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Occupation: A Man of Espionage


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The Spy, hailing from an indeterminate region of France, is an aficionado of sharp suits and even sharper knives who relies on stealth and trickery to aid the team. Using his unique array of cloaking watches, hecan render himself invisible and even fake his own death, leaving unaware opponents off-guard. His disguise kit lets him take on the form of any class, allowing him to blend in and sneak behind enemy lines before stabbing his unsuspecting 'teammates', quite literally, in the back. In fact, a swift backstab from behind with the Spy's trusty knife will takeout any foe, excluding those which are under the effects of an Ubercharge, Scouts under the effect of Bonk!, Spies using the Dead Ringer, or Snipers wearing the razorback, in a single hit.

In addition to being able to assassinate key enemies quickly and efficiently, the Spy is great against the Engineer. Using his Electro Sappers, he can disableEngineerbuildings, leaving them open to attack from the Spy's teammates, slowly draining the building's health until it is destroyed or the sapper is knocked off by the Engineer's wrench or the Pyro's homewrecker.


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Sanji Kalani Report | 08/01/2012 10:32 pm
Sanji Kalani
It all depends...
Sanji Kalani Report | 08/01/2012 7:16 pm
Sanji Kalani
Sump'n's real fishy, here...
Sanji Kalani Report | 08/01/2012 6:55 pm
Sanji Kalani
If it's a cease fire, why would we be shootin' spies? That would involve firin', would it not?
TheInsanePiano Report | 01/28/2012 9:55 am
mehhee its like Christmas morning > smile
Annexed Demon Report | 02/19/2011 5:20 am
Annexed Demon
^^ They're both really good. =w=
Annexed Demon Report | 02/18/2011 2:21 pm
Annexed Demon
Ah, that's why. ^^
Annexed Demon Report | 02/15/2011 5:24 pm
Annexed Demon
That's awesome. ^^
I watched with English subs...but the only bad part about it is that sometimes they make the actors talk in English and it just doesn't match and whatnot. Black Butler is very popular among many people...^^
Annexed Demon Report | 02/15/2011 1:46 pm
Annexed Demon
Lol, Black Butler fan, correct? ^^
digga-schmee Report | 11/10/2010 5:23 pm
User Image Lol its a great song eh?
lonBunny Report | 09/17/2010 10:41 am
cool avi