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Death Star Faerie
Forever Framed

In the year 2525
If man is still alive, If woman can survive, they may find..
In the year 3535
Can't tell the truth, can't tell no lie.
Everything you think, do, and say.. Is in the pill you took today
In the year 4545
Won't need no teeth, won't need your eyes.
Won't find a thing to do.. Nobody's gonna look at you
In the year 5555
Your arms are hanging limp at your side
Your legs have nothing to do.. Some machines doin' that for you
In the year 6565
Won't need no husband, won't need no wife
You'll pick your son, pick your daughter too..
From the bottom of a long glass tube, wouwo.
In the year 7510
If God's a-commin', he should make it by then. Maybe he'll look around and say, "Now it's time for the Judgment Day,"
In the year 8510,
God is gonna shake his mighty head
He'll either say, "I'm pleased where man has been,"
Or tear it down and start again, wouwo.
In the year 9595,
I'm kinda wondering if man is gonna be alive.
He's taken everything earth had to give,
And he aint put back nothing, wouwo.
Now it's been ten-thousand years..
Man has cried a billion tears..
For what he never knew, now man's reign is threw.
But threw the eternal night, the twinklin' of starlight..
So very far away.. Maybe it's only yesterday...







We all are explorers on the great sea of life;
We search and we hunt for our pleasure.
Some adventures are fruitful, and some disappoint,
But few find a gem they can treasure.

I’m so blessed I found you as my priceless prize;
You’re a treasure in every way.
I searched with the rest and discovered the best;
Finding you was my luckiest day.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

My thoughts of you are like raindrops on flowers...
My thoughts of you are like a rainbow at a splashing waterfall...
My thoughts of you are like a full moon
shining through a cloudy night sky...
No matter what wonders my eyes have seen,
Nothing compares to the beauty I see
when I look at you.
My love for you is beautiful.

By Karl Fuchs

Enough is Enough!
The foxes which infested the house and grounds of Major Counselor Yasumichi's old mansion were always making mischief, but since they never really did any harm Yasumichi let the matter pass. They got naughtier and naughtier as the years went by, though, until one day he angrily decided that enough was enough. Those foxes would have to go.

He announced a grand fox hunt to his household, for the next day. The servants were to bring bows and arrows, sticks, or whatever weapons they could devise, and flush out every last one. They would surround the house, and men would be posted not only on the garden wall but on the roof as well, and even in the space between the ceiling of the rooms and the roof. Every fox that showed itself would be killed.

Near dawn on the fateful day Yasumichi had a dream. A white-haired old man, looking rather like an aged menial, was kneeling under the tangerine tree in the garden, bowing respectfully to him.

"Who are you?" asked Yasumichi.

"Someone who has lived here in the mansion for many years, sir," the old man answered nervously. "My father lived here before me, sire, and by now I have many children and grandchildren. They get into a lot of mischief, I'm afraid, and I'm always after them to stop, but they never listen. And now, sir, you're understandably fed up with us. I gather that you're going to kill us all. But I just want you to know, sir, how sorry I am that this is our last night of life. Won't you pardon us, one more time? If we ever make trouble again, then of course you must act as you think best. But the young ones, sir -- I'm sure they'll understand when I explain to them why you're so upset. We'll do everything we can to protect you from now on, if only you'll forgive us, and we'll be sure to let you know when anything good is going to happen!"

The old man bowed again and Yasumichi awoke. When the sky had lightened, he got up and looked outside. Under the tangerine tree sat a hairless old fox which, and the sight of him, slunk under the house.

The perplexed Yasumichi gave up his fox hunt. There was no more troublesome mischief, and every happy event around the house was announced by a fox's sharp bark.

Fox Arson
A retainer who served the governor of Kai was heading home one sundown from the governor's mansion when he saw a fox, gave chase and shot at it with the kind of noisemaker arrow used for scaring off dogs. He hit it in the back leg.

The fox yelped in pain, rolled over, and dove limping into the brush. As the retainer went to retrieve his arrow the fox reappeared in front of him, and he was about to shoot at it again when it vanished.

A quarter of a mile from home he saw the fox running ahead of him carrying a flaming brand in its mouth. What could it be up to? He spurred his horse on. On reaching the house, the fox changed into a human being and set the house on fire. The retainer was ready to shoot as soon as he got within range, but the human changed right back into a fox and got away. The house burned down.

Beings like that exact swift vengeance. It's better to leave them alone.

Many things about the kitsune is mercurial, from their moods to their treatment of humans, to even the abilities some possess. Kitsune have a depth of personality as deep or even deeper than those of other Japanese characters. The reason for this, according to one source, is that the kitsune is the Trickster, in Japanese culture. They are there to teach those around them lessons.

Kitsune are not truly good or evil. Quite literally, as spirits, they embody the concept of the amoral, those who do not accept, or understand, the idea of Good or Evil, instead, paving the way of balance between the two.

With the kitsune, instead, the concept of right and wrong becomes the deciding factor. What they consider 'right', or 'wrong', though, depends on the culture, the region the kitsune's in, what type of kitsune is there... many different factors.

Kitsune follow their own code of ethics, though they adapt the morals of those around them, more for the sake of being accepted than for any other reason. Unless they are myobu, they can be both allies and enemies to the mortals around them. If someone offends what a kitsune considers 'correct', they can become evil, malicious, and disruptive. If someone behaves according to their ethics, they will become polite, kind, and helpful.

This contradiction is evident in the sheer number of legends of kitsune, how they were feared and hunted on one hand, and revered and worshipped on the other. There are legends of kitsune guarding samurai for a favour done, while there are others of kitsune taking the desired lover of another samurai. There are legends of kitsune aiding the peasantry, while there is another of a kitsune stealing food from a lowly traveler.

Here are some common things the kitsune believe in:

Kitsune tend to live in families, and work together as much as possible. Lone kitsune tend to try and make families. Even myobu prefer to drive away nogitsune, instead of killing them.

Kitsune are notorious for seeing a weakness in someone, and aggravating the weakness, until others see it. To those who are 'immoral', they tend to 'help', making the person more immoral, or guiding the person down the path of self-distruction. To the ones they consider 'moral', they become friendly, and helpful, though they may still play a trick, or show a small flaw in the person, to teach them humility.

Kitsune have to keep their promises, and especially follow their word of honour. They become self-distructive if they break a promise, and when someone else breaks a promise, they become deadly enemies.

Kitsune are also a victim of their own feelings. A kitsune's emotions can cause them harm, or distract them. The Sin of Regret can even kill a kitsune outright.

Kitsune do not accept aid from those who are not willing. Those who wish to aid a kitsune, must do so of their own free will. Kitsune are very loath to ask for help, and as such, most aid must come from another's initiative.

Kitsune are emotional and very vengeful. Kitsune will lose their temper at the slightest provocation. Once someone has earned a kitsune's enmity, the kitsune will begin enacting revenge that can become quite extreme. On the other hand, those who have earned a kitsune's trust and loyalty will see a friendship that can last through many trials.

Freedom is very important to the kitsune. They do not accept being forced into something they do not wish, and do not like being bound or trapped. Doing so weakens the kitsune, and is frowned upon by other kitsune.


To a kitsune, their illusions are reality. What they make, for them, and for others, is as real as anything found or crafted in nature. Anything that a kitsune builds or transforms, becomes what the kitsune desired. A kitsune can make people, animals, and objects, which can't be distinguished from the real thing.

The more kitsune team up to make things, the more can be made. A handful of kitsune can build a city if they desired.


Kitsune, as spirits, have abilities that are hard to explain. One is the kitsune's domain. Kitsune are able to make small pockets in reality, folding space and time to suit their needs. They can turn a hole under a floorboard into a small estate, and turn a small field into a kingdom, complete with people, animals, and weather. Time seems to flow faster inside these realms. For every day in the real world, up to seven years can pass in the realm, for those who are in it.

Kitsune Seduction

A form of mind control, the kitsune ability of 'seduction' is one of the most commonly-mentioned skills in legends. By using their tail or tails in a swaying manner, or by meeting the gaze of a target, the kitsune is capable of taking over their mind. While under the control of the kitsune, the victim sees, thinks, and lives in a world designed by the kitsune, all inside the target's mind. The target is controlled until someone breaks the magic the kitsune's using. This mind control is purely by magic, mind you, and can be broken by certain magics, or wards.

Foxfire (Kitsune-bi)

By rubbing their tails together, a kitsune can make lightning or fire. The kitsune can also, to a small range, breathe out fire. Kitsune can also make small 'fox lanterns', by producing small balls of fire to float around them, and guide their way. This fire can be used as a weapon, or as a toy.


Kitsune, being spirits, can possess things...


A kitsune can transform into anything found in nature. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, or other people. The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities of the form they have taken, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form. Kitsune who are possessing someone can not use this form of transformation, unless they are doing it through illusions.

The Kitsune's Ball

Kitsune have things called kitsune balls. What this is, is a small white ball. It doesn't glow, and doesn't appear to have any powers. The kitsune guard this ball closely, and if you can get your hands on one, you can have the kitsune promise to aid you.

Most kitsune use the ball just like it appears... a normal children's ball. One theory, though, is that the kitsune places a portion of their power into this item, while possessing mortals, or while in human form.

Kitsune tails

Kitsune are usually depicted as having more than one tail. The most commonly depicted are one-tails, five-tails, and nine-tails. For most kitsune, the number of tails shown is usually one. This could be for a number of reasons, though, including the idea that a kitsune could be in a human or fox, possessing it, or may have been born in a mortal body. In either case, why would the kitsune suddenly sprout more tails?

Some of the legends say a kitsune gains a tail every hundred years. Another myth says that a kitsune gains all nine tails when they reach nine hundred years old. When a kitsune becomes a nine-tail, their fur becomes either silver, white, or gold. This isn't a strong and fast rule, but it's what is seen most often.

To the kitsune, the number of tails they have are a show of prestige, skill, age, and rank. A kitsune may gain a tail for bringing honour to their family and clan, or could lose one for breaking kitsune law. A kitsune may also lose a tail, by dying, but this isn't always the case, considering Tamamo-no-mae was killed more than once, and was still a nine-tail.

Kitsune don't ask for extra tails. Instead, they are simply rewarded for their actions, or punished. Some kitsune train under others, hoping to gain wisdom and favour with their teachers. Some kitsune even take quests or go on journeys, to gain wisdom or power, hoping to find ways to gain in prestige and rank among the other kitsune, or with The Lady or Inari.

The Lady

The Lady. Either a ten-tailed kitsune, or a thousand-tailed kitsune. Either can be correct, but I am not certain. As it stands, she is unique. There are no other kitsune with more than nine tails. She is the mother of the kitsune race, and all serve her in one manner or another.

I can understand her having a thousand tails, since having so many can make sense, from the Indian origins of this race. As it stands, she is unique, and she is the archetype of all kitsune.

From FoxKnight, when we discussed The Lady:

This rings of the Indian "Ten-thousand-armed-god" philosophy. This would also make sense if the Kitsune myth was originated in India, as you have said before.

New question: tail philosophy. The multi-armed god image is fairly easy to understand, as a metaphor of the multi-faceted ways which the supreme being could interact with the earth (i.e. an arm for each member of the spirit hierarchy under the deity's control, or possibly an arm for each element or power it possesses) but what is the symbol behind the tail? This is certainly the driving force behind the mythological power of the Kitsune. Why the multi-tails?

FoxKnight raised a very good question when he asked me this, and I have yet to come up with a good answer. One theory someone presented to me, is that each tail is a step of enlightenment. They used this theory to argue that since there is only nine steps, there is no Lady, since she has ten (or more) tails. Hmm... could being truly enlightened surpass each step? If so, The Lady could have surpassed the nine-steps. It's worth debating, but not here.

Kitsune Weaknesses


Those of certain faiths who actually possess faith (read: Clerics, Priests, Monks, Healers) do not see kitsune illusion. In fact, if they touch an illusion made by a kitsune, the illusion will dissolve. The distruction of a kitsune's illusions by faith is a traumatic event to a kitsune, as their concept of reality gets destroyed.

Continuing on this vein, members who have faith can also remove the connection a kitsune has with someone who has been fed from, preventing the kitsune from being able to drain them again. They can also ward themselved from a kitsune's innate abilities, or protect someone from said abilities.

I award you for your efforts if you actually read all these texts ;)