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Hey, the name's Chris, most people call me Keiden [middle name]; you can call me whatever you want, and you can say anything you want about me, just don't call me a 'f*****t' or 'Queer', just because I'm bi. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I can play drums, even though I'm no good. I listen to Screamo/ electro/ emo/ metal/ indie/ punk/ trip-hop and stuff like that. I am a complete snowboarder and surfer. I'm currently jumping back and forth living in Michigan and Germany [I know big differnce]. I'm not on to much, but try to hit me up anyway.


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my random philoshophy

i decided to change my journal. so now i am writing my out look on the things that ahppen in life everyday. it can be from a comment i read on some ones profile, to anything else