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hallo :] my name ist izzy :3
Comment Me bizznitchezz <3
---> love art
--->love poptarts
--->love icool beans (taratastic) :] x_irawkpandaz (deannadork) <3
--->love xkawai-kun (kimi) (my tastic bffl :]
--->love wierdo's. :]
-->love DESTRY!!! heart mine forever <33
soooo... peace out shizznizz :3
oh .. && FOSHIZZLE :]

.:.::.:: ENDURE IT!! X] .::.:...:

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unedad much<3
undead much<3
undead much<3

mii love penguins
Crazed Muffin Rage
iCool Beans
no okay

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rawrr ima zombii :D

i lubb youuz taratastic :] you are the best and i would die for you any day :3 & yes, i
lubb you that much c=

and yes <3 i love you that much.

deanna ... bess chick i ever mett. i love her so much and she totaly rocks my world. heart

lily your an amazing friend/sisterrr/buddy and i swear... you have everything a best friend could want. thanks for making my heart be 100% loved ^^

heart i know you know her. :3

my bestest friend ever.. kim <3

or my homie in real heart

she is super califragileistic expialidocious!? :0 xD

these are muuhh homie G's... (( in rl)) mess with tham ima punch you right up your nose ;D looks like somebody wants a but woopen rofl