Awh, why hello there duckling! I prefer if you call me Justine.
Just cause....It's my name. I'm a person who believes in reincarnation. Didn't that seem like something random to say? Well, I have my reasons behind it. I believe with all my heart ,that I was Edna Mode in my past life. Don't ask me why, I just freaking know it. I'm three fourths Filipino, and one fourth Chinese. (AND I'M DAMN PROUD OF IT!) Yeah...So, I'm guessing you came here to learn more about me? Probably not, but whatevas! I'm still going to talk about myself, because this is what the 'About Me' is....About. OH ZINGER! AH DUR DUR DUR!

Ed Sheeran.Cameron Mitchell.HeisWe.Starkid.Whovian.Whose Line Is It Anyway.NDtitanlady.
UMBRIDGEEEE.Draco.Snape.Redvines.Darren Criss.
Grant Gustin.David Tennant.Fransico Lachowski.Vini Uehara.Tennis.
Figure Skating.Cameron Mitchell.Glee.Boys.Roleplaying.
Merlin.Tumblr.LOK.ATLAB.Alpacas.Llamas.Disney Classics.
Ariana Grande.Ebba Zingmark.Katie McGrath.You Tube.Vlogging.
Bubble Tea.TOTALLY AWESOME.Pokemon.Walking Dead. Supernatural.Tom Daley.Olympics.All American Rejects.Joe Brooks.One Republic.The Fray.Ed Sheeran.The music that they used to play in the 2006 Range-ish, It was better back then.Totoro.9GAG.Memes.Pixar.Marvel (Kicks DC's a**) Ahem, what?Smiley Faces.Java Chip Frappuccinos.Superpowers (Which I obviously have).The Incredibles.Dinosaurs.Strawberry Banana Smoothies.Dirty Little Secret.I Shall Call Him Squishy.And He Shall Be Mine.He Shall Be My Squishy. OW! Squishy Bit me.Skyrim.First Person Shooters.Nintendo 64.Gay Marriage (Love Is Love. Not A Political Statement-Anne Hathaway).Part Of That World.Timey Wimey.Chris Evans.Tom Hiddleston.Introverts.Charlieissocoollike.English Accents.Baby, There's A Shark In The Water.Mushu.Freddie Mercury.Sourcefed.Singing.Random Blerps.Sherlockian (Is That How You Put It?).Misfits.Robert Sheeran.Robert Downey Jr. And Lastly....

Stacy's Mom

Thanks for sticking around! Hope your stay was nice. Please come back soon! Honey I replace things faster than Forever 21 changes out their clothes. Except for friendship, then I'm a faithful trooper! If you ever want to get to know me a little more, then message me sometime! Just no random friend requests please. Not a big fan. By the power vested in me! I now declare this 'About Me' over. Now run my little petunias! Off into the sunset! Poof!