Josey is the name or aka Hershey kisses =] cuz u can never get to much of me SIKE! . In the group called, "[K.F.C]*]" stands for Kute. Filipina. Chicks Babyyy. GET LIKE US! Well. life has been challenging in every way for my family. We been thru everything u can mostly say. But still standing strong hopefully. Not ur avg, typical girl but yet so one of a kind. People say things to try to bother me but understand this you can keep trying but ur never gonna get to me. For sure. No Doubt Buddy. =] Many people had helped me to get this far in life but in the result many people also fucked me over but thanx to them all i've been challenged to accomplish any obstacle that comes my way. If u ever find a purple diary please dont publish it. Memoirs of Josey much.CAkes and Presents on TAX DAY! 415* Frsico Much??? hahaha. funny story


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