hey, this is brittany, umm. its my second gaia, just incase anything happens to it. my first one is Cynder_Knightcross.

im 15, i love anime, and music...im loud and tlkative, i moved 3 times in my life, went to 5 different skools....my fav drink is Dr.Pepper and Monster Energy (Rehab /tea n lemonade/ is my favorite) .im random and perverted...i love the color black and i wear it alot...i live in west virginia...and hating it. i lived in ohio b4 moving to WV...i have a few friends, but.most of them are guy friends( i am not a whore) ....i love helping ppl out cause thats what i do..i would sacrifice my life 2 save my friends...well it all depends on who that friend is....I like the darkness, im funny and ppl say im fun to be around...i love my family no matter how dramatized they are. Music is my life. I love writing stories and writing poems, i can get annoyed and mad easily...but thats me....i dont like racism , so none of that plz....anyway you want to know any more about me then ask....


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My body isn't perfect..
I don't waLk with confidence..
Some nights I'd rather be by myseLf than out partying..
There are days that I get through with forced smiLes and fake Laughs..
Sometimes I try to convince myself that things are okay when they're not..
I'm not ugLy but I'm not beautifuL..
I constantLy think I'm not good enough..