About me

the names ashley....
lil bite about me...

status= idle [ dose want a relitonship]

where i live= shadows feared by man kind

ocuptain= none


age= 17 [almost 18 dec 22]

fav colors= green black dark blue neon green BLOOD red... yellow and orange..

fav shows= naruto house scrubs mad t.v comdey central...

my dislikes are= FAKE PEOPLE! back stabber, 2 facer, girly girls, animal and human abuse. people who think there god, etc.

my likes= [all i ahve to say] is be yourself and if i dont like you i will tell you flat out thats what i like.. if your fack i will hate you even more if you have 1 or more flaws..

personalty= completey honest [like scary honest] dosnet hold back, dosent give a s**t if you dont like me, cold hearted, kidna evil, a a*****e, careing to certain people, funny, perverted, dare devil, punk, rocker,emo,goth,tomboy, random, crazy, flat out awsomeness xD

My favorite says are
“Karmas a b***h!!!”
“Everything will come back to bite you in the a** sooner or later”

“If your gods gift to the world… I don’t won’t to go to heaven id rather go to hell and deal with Satan!”

“Someone can change but how long can they stay that way?”

“you foul me ones shame on you. You foul me twice shame on me.”

“things will come only to those who wait.”

“look me in the eyes and be completely honesty are you really sorry?”

“keep your friends close… but keep your enemies even closer!”


I am a person who has been laughed at.

I am a person who has always felt unwonted.

I am a person who was always told all my life that i will never make it.

I am a person you see all the time but you don’t realize that I am there.

I am a person who would do anything for anybody.

Do you have any Idea who I am know?

I am the thing who listens and watches people yell at them.

I am the thing who takes the pain from them and hides it.

I am the thing that watches them cry themselves to sleep.

I am the thing who screams out in the dead of night waiting for you.

I am the thing that you think is watching you and get’s you pairanoied.

Dose that help you at all figure out who or what I am?

I am the only one you will face in the end.

I am the only one you must convince that you didn’t do wrong.

I am the only one that will be laughing at you in the end when it goes dark.

I am the only one that will be pushing you around like you did them.

I am the only one they look up to in the end, because I am the one who speaks up for them.

Do you now what I am know?

I am the soul of all who have been hurt by someone or something, I wait for the day that I see you. I am the one you answer to before you go to heaven or hell. I stand up for what’s right, and I stand up for them. I make the decision of where you go. I am the last thing you see before you get what you deserve.