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Total Value: 73,959 Gold, 8,200 Tickets
After Exclusions: 56,328 Gold, 8,200 Tickets
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Item List:
Angelic Earmuffs
Bronze Prince's Rapier
Elemental Wings
Long White Socks
White Glamrock Jeans
Frostbite Blade


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xDivine Wafflezx

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hey was up this is meh pro i know its awesome right?!?!?Well anyways Axel is my fav character on kingdom hearts (hes awesome if u disagree tell me and i will tell u was up) ever and help me with meh dream avi plz u can help me with meh dream avatar (its not cheap but its awesome)so enjoy my pro also if u need help makin a dream avi just tell meh and i will make 1 for u that might fit u just prefect just tell meh wut u like and i will make it for u but its 500 gold im poor lol oh and u can do random comments for money i love random comments.=D biggrin


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bytch3s wn4 t0uch diz-
Rainbow Syrup
Artificial cookies