- im seexxy right ?

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☛ Hi there iam going to keep it nice and simple so yeah . . Yup that is the real me up there ^ you liking it huh ladies ; ) . .
well starting off my name is Eric Woods . . im a 19 year old . .
✏ im fcukin 1OO% brasilian and proud , was born and raised in Brazil, now im living in Rio De Janeiro ( go there and you'll find me )
✏ im a very fun chillin dude , love to drunk and party a** off =p.. im a type of guy that doesnt take crap form no1 .
✏ im a hard worker and a model i work at the famous stores Abercrombie & fitch ( you may have seen my body or my face on the Abercrombie & Fitch bags or walls .] , and a cashier at abercrombie & fitch store, a mechanic and a Student .
✏ I surf , skateboard, play many sports, work out alot, and DRINK alot, and Party ALot.
✏ im a nice friendly good looking son of a b***h .. lols .. you'll like it when you get to know me , so comment me , message me , pic comment me , w.e . . and i'll get you back NO WORRIES!

☛ yo i know my page is plain and simple but that's the type of guy i really am , dont think of me like iam one of those guys that thinks about themself cuz I'M NOT! SO HEY DONT JUDGE ME !!