, a shadow appears in front of the car. Harry turns
the wheel in panic. The car slides off the edge of the
road and into a gully.

Harry eventually regains consciousness. Cheryl is nowhere
to be seen. Snow is falling out of season. Where has
Cheryl disappeared to?

Harry walks toward a town he sees in the distance.

End section

### ###
# #
# /¯¯'| | / |¯¯) / /¯¯'´¯|¯`|_¯ |¯¯) (¯ #
__,|´¯`| /-- |¯¯/-- __, | |__ |¯¯ ._) #
# #

Harry Mason

Age : 36
Job : Writer

Harry mason is a 36 year old writer who comes to the town
of silent hill often, his wife and he found a baby once there
and they started to adopt the baby, after losing her wife in
a strange disease harry continues coming back to this town with
her daughter who was now named Cheryl. There's something about
this place that harry likes which keeps him bringing back here
but this time when harry comes into a town a freak accident
later he looses cherry's sight. Now harry must find her daughter
quickly before any thing bad happens to her, but harry cant
stop wondering about the young teenage girls figure who he
see's many a times throughout the town of silent hill , and
something even more disturbing about this town, there were
no people here, everyone had just vanishes, and it was also
snowing in the middle of summer.

Something even more disturbing thats been happening to harry
in this town is that sometimes suddenly the town goes all dark
and the floors are replaced my large mesh walls, and all the
buildings seem to ghostify, the entire town becomes like a picture
out of hell, but then it goes back to normal again.

Harry finds out that he's not entirely alone in the town of
silent hill, there is a cop from the neighboring town of
brahms, cybill, a creepy old lady dahlia, and later on in the
game he finds a nurse named lisa who only seems to appear in
hell side of the town, what is the mystery behind this town
and what does it all have to do with him and Cheryl, harry
must find out the answers to these questions before its too

Cheryl Mason

Age : 7
Job : Student

Cheryl is Harry's only child and after the death of his wife
harry and Cheryl have gotten closer to each other then before.
Cheryl loves his father very much but she doesn't know the dark
truth behind her life, choral is not Harry's real daughter , they
found her on the side of the road exiting from silent hill about
7 years ago, she was a newborn baby at that time and she wouldn't
have survived on her own so harry and his wife took her as their
own child and adopted her, but no one knows about that.

Cheryl on the other hand is like any other 7 year old kid but
unknown to her and to harry that the town of silent hill has a
demonic bond with this town. Before his wife died, harry used
to come to this town often for relaxing and vacation, but after
his wife's death he started to come here with his daughter and
now this is one of their favorite vacation spots thanks to the
local resort area. Although she has been coming to this town on
each vacation , when Cheryl reaches a certain age group the
town started to act on itself and awaited cherry's arrival.
Now that Cheryl and silent hill are 1 again what will happen
What is the dark secret behind cherry's birth and why was she
on the side of the road, play the game to find out.

Cybil Bennett

Age : 22
Job : Officer at the Brahm's police station

Cybil is just your regular female officer who lives in the
neighboring town of silent hill, an equally small town known
as Brahm's. She used to come to silent hill often and she
knows this place just like her home town, one night suddenly
all communications from silent hill were cut off and there
was no trace of what happened, no distress signal, no calls
for help , it was like the town just vanished into thin air.
The Brahm's police force sent cybil to go and check out the
town to make sure that everything was alright, since she
knew more about the town she was the likely candidate for this
job. Cybil was just heading for the town when harry see's her
on her bike in the opening FMV.

Next time harry meets cybil is in the cafe where she took
harry probably after saving his life from those little zombies.
Cybil gives her gun to harry and leaves the town to look for
any survivors and for some information about what happened here.
The next time harry meets her is further into the game where she
claims to have seen a ghostly figure running towards the road
leading to the resort area of the town but she couldn't follow
because the road was cut. All in all cybil is one of the good
guys in this game and she helps harry find his daughter .

Dahlia Gillespie

Age : Over 60
Job : Kinda witch

The first time harry meets this creepy old lady is in the
church of silent hill where she is ringing the church bell
probably calling someone, probably calling harry to come and
meet him there, she is a creepy old woman who talks about
the town in a weird sense of way and there is more to it
then it appears, she seems to know more about the town's
dark history and the events that are happening at the town
then anyone else, when harry meets her she hands harry an
item called the flaurous which is essentially the key to
beating the dark world around harry. During the course of
the game harry finds dahlia couple of times in different
places, how she is able to travel through town is unknown.

Each time harry meets her she either gives harry information
about whats been happening or either tells him vital clues
she appears to be helping harry reach his daughter but there
is more to it then the eye can see, is she just a creepy old
lady who is helping out or is she a creepy old lady who is
leading harry to something, or just using harry like a puppet
to fulfill her quests.. play the game to find out.

Doctor Kaufman

Age : 50
Job : Director at the hospital

Harry meets doctor kaufman at first inside the hospital where
he had just killed one of those monsters, when he first meets
harry he tries to shoot him as if he doesnt believe that harry
is a real human, but when harry does prove to him that he's
a human then kaufman loosens up a bit and starts sharing his
information with harry, but the weird thing is that kaufman
also seems to be on the events that have been happening in the
town lately. When harry asks him what was wrong with the town
the kaufman replies that he was just taking a nap and when he
woke up the entire place was like this. He also seems to know
about one particular case of burns from the several deaths which
happened when the town of silent hill was burned 7 years ago.

Later on in the game you find kaufman in the resort area where
harry saves his life from an attacking monster, but kaufman being
the rude person he is doesn't thank harry at all, a little while
after that when harry discovers an important item in the motel
area kaufman comes in suddenly and snatches the item off Harry's
hands, and he also appears to be very angry that harry found that
item in the first place, kaufman knows about the things that
have been happening in this town and he is an important key in
the unfolding of the secrets.


Age : In her 20's
Job : Nurse at the hospital

Lisa is one of the nurses working at the hospital , harry
finds her in the hospital examination room , and unlike any
other people he had met in the game lisa appears to only
be there in the dark side of the town, when harry first
meets lisa she is really scared at that time and she doesn't
want harry to let her go and she doesn't wants to be alone
again, she tries her best to make harry stay with him but
when she realizes that harry wont stop at anything to find
his daughter, lisa helps harry out a little bit and tells
him of an alternate way of reaching the resort area of the
town. Other then that lisa also tells harry about the past
history of the town and the burning incident that occurred
seven years ago.

Unknown to harry is that kaufam, who was the director of the
hospital, put lisa incharge of a patient from the burning
incidents, a young girl named alessa who's body was VERY
badly burned and she had to be strapped up completely like a
mummy. Lisa was literally disgusted by this and she was always
asking kaufman to change his post, she even has a fight about
it with kaufman which you can see in the opening FMV, the lisa
kinda creats a bond with the burned child. But she also makes
a big mistake, she finds out what doctor kaufman was planning
and her life is in constant danger.


Age : Young teenager
Job : ? scaring the hell out of harry

Harry finds this girl in many places in the town and each
time harry finds her she disappears before harry has the chance
to ask anything, her name is alessa and she is definitely not
normal, something is wrong with her , she is trying to avoid
harry but harry needs to find her and talk to her and ask her
where his daughter is, will harry catch up to alessa ? find
out in the game.

End section

### ###
# #
# __, __/ | | | |¯¯ __/ |__ _) #
# #
### ###(CONTROLS)

These are the 3 types of control you can choose between
the game.

Type A :

X :
Enter options menu, select inventory items, use objects
make choices, interact with objects, open doors, fire .

Circle :
Cancel certain things, turn on flashlight

Triangle :
Cancel certain things, open up the map screen
exit out of the inventory screen.

Square :

R1 , L1 :
Side step left or right, press them together for a quick
turn by the character.

R2 :
Raise gun or weapon for attacking , press X key after
that for the attack

L2 :
Change the camera POV.

Start :

Select :
Inventory screen

Type B :

X :
Enter options menu, select inventory items, use objects
make choices, interact with objects, open doors, fire .

Circle :
Cancel certain things, turn on flashlight

Triangle :
Cancel certain things, open up the map screen
exit out of the inventory screen.

Square :

L2, R2
Side step left or right, press them together for a quick
turn by the character.

R1 :
Raise gun or weapon for attacking , press X key after
that for the attack

L1 :
Change the camera POV.

Start :

Select :
Inventory screen


X :
Enter options menu, select inventory items, use objects
make choices, interact with objects, open doors, fire .

Circle :
Cancel certain things, turn on flashlight

Triangle :
Cancel certain things, open the inventory screen
exit out of the inventory screen.

Square :

R1 , L1 :
Side step left or right, press them together for a quick
turn by the character.

R2 :
Raise gun or weapon for attacking , press X key after
that for the attack

L2 :
Change the camera POV.

Start :

Select :
Open up the map screen

End section

### ###
# #
# | /| / |_¯ / |¯¯) /¯¯ | |(¯ #
# |/ |/ |__ /--|¯¯ __/ | |._) #
# #
### ###(WEAPONS)


Pistol :
This is the first gun you come across in this game, actually
cybil hands this gun over to harry, this is the gun which you will
be using for the most part of the game, its got a good firing rate
but the power of the fire is something to doubt about, you can
kill any normal enemies with 5 or 6 blasts of this gun, it best
works against the flying beasts of the zombie kids , you can
even use it on more powerful enemies like the zombie nurse but
for that you would need some space to fire plenty of rounds .

Shotgun :
You will find this weapon in the alternate school area, this is
probably the best gun in the game because you can use this on
the normal in game enemies and the bosses alike, infact this is
the best gun to use in the first 3 boss fights, the biggest
advantage of the shotgun is that harry can walk forward or backwards
while shooting with the shotgun and the firing rate isnt that slow
either, you wont find much shells for it in the starting parts but
later on in the game the shells start piling up and there should
always be plenty of shells at your disposal.

Hunting rifle :
This is the most powerful gun of the game just like the magnum's
are the most powerful guns in the resident evil series, there
are many flaws of this game where its power shines, the first
being that harry is unable to walk while shooting this gun, the
ammo for this gun will be plentiful but i hardly think that
any normal player would like to use this gun before the final
boss fight, if you are ever using this gun make sure that your
sight with the enemy is clear and then let off a round, wait
for the reload and then another round. This gun is good but not
as good as the shotgun.

Hyper Blaster :
Named after the PS1 handgun controller this is the bonus gun
you will get for getting the UFO ending for the game, check the
secrets section on how to get that ending, this gun is just like
the handgun in shape but its firing power is less , and even
though the red beam which comes out of it is constant the
damage only happens after some intervals, the only good thing
to like about this gun is that it comes with infinite ammo
and if you manage to end the game with a 10 star rating then
you can earn its upgrade which increases its firing power and
makes the beam green.


Knife :
If your life becomes so hopelessly insane that you want to
use the knife then its just better off to turn the console off
and go hit yourself on the head with it, the knife can only
be used if the player wants some thrills in the game and/or if
he's mentally insane, its the absolute worst thing in the game.
Dont even bother checking it out in the inventory.

Steel pipe :
Although the manual claims it to be a led pipe the game calls
it the steel pipe, this is one of the better hand to hand weapons
in the game and you can find it early on in the game if you wish,
this weapon is best used against the kid zombies because one hit
from the pipe will make them stop in their tracks, go on, pump
em full of steel, its really fun too.. seriously ! smile

Hammer :
This is probably the best normal hand to hand weapons, its very
powerful and can be used on any kind of slow walking enemies
its attacks are really powerful , and they can literally stop
the kid zombies or the nurse zombies in their tracks, this is
also a good weapon to be used against the mutated turtles in
the sewer area, the best hand to hand weapon in my opinion.

Axe :
More overhyped then it actually is , this weapon isnt all that
good as it appears to be, you will find this one in the other
church in the town, the good thing about this is that atleast
its a little bit more powerful then the knife, other then that
this weapon sucks too and it should never be used unless the
played requires some real dose of adventure.

Chainsaw :
This is the first of the next fear hand to hand weapons, probably
the most coolest looking weapon in the entire game the chainsaw
really reminded me of the evil dead series of movies, you can
walk while your holding the chainsaw and thats a plus because
all you have to do is just press the aim button once and harry
will turn the machine on, and point it forward, then you can
just walk forward and backwards and the enemy will take damage
if it comes in the range of the saw. You will find this weapon
in the cut-right chainsaw's shop , but you need the gasoline
to activate it and you wont find that until a next fear game.

Rock-drill :
The second weapon in the secret next fear line of weapons, this
one in my opinion is slightly more useful then the rockdrill
because its a longer weapon and it can stop most of the enemies
in their tracks, this weapon works like a charm againt the zombie
nurses and doctors, the long drill means that they wont even
be able to get close to you if you have this baby in your hand
but the only bad thing about this weapon is that harry cant
walk around while the drill is aimed, that is really a negative
point, you can find the drill in the small room below the
bridge control room.

Katana :
This is the super hard to find secret weapon, the only possible
way i have managed to find this weapon is whenever i end the
game in the bad ending, i dont know the confirmed method for
obtaining it, this certainly is a cool weapon you can find
the weapon in the house where you use the dog key remember
the door that is just locked , in some rare next fear games
the door is open and inside there you can find the katana
using this weapon can be sometimes a problem because harry
jolts a little forward each time you attack with the katana.
Other then that its a good hand to hand weapon.

End section


### ###
# #
# | | /¯¯ | |(¯ ´¯|¯`|_¯ |¯¯) (¯ #
# | | __/ | |._) | |__ |¯¯ ._) #
# #
### ###(MONSTERS)


Flying beasts :

These are the most common type of enemy you will find in the
town of silent hill, infact these are the first monsters you
come across in the game, they are very fast, certainly faster
then harry and they can attack you while flying overhead causing
medium damage, the best thing to do when any of these is around
is just stand still in a particular place and take out the gun
then shoot while they are charging towards you, they dont take
too much bullets to die. If you are above any chasm or near any
objects and if you shoot at them then the monster will go crashing
through the object, which looks really cool.

Zombie dogs :

These dogs look very much like the dogs from resident evil
and are equally easy to kill, if there is just 1 dog in front of
you then dont hesitate in killing it with a hand to hand weapon
other then that these dogs are really easy to kill and dont pose
too much of a threat to harry, use caution though as they can jump
at harry, run away from them if you can.

Zombie kids :

You will find them mostly in indoor places like the school
or much later on in the game in the amusement part area, if
they are in a group then the best countermeasure against them
is to stay far away and pick them off one by one, they are
the most deadly when they are in pairs because one of them will
just grab you and let the other one's strike you with the tiny
knives in their hand, they can cause some serious damage quickly.
Be sure to either run away fast, or get rid of them quickly.
If you want to save bullets then you can just take out any
good powerful hand to hand weapon and just start pumping their
heads with it, they wont live long either way.

Cockroaches :

Cockroaches, any living house owners worst nightmare, but
what if the roaches are larger then normal, then they become the
hero's nightmare, actually they're not all that hard and their
attacks only cause the least amount of damage . The best thing
to do when your in a room full of roaches is just run away
from them and find the nearest exit. Or if you are feeling
like killing yourself some roaches then just take out the
handgun and about 2 or 3 shots at the max will take care of
them for good.

Invisible zombie kids :

Similar to the zombie kids found in the hospital, but the
only real difference is that they are invisible, but there
is a good side to it too, they wont attack you at all, they
will make a sound like a raccoon when they are near you and
you can see their little black trails , you find them later
on in the amusement park too.

Teddy bears :

These are one of the most vicious enemies in the game, from
a far they look like ugly disgusting teddy bears leaping
like apes towards the main character, if they attack you
they can take quiet some health off quickly, and they are
also fast runners so they will most definitely give harry
a good long chase, first off when you come across any of
these just zigzag your way through it and run like hell,
if you DO want to kill them then the shotgun should work fine
on them, you meet these monster in the central silent hill
area and the lake side resort area too.

Zombie nurses :

As the name says, zombie nurses, you find them in the hospital
area (duh) and in the nowhere area near the end of the game
these are just mindless zombies who will charge at you and
slash at you, just like the kid zombies, if there are more
then one around then the first one attacking you will just
grab you for the other one's to attack freely, the best
countermeasure against them is the rockdrill, if your not
familiar with that weapon then just a close blast of a shotgun
should be enough, if you wanna go at them with the handgun
then make sure there is plenty of space between you and the
monster, because at first sight they will start charging.

Zombie doctors :

Just like the above... only male doctors in appearance

Larva's :

You dont see much of these enemies in the game, they only
appear in the silent hill town center area, above the stairs
they are just useless enemies , can die by any gun, there is
no need to even try and attack them, just run ahead of them
and say aloha.

Mutant turtles :

These are the monster you will find in the sewer area, but
the thing is that your radio wont be working when you are
in the area where they are. But there walking noise is more
then enough to make the player aware of where they are, they
make a loud clicking noise when they walk, the noise comes
from their sharp claws which they also use to attack harry.
when you come across them either take out the handgun or
better yet the hammer.

Vicious invisible zombie kids :

These are just like the invisible zombies you find in
the hospital and the amusement park area, and you wont
be able to spot the differences at all, but these one's
will slash at harry with the invisible knives just like
the normal zombie kids would do, and their attacks are
very dangerous, they can take out some quick chunks of health
and the bad thing about this is that you wont be able to
see them to dodge them, just take out a gun with the auto
aiming enabled, aim and shoot.



The lizard :

Description :
This is the first boss you come across in the game, looking
more like a work of a child's imagination then a large lizard
this boss is a very easy boss if your playing on the low
difficulty setting, but on the hard mode this boss becomes
equally hard, the best thing to do when you are up against
this boss is to run around and follow the strategy given
below, when the boss fight is over the town will return
back to its normal self and harry will find himself back in
the boiler room of the school

Strategy :
Now you will see a freakish scene of some lights coming on, after
that you will see the large lizard in the background, and as soon
as the control goes back to harry the lizard will start charging
towards. The strategy for this boss is simple, just take out your
handgun and get in front of the boss, it may charge at you once
or twice but its worth it , start shooting the boss head on and
after a couple of shots you will see that its mouth is splitting
open. Some times its just a fluke and it wont open its mouth at
all , if thats the case just keep on shooting at the lizard with
the handgun. Once you have damaged the lizard enough and have shot
quiet a few rounds in front of its face you will notice that the
music will change . Now any moment the boss can open its jaws.

As soon as it opens its jaws go to your inventory and take out the
shotgun , remember the book we read in the library, it said that
the hunter shot the arrow at the lizard inside its mouth and it
died immediately. That is the same case here. As soon as the
lizard opens its mouth start shooting at it, while stepping back
wards. If you are playing the game in easy mode then just 1 shot
from the shotgun will be enough to kill this boss, but if you
are on normal or hard mode then 1 shot wont be enough so its a
must that you shoot while stepping back. If the boss closes its
jaws and your in them then its a sudden death. You wont be able
to avoid it. If the boss doesnt die and it closes its mouth and
your still alive, then follow the above procedure and shoot
its mouth again when its open. Pretty soon the boss shall fall
down and you will hear those awful sirens again.

The larva :

Description :
You will meet this boss later on in the game in the part of
the town center, harry will fall down a large hole in the
ground and then he is suddenly attacked by the larva boss.
It looks more like a worm then a larva but thats the name
so live with it razz . The best thing against this boss is
the shotgun and the best strategy is to hear its digging
noise, and when it comes out of the ground start shooting
rapidly .

Strategy :
As soon as the fight starts, you should first learn the attack
pattern of this boss, it will always come out of the ground
behind you and will spit acid at you then it will wander a
little forward before digging itself into the ground again,
the best strategy against this boss is to take out the shotgun
and wait, as soon as you hear the noise of it coming out
of the ground quickly do the quick turn move and fire off
a couple of shotgun rounds at it, be sure to side step once
or twice so you can miss its poison spit. No more then 8 rounds
from the shotgun in easy mode should do it. This boss will be
over, but it wont die just yet. It will curl into a ball and
then it will dig itself back into the ground again. Dont worry
you wont have to fight it more. Another scene will start in
which the boss will break one side of the arena and escape.

The moth :

Description :
you will meet this boss not a long while after you have had
the previous boss fight, this boss is as the name says it
the moth, the larva from the previous fight has evolved into
this large flying beast, but this boss is not so hard to
beat and he doesnt move all that fast too, the best thing
to use here is the shotgun. After the fight is over the town
will return back to normal.

Strategy :
As soon as the fight starts let me tell you something, if you
have the shotgun and plenty of shotgun rounds, which should be
the case in most games, then you can take out the shotgun and
safely celebrate your victory because if you have the shotgun
then this fight is a synch. The moth boss will try to sting you
while charging towards you very slowly, and it will sometimes
release some poison just like it did when it was a larva. If
you have the shotgun in your hand just start walking back and
shooting, when you run out of space to walk behind just run
around a little bit and find a place where you can walk back
easily, if you have plenty of shotgun rounds then this boss will
be history after a dozen or 2 dozen rounds.

But if you dont have the shotgun then its gonna be a little
different story, take out the hunting rifle and start shooting
at the boss, be careful not to miss it because the rifle rounds
are valuable, but since you cant walk back while shooting with
the rifle you are gonna get stung a couple of times for sure.
Each time you are stung check your health and use a health
drink if required. Whenever the boss stings you just run to
an opposite corner of the roof and fire off a couple of rounds
at the boss, when it gets near just run to the other end of the
roof and fire some more rounds. This fight will soon be over.

Cybil posessed :

Description :
This is not actually a boss fight but a mini fight where you
can decide whether cybil lives or not, cybil has been possessed
in this fight by an unknown parasite and harry must either
figure out a way to get rid of the parasite or get rid of
cybil completely.. an earlier item will help you out in this

Strategy :

Ok, so here's the deal this boss fight will determine the or - #
you get in your final ranking so if you want to get the best end #
then you should read this part. As soon as the boss fight starts #
if you are playing in the easy mode you can just walk up to cybil #
and use the plastic bottle with the red liquid you picked up very #
early on in the game on cybil and this boss fight will already be #
over, you can apply the same method on the normal and hard modes #
but in those modes cybil is pretty quick with her gun, so its safe#
to first wimp her out in the normal and hard modes, whenever she #
will get close to you she will take out the handgun and start #
shooting round after round, her handgun only has 10 bullets so it #
shouldnt be long before she runs out but you have to be quick at #
dodging to avoid the bullets. When she runs out of ammo quickly #
run up to her and use the bottle. Fight over. If you run too far #
away from her and then come back you will see cybil sitting on one#
of the horses waiting for harry to come back. cute. #

However , there is another much sader version of this fight, if you
want to miss out on the best ending then just take out the shotgun
and its time for a gun fight, when ever you see cybil taking out
her gun just start running around in circles to miss the bullet.
Keep on shooting with the shotgun and soon cybil will go down, after
the gruesome FMV of her withering in pain . Cybil is dead in this
version of the fight.

Samael :

Description :
This is the winged demon god that dahlia worships and this involves
her plan with alessa, she wanted to give birth to this boss, but
thanks to an even by kaufman himself the birth of samael was
premature and he came out in this form, not complete with his
power, in his weak state and in mortal condition, not in his
god like form .

Strategy :
If you are playing the game on easy mode then you can already
start celebrating that you ended the game, as soon as the boss
fight starts just stand in one corner and take out the hunting
rifle, now start pumping lead into the boss, check your health
after each strike and whenever you are in orange health just
drink one health drink and continue shooting, if your playing
in normal or hard mode then this strategy also works but you
may need to use 2 health drinks after every time it strikes you.
Because in those modes its lightning strikes are more powerful.

But if you are low on health items then there is another
strategy for you, this one's called the run's alot smile . First
like normal take out the hunting rifle and start shooting but
every time before the boss does a lighting strike it makes a
little noise, as soon as you see it getting ready to strike ,
quickly start running in any direction away from the boss,
make sure your not running in a straight line and are moving
either left or right. Then when it stops continue your shooting.
Soon this boss should fall.

Alessa :

Description :
Alessa, the mother of god herself as proclaimed by dahlia
near the ending sequence, this is the same mystery girl we
have been meeting through out the game, but she is nothing
more then a boss here, relay not that hard of a boss fight.

Strategy :
This boss fight is almost the same as the above one but the
only difference is that alessa is standing on the ground and
samael was flying, you can use the same strategy as above to
get rid of this boss too, but alessa is relatively easy compared
to samael and she takes very less bullets to die compared to him.
But her attack is the same and she can do the same amount of
damage so watchout.

This fight will soon be over.

End section


### ###
# #
# |¯`) / (¯ | /¯¯' (¯ | ||¯¯) / | / / | ´¯|¯`||¯¯)(¯ #
# |__)/--._)| __, ._)_/|¯¯ / | / /--|__ | ||¯¯ ._) #
# #


* Shooting at night :
If you are playing in a dark area and
you want to shoot a monster and you have the flashlight
turned off then do this, because your light is turned off
the monsters wont be able to see you, walk up slowly to
them and when your very near then start shooting.

* Is it dead :
You might have noticed that sometimes even
after you have killed an enemy the radio still keeps on
going , that is because the enemy is not completely dead.
Walk up to it lying on the floor and press X near it and
harry will kick it to death, now the radio shall stop.

* Listen :
Listen to the radio , it is the most important item
in the game, whenever an enemy is near you the radio will
start staticing, the closer the enemy is getting the louder
the radio starts becoming, so if you hear the static getting
louder but dont see anything in front of you, turn around and
look everywhere.

* Watch :
This is one of the realistic points of the game that
if you are ever in the night times then you can turn your
lights off and most of the monsters wont see you, at that point
if you sneak behind them, then you wont have the useless con-
frontation in the first place. But with the light turned off
harry will be unable to pick up objects or look at the map.

* Quick attacks :
You might have noticed that some of the hand
weapon take a while to attack , example, if you have the
hammer in your hand, dont press X just one while aiming
tap x quickly a couple of times and immediately after
harry does the first attack he will attack again. This
is useful in killing the enemy in front of you quicker.

* Camera Change :
You can change the camera style by pressing
the L2 button , the other camera style can really help out
in scanning the area in front of you, and you can see any
enemies from any angel.

* Shooting while walking :
Most of the weapons allow harry to
walk while he's shooting or aiming, that necesserily isnt
a good thing , because walking while aiming can really cause
harry to miss several shots, whenever you have to shoot
something be sure to stand still and aim for a while so that
harry gets the perfect aim. Then shoot.


You'll see the similar green line thingy which i dont
know the exact word for, but the rest of it is pretty
obvious, here are the health status's.

This means that your character is in top shape and they
have their health between 75% and 100%, its best to always
keep your character in green fine status, cause they run
the fastest, they dodge the quickest and they can turn
around much quicker, otherwise shooting is not affected.

This means that your character is suffering a little bit
and that their health is between 50 % and 75 %. If harry
gets to this point then its just best to use a health drink
just in case so that you dont get in danger later on in
the game.

This means that your character is not in a bad way and
that their heath is between 25% and 50 %. If harry gets
in orange line then just use a heath drink if your
playing the game in easy mode otherwise if your in
normal or hard mode's then just use a first aid kit.
If you are in front of a boss or something big then
check your health regularly after every hit you receive.

This is the death row, when your character is between 0 %
and 25 % they go from bad to worse, i dont think you
need to be a smart person to realize that the hero needs
some medical help, if you have health kits then just use
one here, other then that a couple of health drinks can
also help. Keep any health drinks you find stocked so you
dont get in trouble later on in the game.


Health Drinks : These are the normal healing items in this
game and you will come across several of these in the game.
One of these health drinks can raise harry's health upto
25 percent, you should always have a couple of these handy.

First aid kits : These are the second most common healing
items in the game, one of these can raise up to 50 percent
of your health, you wont find too many of these in the game.
Save them only for bad situations.

Ampoules: These are the best healing items in the game, they
will raise your health completely and then they will also
make harry invulnerable for a little time, he will regenerate
any health lost for about 3 minutes.

End section


### ###
# #
# | /| / / | | / ´¯|¯`| | |¯¯) /¯¯ | | /¯_ | | #
# |/ |/ /--|__ |¯ | |´¯`| |¯¯ __/ _/ __| |´¯`| #
# #

NOTE : When you start the game you will be asked to choose
your difficulty settings, the harder your game starts the
more frequent you will find the enemy encounters.. let me
explain this in a simple way.

Least number of enemies will be found throughout the game.
They will take less shots to die, each ammo pickup will give
you maximum amount of ammo. Healing items also work best.
The boss fights are very easy. For the beginners

Medium number of enemies will be found thgouthout the game.
They will take slightly more bullets to kill, each ammo
pickup will give you half the ammo from easy mode, healing
items work a little less, the boss fights are a little
tougher. For the average player.

Tons of enemies will be found through out the game, and they
will take plenty of bullets each to die, each ammo pickup will
give you a little less amount compared to the normal mode, the
health drinks dont work that good, and the boss fights are
a real pain in the a**. For the veteran players

# #
# #

Allright so the game starts with the FMV of harry mason getting up
after that horrible crash, as soon as harry gets out of the car the
first thing he notices is that Cheryl isnt in the car anymore, now
the game will turn the control of harry to the player, as soon as
you have the controls start running straight forward until another
scene starts, harry spots a figure in the distance and through the
fog we can clearly see that its Cheryl. After some talking Cheryl
starts running away from harry and the controls go back to harry.
Give chase to Cheryl and follow her where she is leading you until
you see a very small scene of harry coming to an alley and Cheryl
far away.

Now run inside the alley and give chase to Cheryl, until at the
very end you see her turning to the left, give chase and you will
come across the first door, enter the door and keep giving her
chase through the tiny backalley's until it gets too dark suddenly.
Take note of the sirens in the background and now harry will light
a matchstick, now continue on the single straight paths until you
come across a hospital bed in the middle of the alley, continue
a little more down and you will see another scene in which harry
will get cornered by little zombies who have knives in their hands.
Dont try to run away from them as harry is supposed to *die* here.

Once the little zombies have killed harry the screen goes black
and after a few moments another FMV starts, harry finds himself
in a diner of some sorts but he's not alone there, an officer named
cybil bennet who apparently rescued him too, she is also there.
After some talking and some information about the town of silent hill
harry tells her that he has to find his daughter , cybil also leaves
the diner but not before giving harry the first weapon in the game,
the handgun.

Now the controls go back to harry and we can explore the diner
for some usefull and necessary items. There should be a flashlight
a map and a health drink on the right side of the front counter
and there should be a knife and another health drink on the
right side of the counter, check that little red radio but you
wont be able to pick it up yet. There is also a notepad in this
diner, notepad's are the resident evil equivalent of typewriters
just go and check a notepad and you will be allowed to save your
game progress.

Now try and leave the diner and another scene starts, this time
you'll see what that radio is useful for, and you will also be
attacked by your first enemy. Not a very hard one at that just
aim the handgun like you would in any resident evil game and
start shooting, 4 rounds should be enough and the monster goes
down. After that harry wonders what the hell this place is, NOW
pick up the radio and get the hell out of the diner ASAP.

# #
# #

Now you will see another scene once your outside the diner in which
harry open up the map and pin points the area where he last saw
Cheryl on the map. Now our objective is to check out that place
one more time.

NOTE : The map in silent hill is very useful and is a must if you
want to reach many places, to use the map just press triangle
in the default control scheme or just go to the inventory and
open it from there, the map will tell you the location names
and also points to where the character is at that point.
Unlike resident evil games the map wont tell you where you have
been and where you have to go , but the map WILL remember the
unpassable locations like locked doors and broken streets and
other things like that.

After that scene is over quickly turn harry to his left and start
running in that direction, soon you will come in front of a large
queen burger shop and there will be a health drink right in front of
it, pick up the health drink , now turn around and run straight back
to the main door of the diner, by now you should have a monster or
two chasing you, its really not that hard to dodge them , just keep
on running in zigzag's. Once your back at the diner door just go a
little right from there and you will see a bench which has 2 boxes
of handgun ammo on it. Take them both.

Now its time to use the map for the first time, so open the map and
head towards the alley that the map is pointing for you, once you
reach a familiar road you will remember it was the area where there
is the first door which Cheryl passes through. In that alley now
there should be some dogs, just avoid them and run to the very end
and enter through the door. Take note of the beware of dog sign on
the door. Now your back in the familiar back alley's from the start
of the game. Run to the second door and once you cross it you will
find that the area ahead is blocked. There should be a couple of
items there, there are 2 handgun ammo boxes , a steel pipe and there
should also be a note which tells you that Cheryl has gone to school.
Now harry will mark the school in the map and that is our new objective.
Her sketch book is also there but you cant pick it up.

Now get out of the back alley's and go back to the main roads.

# #
# #

Once your back at the main road's turn to Harry's right and run
straight back to the BACHMAN road area. Now dont go back to the
direction which leads to the diner but instead head in the opposite
area, *north in the map* and on the right side you will come across
a convenience store with one of those wingers standing in front of
it, shoot it or leave it your call but enter the open door to the
store. Once your inside the store its time for some shopping.

Inside the convenience store you will find 3 health drinks and 1
first aid kit and if your playing a next fear game you will also
find another important item , the channeling stone.

Note : The channeling stone is only here in a next fear game so
the first timers dont get their hopes up so quickly.

Once you've taken all the items in here there is a notepad if you
want to save your game, head out of the conveyance store and its
time for some business.

Now open up the map and look at where the MATHENSON street is.
It shouldnt be very far from where you are at right now and the
fastest way to reach there is the closest path from you. Once
your at the mathenson street keep going left according to the map
and after some heavy running you will come across a HUGE chasm
in the road and you wont be able to get past it. But there should
be a small notebook there too, check the notebook and you will
get the message " Levin street, Dog house " . What does this mean ?
lets go and check out.

Open your map and check out where Levin street is, its also just
a little back , head back and go up through levin street , make
sure you keep on left side of the street and after a little running
you will come across the only dog house in the entire street and
there are a couple of dogs running around here, ignore the dogs
and quickly have a look at the front of the doghouse, inside
harry will find a house key, take the key and use it to open the
door to the house besides the doghouse.

Once your inside the house there should be a first aid kit to the
right of you, take it and head a little forward, there should be
a door here but most of the times its just locked, in some rare
cases in the next games this door is open, if thats the case here
then go inside and take the katana, if not then just continue
in the house. Head a little forward and you will find 2 handgun
ammo boxes inside the house, take them and check the back door.
You will see that the door is locked by 3 different locks, check
the map on the left of the door and you will obtain vital information
about where to find the 3 keys.

Now its time to go and get the 3 keys required, just exit the
house and head back to the MATHENSON street using your map, once
your back on the street just keep on heading right on it according
to the map. While your heading right on the street you will come
across a small alley going into the right direction, head inside
the alley and inside you will find some doggies but there should
also be 2 handgun ammo boxes. This alley is also visible in the
map so you shouldnt miss it. After that continue your path to
the very right side. Once you've reached the ELLROY street turn
south and head a little forward and you will see another huge chasm
which will block your passage further, but there is a plank going
a little forward, head through the plank and you will come across
a mail box , check the mail box and you will find the first key.
There is a health drink on the stairs too, take that also.

Now time to get the second key, check your map again and you will
find that the markings you found on the map in the house will be
on your map too, this will make your task at hand very easy. Find
the small long straight alley marked red on the map and you will
see your not THAT far from it, head towards the alley, once your
there head through it and you will come across a steel fenced door
which has the words *off limits* written it. Enter the door and
you will find yourself in a back alley basket ball court. Take
the key from the top of the box nearby and also take up the health
drink , check the dog's head on the floor and exit back through
the door you came in from.

When your back out the off limits door turn to harry's left and
keep going forward until you come across the main road, once there
turn to harry's right and run forward, keep on running forward and
you will come across another huge chasm but there should be a
wrecked cop car with it too, check the trunk of the car and you
will get the third and the final key which you require, there is
also a box of handgun ammo on the ground nearby, take it too.

Now from where you are right now turn back according to the map
and continue your path to the left side of the road, keep running
left according to the map until you come across a road heading
north from there, take that road and you will find that your back
where the conveyance store was, ignore the store for now and
head across the street from it, continue a little more north and
you will find harry's wrecked jeep from the beginning of the game.
Check the jeep and you will find a health drink after harry wonders
where cherryl is. Time to continue on.

Now open your map and head back to the levin street and back to
the house where you need to use the 3 keys, searching a place
with the map should not be a problem now so i assume you can
make your way back to the house yourself.

Now once you have reached the house head back to the back door
of the house which was locked and check it now harry will unlock
the door himself, and you can finally head through it. Head through
it to the other side and you will be in the small garden behind
the house, and the place starts to go dark again like it just did
before at the beginning of the game parts. Now you can use your

NOTE : The flashlight is one of the most important things in the
game, whenever your in a dark area you can turn on/off the
light by simply pressing the circle button, while the light
will allow to see you and pick up items, which you wont be
able to if its dark around, the bad thing about it is that
the light attracts more monsters in the night time, so watch

Ok now check on the top of the table in the garden and you will find
2 health drinks, take them both and exit the house through the
wooden gate nearby. Once your in the back alley turn to harry's right
and check the map, now you have to go to the very TOP LEFT corner of
the map, in case you didnt see it the school is in the BOTTOM LEFT
corner of the map, just go in the top left area and you will find
the road blocked, but there are some items here, a box of handgun
ammo and a health drink behind the pillar.

Now head directly across it and time for some MEGA running, so head
south from where you stand, check the map and make sure your going
in the direction of the school, this is some really long running
and along the way you will be attacked by some monsters, make sure
you run in a zigzag pattern to avoid them.

Once your very near the school head a little more south and you
will find a school bus parked on the side of the road, head into
the school bus, inside you will find another notepad for saving
your game and 2 more health drinks, take them both and head
inside the nearby school with the help of the map.



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