Welcome to my profile, my name's Ayase Yukiya, Dozo Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu ^w^~!

Erm...What else to say? I'm a University student, or so I was at some point in time a completely devoted University student, until...Some things happened.
Kanou-san? You know him!? O///O, well no, that was a long time ago, I kinda...Sorta, well...Ran away, since I'm part Caucasian, I can sorta get away with moving over to Britain... You have to understand I couldn't take it anymore! So here I am, I found myself owning an apartment there and pursuing my classes to finish up my University standard education.

But there I met Dante-san, and there I became his assistant sorta, I can't really go into details, but, one would say I'm doing an honest job working for him, while handling my classes at the same time and handling my apartment...

What a busy life~! Oshigoto Oshigoto~!

But things are kinda getting better...Kinda.