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Are you a "CBer" or a "CB reg"?
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featuring Xelvin and KeroKero Kola

CB Reg n: 1. A self-title referring to a person who sees themselves more important/popular on an online anime roleplaying community website - mainly in the Chatterbox forum. Because f*ck those other forums, Chatterbox is obviously be best, even though they b*tch about it constantly and berate everyone who isn't a "reg". Many deny the title, but respond positively when referred to as such.
2. Any person or persons who posts regularly in the Chatterbox forum. No one really likes this definition, so you can choose to ignore it as well.

Definition of the term "CB REG" by CrowCounting:
Noun: Individuals with no life.
Noun: Persons who enjoy the smell that leaves ones anus.
Verb: Being a huge faggot.

Definition of the term "CB CRUSH" by Jovansky, Volunteer T:
1. A lustful wanting towards a stranger that might as well be a cat.
2. Cb Crush,Noun
A Term used to describe a crush thats usually on a online forum or chatter box,That will most likely never happen,And tends to fail very often.
"Billy did you hear about my cb crush?"
Synonyms-Fake Crush,Online Crush,Never Gonna Happen Crush
Antonyms-Real Crush,Love,Real Life love

Definition of the term "Anon":
1. A person who gifts random people trash (most of the time worth less than 200g) while hiding his identity.
Trash or not, people who received the gifts will always make threads dedicated to the anon and will develop (virtual) feelings for that person.
2. n. A person who bestows kindness upon another by giving a gift of varying value to one person secretly. Many people disapprove of these people because their gifts are usually cheap items and they feel entitled to the million gold pieces of pixelated property. v. To give a gift without revealing one's identity. (KeroKero Kola)

Definition of the term "SneakyJizz":
1. A CBer who doesn't like talking about sex and wants everyone to stop.
2. n. A person who posts in CB kindly asking it's inhabitants to stop talking about sex. He also sometimes posts shocker gifs which gets him banned a lot. Maybe he's stopped with the latter? (KeroKero Kola)

Definition of the term "Lichtloze":
1. A person repeatedly making threads, with content of an over 100 year old meme.
2. n. A person who posts in the CB a nonsensical question. Pretty much like the rest of CB, only he's more adamant about it. (KeroKero Kola)

Definition of the term "Gnast":
A person who will always be happy for you.

Quest v. To begin saving up ones gold for an item deeply desired. Some quests are long, due to the expense of the item, and some are short, because the item is cheaper, or because someone (like an Anon) gives them the item. the person was questing a kiki kitty plushie

Roleplay v. Playing a role that one isn't usually in either through PMs or in Barton Town. In CB, asking to roleplay means you want to cyber sex and/or you're a big f*cking loser who can't get laid irl.

IRL n. Meaning "in real life". There's not much else to say about it.

CB n. The Chatterbox. The place where everyone is superior to all the other threads. Especially the GD.

GD n. The General Discussion. They seem pretty chill, but ask anyone in CB and they're all morons who think they're better than everyone else.

Barton Town n. Where one goes to roleplay and have fun. As anyone in CB and it's a place where losers go to cyber and have their Mary Sues f*ck a famous fictional character.

Cybering v. To have sex online. According to CB, cybering is what people mean when they want to roleplay with you. Cybering occurs in Towns a lot, and it is a right of passage to take screenshots of the "noobs" cybering and posting them in CB, regardless of how against TOS it is. Because who really reads that sh*t? Not CB!

ITT n. Meaning "in this thread". What people say when they want people to post in their threads. Often used for free art threads and rating threads. Not sure if effective, further research is required.

Brickhead 1. A blockhead 2. A CB fanatic

Tiffany Brick - Period Queen; she can bless anyone with the gift of period. Ex. Bacon The Clown, a girl who was bestowed period after being three months late the very day she was blessed by Tiffany Brick.

Love:Noun. Doing the same stupid thing again and again, knowing what the result will be - but expecting the result will chance even just once for all the thousand times they try.

Newfag: 1. someone within 3 years of joining (by BlJAN)

Oldfag: 1. someone from 2007 or before (by BlJAN)

The CB dictionary by Sir Sej
CB reg = probably you
ANON = the one who never gifts you, and when it does you get 1g items
GD = where you never go
PYP = my self esteem is low, i'll make post your pictures thread so people will lie to my face
CB crush = that one CB'er you stalk too much
vocaroo = my voice is cuter than my face, wanna hear it?
free art = i'll pick one person (it at all) and make ya'll go crazy for some drawing i do
CB gf/bf/wife/husband = i just wanna look like i have friends and put someone's name in my sig
I'M QUITTING = nah. i'll be back. just wanna make drama

The CB dictionary by Tiffany Brick

Xelvin - one of the few and original Spartans of CB.



Yogurt Stains



Anubas x3

civilization ii

By DragonMistress

Originally, there was only one town map. Then there was an update, and we got the one walkway (not the fishing hole) out of Barton, between Barton and Gambino. We also got the town of Gambino. We could see a building labeled Casino as well as the Weapons Store. (That was also the first time we found out that Josie was running the bank, and she was the one who helped the trades go through!) The Weapons Store (the one with the crossed swords) never did get realized, but us little Gaians had such big dreams for what would be in that shop...we also had big dreams that the little shop with the music note for a sign...on the Barton map...would eventually be a music exchange source akin to how the library (Manga; with a book on it) was a manga exchange source.

We also had pretty big ideas about how the Casino was going to work out eventually (which were pretty much bang-on, but boy did it ever take a while...by the time Gaia actually did put the Casino out, most people had forgotten about the building on the map), and we speculated that you'd be able to put gold into the 'bank' in a 'savings account' to help you quest, and that you'd get a little bit, like one or two percent interest.

There was no Marketplace, so the Exchange forum was THE place to go to buy and sell. At the time, the only items there were were the gold shop items, and most people didn't sell them back to the shop. We'd list them in the Exchange in a thread titled 'garage sale' for ten or fifteen gold. This made spending FIVE HUNDRED (basically, an entire day's earnings) gold on a trading pass make a little bit of sense, because then you could access having other people's used clothing for a lot cheaper than the store.

Then some people made their living as shop owners. They'd go through the 'garage sale' threads, and buy up EVERYTHING, to list in their own thread at just-under-store-prices. Cheap enough that, before anyone bought anything at the gold store, they checked all the secondhand-shop threads looking for their item first. It also kept the gold, of which there wasn't much, circulating inside the economy.

This was how the concept of 'exchanging' as a source of income was born. Lots of people didn't want to take ALL day digging through threads labeled 'garage sale' looking for that one thing they wanted, as cheap as they could find it, so having a 'big shop' that was always in business and kept a lot of inventory on hand made a lot of sense. At the same time, people didn't want to have to sit around for days or weeks with items they didn't want anymore, when they could use the gold for something else, so often they would skip the garage sale thread and sell directly to these shopkeepers.

Fun fact: At the time, the total number of items on Gaia was so small, many shopkeepers had a list of EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON GAIA and how many of that item they had in stock. This was easy enough to maintain, if a little tiresome to update.

First website address was www.go-gaia.com

The original shopkeepers were named after the servers; Ian, Sasha, Ruby, and Peyo. Later we got servers named after food, like Sushi, Chicken, and Ice Cream.

The way it worked was, you put the server name after a backslash in the web address to force the use of a particular server. As in, www.go-gaia.com/sasha Except no-one would ever use that particular string, because the Sasha sever was well-known by far to be the most unreliable of the group. Which is probably why the Sasha shopkeeper was written to be a total airhead.

The original center of activity was a hub on the old Barton map (which looks basically nothing like the map in use now) labeled Manga, where the site kept an archive of online-accessible, free, sometimes downloadable manga and comic sources. The other center of activity was a heart-shaped building labeled Personals where people used to cyber with each other anonymously. Graphically. That special standard of literacy has been lovingly preserved to this day, in the form of late-night Chatterbox.

What Genyusai had to say:
Being a 2003'er, I can tell you everything DragonMistress wrote is true, but she failed to note one major event...

The Rollbacks! OH GOD, The rollbacks! I remember one day I found an extremely rare and valuable Pink Box! (They were pink boxes that gave out items, not pink links like we have today).
Back when the most gold I had at any one time was 200-300 gold and I knew I would never afford anything that was more than 2000g, I found a pink box!! A guy was willing to offer me
an unheard of 15,000 gold!!!!! Jesus, I still remember how excited I was to get that much! So I made the trade, and first thing I did was buy Doll Ears for my best friend! They set me back almost 6k.
I gave them to her and we were happy... until we noticed the site was being veeery slow. In fact, it straight up went offline!

Later, i believe Lanzer posted an update but the whole site looked like Gaia in 1994, only text graphics and 2 images showing a burnted out chipset. It seems gaia has been Slashdotted! 5 days later, gaia came back online, but everything was regressed to just before I got my pink box... My friend lost her doll ears,
and we were both devastated..

Donation list:

18-6: N A R U lllll
25-6: Iconoclast Kowalski
25-6: Poder De Honda
9-7: Desires Helmet
9-7: Toby Vespa
10-7: Suq Madiq
10-7: Sonic
10-7: MyNameIsNotEarl
10-7: Bryehn
10-7: Kingdom of His Cause
12-7: Emerald
14-7: pompsu
30-7: amunhotep - FOR THE TIMMY EI heart
30-8: Gwiyomie - For the Gaia M shirt heart
14-9: Corrupt Fantasy - For the Return to Valendor bundle heart
19-9: Cheshire_Cat_Kun - FOR THE ANTIPATHY AND SECRET RETREAT heart heart
20-9: MissPrincessFlora - For 50k gold heart
10-10: Corrupt Fantasy - For the 1m again crying heart
10-10: C h a r t i s t e - 22k ! heart
18-10: Female Escort - Hard Candy Rocker OMFG! crying heart
25-10: Rawdknee - ~100k gold ! heart
25-10: Himekoi - 45k gold ! heart
25-10: inthesis - 4k 4laugh
25-10: 7 Deadly Shots - 100k! 4laugh
31-10: HospitaI For SouIs - 15k ! 4laugh
31-10: Herrliche - 3m!! heart
9-11: Idiot Noob - 1m! heart
14-11: stubborn-brunette - Human G CORP Labocat ! heart
14-11: StoriesUntold - Infernal Seduction heart heart
15-11: Disb0ipeter - Cherry Blossom heart
15-11: stubborn-brunette - Cherry Blossom heart
19-11: `Nona - 50k! heart
21-11: Toby Vespa - Weeping Wanderer!! heart
23-11: `Nona - 100k! heart
24-11: Ysabeau Duval - 50k! heart
24-11: `Nona - 20k!
1-12: Explicit Porn - 200k! heart
5-12: l2 a w r z - 53k!
13-12: Tiffany Brick - O Righteous One! heart
23-12: princess bun - 100k! heart
23-12: im the wolf lord - 30k! heart
23-12: Booba Fett - 100k! heart
23-12: Wingrift - 100k!! heart
3-1: Origineel - Marooned Lass!! heart
15-2: Bible guild Mule - 10k heart
15-2: Sapphire Shores - Caroling Medic! heart
18-2: Ronin~Wing - WHITE HORNS OF THE DEMON heart heart
11-12: Mew_the_ZOMG_Pokemon - 100mil mythrill coin! heart
24-12: vrauk - 100BIL GOLD eek eek heart


Wixio ! heart


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_Gotherine_The_ Foxx_ Report | 01/29/2016 6:59 pm
_Gotherine_The_ Foxx_
I was page surfing and your page got me with the 2003 feels.
vrauk Report | 12/24/2014 12:51 pm
do i get to be on your cool donate list
vrauk Report | 12/23/2014 9:39 am
enjoy it : ]
Another th0t Report | 12/23/2014 7:25 am
Another th0t
at least i made you laugh wink
Another th0t Report | 12/22/2014 4:09 pm
Another th0t
Get on your knees.

Nigga I ain't give you sh*t what are you talking about? lol
iF yoU seeK aMEy Report | 12/05/2014 11:59 am
iF yoU seeK aMEy
i have zero clue on what you're talking about
googled shaniqua : a huge woman i guess lel
DisChib Report | 12/04/2014 1:53 pm
Npnp emotion_bigheart
DisChib Report | 12/04/2014 1:06 pm
Dude, I really love your avatar.
Good job emotion_brofist
Another th0t Report | 11/24/2014 9:50 am
Another th0t
Lol, yeah.. it's really sad. It's sort of like watching someone with an autoimmune disorder die. They just slowly wither away...
Plus the economy is ridiculous. The gold cap is like quintillion or something, which is a ridiculous amount of zeros pretty much.
Don't even get me started on the gcash bullsh*t on the top... as if it wasn't shoved down our throats enough. Not only that but it took forever to get used to it, and for a little while it still had "home" sooo everything was messed up. Muscle memory and what not, you'd habitually click gcash on accident, hoping for another link. Ugh.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, although I'm sure it won't be anything special anyway sweatdrop

Well.. I'd rather be busy than bored! That's where I am now. I mean bored, of course, lol
Another th0t Report | 11/24/2014 8:46 am
Another th0t
Yeah when I was lesbian in denial i was pretty regular.. or at least on and off kinda thing lol
I've never really quit... sometimes life happens and suddenly i'm not online anymore, but it seems I always come back...
I joined November 4th 2006 I think lol so I've been on gaia quite a long time... according to your definitions I am an "oldfag"

I have been alright. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm sort of dreading it for multiple reasons.
How have you been?

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