THiNGz U N33D To KN0w

Question Meh
Ethnic: African, An German.
S3xuality: Straight.
Political Vi3wz: I'ma Giraffe! o.o
Music Type: HipHop/RnB, HipHop, RnB
Fav S0ngz: Chief WaKil ft. Dewain Whitmore - Stone Cold, Bobby Tinsley - More Than My Pride.
Hobbiez: ~Drawing, Writing, Photography, Looking at the Starz.
Age: 16
Location: (Insert Location Here) <--- Get Crazy with it Not going telling you!
I am: Shy, Stubborn, an Kind.
Fav Movie: Chocolate Thai Movie
Fav Pokemon:PIKACHU!
Fav Anime?: TORADORA! <3

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Total Value: 23,287,267 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Radiant Prism [x]
Kitty Slippers [x]

Wed to Darkness
Travelling Pants [x]

Secret Retreat 3rd Gen
Pale Marionette
Mana Seed [x]

Black Big Giant Glasses