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Heartaches by the Number Report | 09/23/2008 6:02 am
Heartaches by the Number



Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming at all.

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I'm a 'effing super hero!

WHOOSH, bitches!

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Information about Dr. Morgan Leanne Jeanson

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Drawing by [QK]

- - - - - - -

N a m e:

Morgan Leanne Jeanson

Named after Morgan Le Fay

Known by Others as:

Celestial Demon, Celestial, Demonic.


Never ask a lady their age! But, if you must know… Twenty Four.


I’m a very… how should I say… sarcastic and honestly rude person. I don’t really regard other people’s feelings, and rely solely on logic and truth at times. I can be a bit of a sweet heart when I want to be, but most of the time when I am just Dr. Morgan; I am just a solid, down to earth scientist who is quite the intelligent one, and is well respected in my field of technology and science. A lot of people think I believe magic, the counter part as I always say to science, is all a big hoax. Boy are they wrong… magic is half of what makes me the vigilante heroine known as Celestial Demon. Sure, I am not as big and tough as the others--hell; I probably have the worse reputation of them all. I’ve killed before, and I will kill again if the situation needs done. I’m cold, distant, and very rude whenever I’m Celestial… except for the kids… there is just something about those annoying brats that drive me crazy, but I have a small soft spot for. Especially animals… Right now, though, I’m talking about moi, and how I like to act.

I can also be quite the… well, sadistic seductionist at times, and I love a man in uniform. Don’t care if he’s human or not, as long as he is mmm! I love to play with my prey, whether they are a small time robber, to the super powered nut case, or just the naïve handsome little super hero in tights. As long as they are near the age of eighteen, hell, I don’t care. I’ll wrap them up tight, and drag them off. Don’t get me wrong, I do have morals--and I protect the ones who cannot fight for themselves, for they have no gifts of intelligence of powers like most heroes, whether they are ‘super’ or not, have. Unfortunately, half of the time people think of me as a villain more than a hero. I’m neither--I’m more of a vigilante. Super heroes don’t kill… also, if you think I’m more of an ‘anti-hero’, pfft… wrong again, genius. Let’s just say I’m a citizen who likes to dress up in costume that goes around and kicks a** to a bloody pulp. That good enough for you?


When I’m Morgan, I’m 5 “9’; though, when I’m Celestial, I raise my height a little to 6” 0’.


It’s all muscle, sweetie; and bones, of course. Plus matter… ah, hell, I weight 174 lbs. So sue me--I said its muscle. Call me fat, and get your eyes clawed out.


I rely on my intelligence and technology, though I use all sorts of magic spells and charms.

Eye Color:

I have hazel eyes, but when Celestial, they are a deep color of brown.


Pfft--I may have gray hair as Celestial, but that don’t mean I’m old, sugar. I have dark red hair when I’m my normal self.

Ethnical Background:

Romanian and Irish
- - - - - - - - - -

Appearance: You already can plainly see what I appear as when I am Celestial Demon, but when I am just me… I have medium length dark red hair with a little strawberry blonde in it, and I have hazel eyes. My skin is a bit paler, like a peach pale, and I usually like to wear a deep shade of red lipstick. I have a beauty mark under my left eye on my cheek, and I have a natural curly perm in my hair. I usually work at my lab a lot, so I wear the standard white lab coat with a black turtle neck, and a dark gray skirt with light brown stockings, and black high heels. I absolutely hate skirts and high heels, but it’s a requirement in the lab for women, due to the fact that pants easily light on fire. The men wear special suits, during certain tests, so whatever. I usually wear my silver skull stud earrings, with black pearls in the mouths of the skulls. I wear glasses sometimes, but only for reading.

Weapons: The only weaponry I carry are my trusty onyx-steel prototype claws, that can harness magic. It took awhile for me to make it take in magic, since science can repel against the dark arts, but it eventually worked.

Background: I was born in the United States, though my mother was born back in the country of Romania, in a small village. My grandfather happened to be into the dark arts, and was the great grandson of a famous warlock who had relations with Morgan le Fay. Thus, my name being Morgan… back when I was born in San Diego, on July Tenth about twenty four years ago. I have an older brother, who is older than be by two years, and is my body guard. Well then, do you want to know how I became the restless and reckless vigilante known as Celestial Demon, or by religious people, the Demonic War Angel, or not? Well then, pop a squat on mama’s lap, and I’ll spin ya a yarn, sweet heart.

About eighteen years ago, when I was just ten years old, on my birthday I found out about my family’s history in the dark arts. It intrigued me, and behind my mother’s back, without her wish for me to learn about it, I read books and practiced in the dark arts. Though, my first love back then was, and always will be technology. Science, chemistry, geometry, mechanics, and all that jazz. Ah, it was a romantic story, technology and I. But, alas, this tale has a bit of darkness to it, as well. At the age of sixteen, when I was starting out my invention making, a psycho path known as Harold Faye, which later on would be the main weirdo in a costume that I would face up against on numerous occasions as the Psycho Magician, was a magician who hadn’t made it out of one of his escape artists routines in time, and ended up getting a part of his brain ripped out by a tiger shark. What kept him alive, and able to function in normal ways was a machine that was specifically designed for the brain--it was a prototype the army had created, and aloud him to use it--unfortunately, they had no idea that he would later go crazy, and go on a massive murder spree. What does he have to do with me? Easy--he kidnapped and raped my mother, and nearly killed her. I tracked his yellow a** down, and nearly killed him by using the dark arts that were similar to what my great great great grandfather had used, which was called ‘The Arts of the Hell Slayer’. My mother, as you could plainly see, found out I had learned magic behind her back. Even though she was glad I was okay, and grateful she was alive, and later mentally sane and stable once again after that horrid thing she went through, she hasn’t talked to me since I was seventeen. A year after the kidnapping… I wasn’t able to save my mother from that horrid mentally scarring event in her life, and I ruined my relationship with her--but, that didn’t mean I couldn’t prevent that from happening, if I had more training... but, at the age of twenty, my brother, who would become my later guinea pig and body guard, ended up getting his arm ripped off. For the longest time, he was without his right arm--if you want to know how this happened, it was just an incident that happened when we were riding a roller coaster at a local theme park. Short and simple… I started tinkering, and finally ended up creating, when I was nineteen, an arm that was able to feel, and seemed like a real human arm--but, it was still more or less a ‘robotic’ arm.

Years later, at the age of nineteen I started my own company, and graduated early from college when I turned Twenty One. By the age of Twenty Two, I was the CEO you would know today as Miss Morgan Jeanson, prodigy in technology of making feeling-able fake limbs, bachelorette extraordinaire, and the notorious vigilante known as Celestial Demon. Sure, not as glamorous as those other dipshits running around in fairy tights, but what do you want from me? An emo story? HAH! Just because my mother never talks about me, doesn’t mean I b***h about it. That’s all--for now.

Favorite Color: Dark Orange

Favorite Food: Calamari

Least Favorite Food: Cheesy Broccoli

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