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I went from . . . . AznxxCutiez -> CuteeLilAsianz -> xPaperRobots-- -> Asian Pwnage x3 --> -OhMyAsian x3 --> xBhabysaurus

names Lindsey a.k.a OhMyAsian ( ohh-mai-ayshun ) reest are just props(; , get it right , or get ouuuut(: gimmie a nickname ? dun care . lotta ppl just call me Lindsey,but I want a Nickname . anyways im 1_& living my life in in the EST. part of the USA(: , every step of the way (;. hmm , i like to mess around a lot , & have fun , but when im in a bad mood i dont think you wanna be around me -__-. i doo have many friends on gaia . and outta of all of them Briana aka ii P3rfectOne ii has been here for me the longest ;D uhmm ..we like gals till the end , so don't even mess with her <3 she gets in a lot of drama and last thign we want for her is to increase it ^So dont.Shes the bomb and makes me Crack up liek Crazy <3 shes more then mah " gal" shes leik my sister!(: I love her to death and I would be her backup anyday. SO dont mess with us. MMKAY? .SO anyways I like Food, especially Fast food >.<. FATTY Much ? x3 HAHA.& For the day you were born in I gaat : I yelled at a homeless guy >.< I might have forgaat stuff earliiieeer. But here it iss.I love My HATERS. First of all. and I hate hackers.They irrate me. PERIOD!And mah colouur is Neon Pink(; <3. And Im obessed with domo <3.Well thats it, either enjoy diss or go to your lamme life again cause your nuthin without me </3. Holla at me? or hmu on tumblr(: Pluuus, Ima BTK ( bit to kewl ) for youu. razz