( ゚ヮ゚) You appear to have stumbled upon my profile, person with enough time on their hands to be reading this. Congrats! Allow me to bore you with useless and general information about myself!

Birthday: March 1st, 1993
Interests: Art, Science, Travel, World Domination, Philosophy, Random
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Random
Favorite Genres: Action and Adventure, Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy
Favorite Colors: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Red, Purple
Pets: Bunnies and Koi
Favorite Animals: Bunny, Frog, Porcupine Fish, Raven, Penguins... So many...
Favorite Foods: Sweet stuff, Minty stuff, Pastries, Noodles, Pasta, Meat, Rice, Tea
Music: Random. Electronic, Rock, Instrumental string instruments, Videogame soundtrack
Videogames: Professor Layton Series, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey
Manga/Anime: Doraemon, Azumanga Diaoh, Durarara, One Piece, etc...
Soft Spot: Cute Things
Traveled: Most of US, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China

WARNING: INSANE, MORBID - Looks are deceiving. I just felt obligated to inform you.
Feel free to add/comment/PM. There's always room for friendly peoples.


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crazyawesome avi ^^;

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Greetings , . Sorry for my sudden entrance but i would like to invite you to our new guild spirit light c: . your join is very appreciated and it very dear to us c:
So come join our newly made guild "spirit light" c:

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-random commented-
what's up?
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Revived DeadPanda

Your avi and profile are looking mighty spiffy! ;D
Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

Thanks! You too :> I was gonna change mine after thanksgiving but now I can't use the avi I had planned because Zodiacal evolved before I could change it >.<
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Hollow Dirge

Haha, Which class is your early morning class? I enjoy my morning class, it's small so the class is closer to each other. It's a good bonding experience XD

Don't cry, it'll get better, probably <.< Right now you have to fill out your GEC but I'm sure once you get into classes specifically for your major it'll be a bit better. What made you choose biochemistry? Don't give in! You can do it! Ganbatte!

I totally agree. This makes no sense to me ó___ó
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Revived DeadPanda

[ Oh yes -- I would VERY MUCH like to nom on one of those creme puffs while I still have the chance! xd ]

And me pretty much not having things planned out for me has made me feel like that's absolutely what I must do for my own kids one day, to help them succeed and have a secure path to walk down. Yeah I can see how they might not like being controlled, but I'd tel them it's for their own good because it really is. I bet that's what your dad's is doing for you. Did "his" parents plan out his life too, because maybe he realized it's better to have a set in stone plan than to wander aimlessly through life which is what I'm doing at the moment. And let me tell you when I hear of college kids complaining that classes suck/are boring and stuff, it makes me upset because at least they are at college and don't have to worry for the next 4 years for pete's sake! (and this is totally not directed at you, just some other peeps!)

I believe our two-bedroom two-bath townhouse's rent right now is about 1k a month, so I mean that's a pretty good deal, along with free gym membership since that's included in the rent. ^^;
First let me say that is a very sweet sentiment, and I appreciate just the thought of it very much. You are in fact the second friend that offered me to live with their parents and go to college. The idea is so perfect it's scary, and with my social phobia (blaming it on that) it's extremely hard for me to accept such an offer. I would be happy to even pay rent if I'm living with someone, so your splitting the rent idea is very nice. I forgot, isn't your mother a real estate agent?
Along with student loans, do college students typically have part-time jobs to pay for college + needs. Is a full time job unrealistic while going to college?

My replies seem bipolar seeing as how I'm replying in sections, lol. rofl
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Revived DeadPanda

And what is your major called again? Something along the lines of medical science?
Aw, you are literally one of the smartest people I know and that is a fact. Those teachers just haven't seen that yet. ;D
It's really fantastic to hear you're making new acquaintances (frrrieeenndss) and that you have time to be able to enjoy yourself! I remember seeing a show of Man Vs. Food where he was in Columbus, Ohio checking out a few restaurants. I'm pretty sure this place, the place with apparently amazing creme puffs, is on campus: http://www.schmidthaus.com/Man-vs-Food-Schmidts.mov

And right now I feel incredibly stupid and slow. I have almost no motivation/inspiration to want to deal with college stuff; I know I'm continuing to procrastinate, and just as procrastination does it's making me even more uncomfortable to think about everything going to college entails knowing that I'm putting it off and putting it off. If I have to remind you... my mom isn't really helping me at all on the situation and instead is making things much worse by lowering my self esteem.
I seriously think I'm not capable of doing many things for myself on my own now, like writing that damn resume, or dealing with college stuff (I'm grouping the whole entire process together and calling it all "stuff" to reduce my stress about it :/), or how to get and keep a job or how to live on my own and so on. I feel stupid and incapable of doing these things because my mom has made me think this way. I forgot if you already knew but my mom is dead set on moving to Utah, and she FINALLY realized why I wasn't packing my things all of this time (with my help of actually stating it for her), BECAUSE I DON'T PLAN ON GOING WITH HER. Now she's on my back every 15 minutes it seems -- I had a rude awakening this morning that just ended up in utter chaos and I said but 5 words to her.
I am rambling about my mom problems, lolz.

I have only "applied" to be a pet sitter part-time to places I can walk to. I really want a resume before applying anywhere again because I know it will boost my chances.
I must find a place to live and a job to pay for that place soon so my mind can rest on the issue of "where will I go if not with my mom to Utah?".

You maybe just need some more experience before the hospital will seriously consider you for hire, that's all. 3nodding
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Revived DeadPanda

Flippin awesome avi Amanda. surprised
Yeah, Gaia has kind of died for me. I barely chat with others ma self. :/
I have been so so. Still a lot of momma drama and college stress related stuff going on with me.
How about you? OSU has started hasn't it? Enjoying your classes?? razz
And you said you had to commute so can you drive your self? o: (that'd be super cool)
Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

Nah, I think I'd rather have mine XD

I don't know when the next cosplay club meeting is (the first one was on monday) and anime club is this friday I think and they're showing the following:
6:00-Mawaru Penguindrum
7:00-Soul Eater
11:00-Cat s**t One
11:30-Pale Cocoon

Haha, well anthropology is my major <w< I would probably skip the recitations if I really knew the stuff but we'll see when I have to take them in the winter... lol hope that works out for you. Luckily clubs are pretty laid back.

Cucumbers are actually a fruit (specifically a gourd) and yes, they supposedly reduce puffiness and red eyes as well.