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ii_bishh_ii Report | 03/20/2014 8:25 pm
What up! What up! lol Been like probably four months since I've been on. What's been going on with you?!
ii_bishh_ii Report | 10/22/2013 9:34 pm
Hey! Feels like ten thousand years since I've been on let alone talked to you! I've been great!Just celebrated my 20th birthday a couple weeks ago. It feels different. lol I'm still currently working and my husband is definitely the provider. lol Let's see where to begin because I feel like I haven't really told you like what's all happened so let's recap the year. I've finished online college back in May, (started August 2012), for Wedding & Event Planning. So now I have my certificate for that. I've done, aside from my wedding last year, a baby shower, a birthday party, and next month another baby shower and in December a family gathering. Mostly family, but hey it's practice. We've recently gotten another vehicle, so now we have two finally! It's been a big blessing that now we have two. Um..what else? Oh yeah, my husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary back in July. Now we're going on our second year of marriage, but a total of four and a half years (Novemeber is the mid-mark) May it'll be five years! Feels crazy. lol Just about as long as I think we've known each other. Now everyone's getting baby fever. Our family members are going crazy ready for us to have babies! So we'll see how that goes. lol What about you?!
ii_bishh_ii Report | 08/08/2013 9:24 pm
ii_bishh_ii Report | 01/19/2013 2:03 pm
Haha, I've been better. I'm just now getting better since I've been sick the last two days. It has been very dreadful with high fever, body aches, coughing, sneezing, and chills! But now I've just got some coughing and thankfully that's it. lol What about you, how you been?
ii_bishh_ii Report | 01/01/2013 5:07 am
Happy New Years! (:
ii_bishh_ii Report | 12/25/2012 3:33 pm
Merry Christmas! <3
Awkward_Ginasing Report | 11/15/2012 6:17 pm
Hola biggrin
ii_bishh_ii Report | 08/30/2012 8:04 am
I know righttt! lol I think he gets on now more than we do.
Which is kinda weird, considering we use to get on more than
him, well him and his bud put together! lol
So what's life treating you to nowadays?
ii_bishh_ii Report | 08/09/2012 8:59 am
But life's in the way. lol I haven't even had time to actually stay on anymore. lol
ii_bishh_ii Report | 08/03/2012 3:34 pm
Right. I haven't been on in forever! Gah, it'd be nice to catch up with well the group. lol

Hacker O-O

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Wussup Bytches its your gurl Nea(NigguhDRopDimBoxers_BmG)hacking my favorite sis (on gaia) KIKI.WOW Ive been frends wif kiki since like a week after i started gaia wich wus a while ago n we have never got in a arguement(serious)........jus debating over some of the craziest stuff ever(for fun tho).KIKI is lyke 1 of the funniest people i kno n wen Im wif hur I can never stop laughin cus she's hilarious.I rarely see KIKI upset inless its something serious.But shewill beat cha a** if u ******** wif hur(lol) n so will I.But damn I could go on n on about KIKI but det may take months or even years to finsish(lol)So Im Out. -ILY SiS-(PCE)

"]User Image

Dis b TETE hackin da sissy KIKI'z
pro well lemme tell yhu alil bout hu first of all she
CRAZii AS Hell (Yeh she b smokin dat
suqar crack ;P) Mayb
sumtimez i'd help hu <.< >.> k les get
bak 2 da subject i new hu since da beqinnin
we use 2 hanq out all da
time buh now we catchin bak up we 2 peez
in a pod UNSTOPABLE x] she
alwaiiz saiiz she qon whoop mi a**
for pickin on hu friendz buh
we all kno i'll smack hu buh eitha
way fuqq with any 1 of
us we gon whoop yo a** like
well ima b out fo now in plus da
copz r afta mi o.o (i didnt do nun <.< >.> wink
Ducez Sissy

Dude! Its Josh here. This person here is like the greatest! Well, one of the greatest haha. She's super nice and is a pretty awesome person to chill with. ^^

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dis cha brother deon hacken ur pro sislook niggas ima keep itshort she the best sisda eva and u hurt her u ******** with mi u ******** with mi i am in a mafia we kill ur b***h a** ok lil niggas ibm all day we da mafia u dont wana ******** with mess with one italyen boi mafia member we got problems and u think its not a real one see mi den cuz i pop off f4 all mi family cuz we family i do any thing 4 mi family we cool as long u dont hurt kikigot mi lil niggas see da pic it say it all deon ohhhhh wait on more thing dont jock ddes colors ur ur gana get droped ur gana look like dis x .X
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99_PrObZ-BuT_BiSh AnT1
XD Xx_Shaniqua_xX XD
Mrs Dream
OMG its Tete Bixtch
Polo Nigguh

my buddy

big bro


my sis

my sis

my niece

my bestie

my sis

lol my prince

old bestie

chance ;)

kiki 2013 pics smile