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What You Need To Know

So you want to know about me? Guess I could let you know, even though there's not to much to know, and you may feel the need to be bored, just to be honest, but who knows you may be interested in me after all. Ok, so the basics, obviously I'm female, ok that basic is done and over with. What else... Hmmm let's see, oh I'm a writer, and no not a professional one, though a dream would to be one some day, but I'm kind of lazy in that department. I write when the mood hits me, or when inspiration trips me and I land face first into it. I write mostly Poetry (I used to have an account here, can't remember it much less the password, so made a new one. So I may post some Poems that I posted back on my old account, if you recognize them, then awesome!) Hmmm what else? Oh I enjoy watching Movies and listening to Music, I'll post such under Interests.

Bored yet? if not that's good, and its a good sign that I'm not a loser after all (lol, I tease so no worries), hoping to make some cool and interesting friends here on Gaia, since my last account wasn't a huge success. Then again, I wasn't on as much as I wanted to be, but such is life and it kept me busy. So with that said, here I am for all the world and you to see, I claim nothing when it comes to being the most popular or the smartest on the planet. I'm me, and to be honest took a while to understand that, I'm honest to the point of insulting (I try not to be, but you want an honest opinion, I won't lie to you).

Anyway, enough of that, so I welcome myself to Gaia once more, see you around! Oh almost forgot, feel free to add me as a friend, I don't bite, I promise!

Here's a link to my Live Journal Account, all of my Poems (that I've posted) are there, so take a look
! This Way To My Imagination


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~Welcome To My Imagination~

So you've stumbled into my corner of Gaia's Universe, well I welcome you, so sit back and relax. As for what you may see, its whatever I want it to be. Poems, Stories, my Ranting, it's my place to be me. So with that said, welcome and enjoy your stay



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