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ıмроятаит реорℓє~

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getmesomewhisky - Xanxus RP journal.
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мıѕсєℓℓаиєоцѕ ѕнıт

I'm the original/official Xanxus of Gaia. That's right, I came first. I've been cosplaying Xanxus on Gaia since December 2007. My original account was Varia Boss Xanxus, but it got banned for some unknown reason. And if I catch any dumbass clones stealing my look or my profile as well as anything in it, I will ******** kill you personally. I don't care if you're around, just don't ******** copy me or try to prove that you're better than me and we'll be alright.
• Random friend requests. I hate them. I don't accept them. The only exception to this rule is fellow KHR cosplayers.
• Random comments are fine. But I don't always reply. It depends on the first impression you give me.
• I don't donate to beggars. I donate to people who I think deserve it. This doesn't happen very often, though, so don't get your hopes up.
• If you have a problem with me, then don't ******** talk to me. Hate me all you want, but I don't want to hear it.
• No, you cannot be Gola Moska's replacement, so don't ask.
• I have AIM and Plurk. Ask me and I might give them to you.



( This was all written in my own words [with the exception of just a bit of the Weapons section, which I took from Wikipedia], so please don't steal. D< )

Name: Xanxus / ザンザス (Zanzasu).
Age: 34.
Gender: Male.
Birthday: October 10th.
Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Nationality: Italian.
Birthplace: Italy.
Blood type: A.
Height: 188 cm / 6'1".
Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs.
Alliance: Vongola Family.
Rank: Leader of the elite assassination squad, Varia.
Flame type: It was originally thought to be just Sky, but it is revealed in the future arc that his flame contains traces of the Storm attribute, as well.
Weapons: Xanxus possesses a destructive Dying Will Flame called the "Flame of Rage." He also has two guns, and can compress his flame into its bullets, utilizing a technique originally developed by Vongola VII. Other than using these guns to cause harm, he can also use for propulsion forces, allowing him to increase his speed dramatically as well as "fly."

In the future, Xanxus has a box weapon, Ligre Tempesta di Cielo (Italian for "sky storm liger"), which contains a white liger with red eyes (he named it Bester) that possesses the Sky and Storm attributes. Bester appears to be a regular lion for most of the time, but when Xanxus becomes enraged, its stripes are revealed. Its roars have the power to petrify its enemies.

Scoppio de Ira
Italian for "explosion of wrath" (rough translation, since one is not provided in the manga). Xanxus rapidly fires a countless number of blasts at his enemy.
Bocciolo de Fiamma
Italian for "bud of flame." Xanxus lets off blasts one at a time, which rain down upon his foe(s).
Colpo D'addio
Italian for "farewell strike." Xanxus holds his guns close together and fires them. The two blasts combine to form one gigantic blast.
Martello de Fiamma
Italian for "hammer of flame." Looks similar to Scoppio de Ira, except the blasts appear to be more condensed and then spread out as they move further.

Personality: Xanxus a cruel, selfish man who doesn't care about anyone but himself. He even once stated that he doesn't care about his own subordinates, who are fiercely loyal to him, and most of whom would throw their lives away for him. When someone or something doesn't please him, he won't hesitate to express his disapproval through violent means. While Xanxus isn't quite as verbally expressive as he was in the arc prior to this one, it is still rather easy to anger him.

Xanxus isn't one to talk much, though when he does, it's usually not something pleasant. He usually only speaks when he is spoken to, however. His tone is usually has some hint of annoyance or rudeness, so at times it is possible to mistake what he is saying as some sort of insult or threat, even when it isn't intended (his choice of words hardly helps the matter, either).

He is also quite the spoiled brat, therefore he has extremely high standards and is very picky. If something doesn't meet his standards, he will not be pleased about it. Xanxus has even been known to fuss over things as small as how his food is cooked. If someone is trying to talk to him and he isn't in the mood to deal with them or doesn't care about what they have to say, Xanxus will ignore them completely.

One of the most notable things about Xanxus is his love for alcohol; he is typically seen with some sort of alcoholic beverage, usually either tequila or whiskey. Strangely enough, though, he has never been seen drunk, suggesting that he has a very high tolerance for alcohol. He also spends most of his time sitting upon his "throne," and even stayed seated for the entire battle against Rasiel and Orgelt.
History: Born in the slums of Italy, Xanxus spent the majority of his childhood living with his mentally ill mother. Even as a child, Xanxus could use his Flame of Rage, the rarest and most powerful kind of Dying Will Flame there is. One day, his mother happened to see him using it, and, because of her mental illness, became completely absorbed with the idea that Xanxus was the lovechild of an affair between the Ninth and herself. The Ninth, also known as Timoteo, is the ninth boss of the Vongola Family, the most powerful mafia family in Italy. Apparently, the reason why he was named Xanxus was because it contained the "X" for the Tenth boss. She took him to meet the Ninth, and he said that Xanxus really was his son. However, this was not true. The Ninth had never seen this woman in his entire life, but nevertheless, he decided to take Xanxus under his wing and adopt him.

Xanxus grew up to be spoiled and impudent because he was convinced that he was the Ninth's real son, and that he was next in line for the title of Vongola boss. Everyone else believed this to be true, as well, so no one dared to mess with him. One day, he met a silver-haired boy named Squalo, who was a prodigy of swordsmanship and killed Tyr, the previous leader of the Vongola Family's elite assassination squad, Varia. Squalo was then set up to become the next leader of the Varia; however, he submitted to Xanxus, whom he had developed a deep admiration for because of his fury and power. Therefore, Xanxus became the next leader instead, while Squalo became the second-in-command, and promised Xanxus that he would never cut his hair until he made Xanxus the next boss of the Vongola.

Unfortunately, Xanxus found out the truth after reading a piece of paper that was laying on the Ninth's desk. The contents of it are unknown, but apparently, from this, Xanxus found out that the Ninth and his mother had absolutely no connection at all, and he was just the Ninth's adopted son. Because he didn't possess the blood of the Vongola, he could never be accepted as the successor. Xanxus became completely enraged after finding this out, and has despised the Ninth ever since.

He was ready to take the title of Tenth boss by force. Xanxus lead a coup d'etat against the Vongola known as the Cradle Affair in an attempt to overthrow them and become the new boss. It ended in failure after Xanxus was frozen by the Ninth because of his Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough technique. It was during this battle that he received his scars. Eight years later, an unknown person (though it is vaguely hinted that it was the Ninth) freed him from his icy slumber by using the flames from the Vongola Rings, the priceless rings of the Vongola Family that are worn by the boss and his guardians, to defrost him. Xanxus later kidnapped the Ninth and placed him inside Gola Moska, a killing machine that uses human life as fuel, knowing that Tsuna, the main protagonist of the series, would have to destroy it during the Ring Tournament, a tournament held to decide who will succeed the previous boss, Xanxus or Tsuna, and would also require their guardians to fight (aka "core family members"). The plan was to make it look like that Tsuna murdered the Ninth, and then Xanxus would kill him "as vengeance" so that he could gain the trust of those who still object to his succession, which would allow him to become the next boss without any problems.

Just like his last scheme, however, this one also failed. After Xanxus was frozen by Tsuna during the Sky Battle, Mammon and Bel, two of his subordinates, used the Vongola Rings to revive him yet again; however, when they try to officially make him the next boss, the rings rejected Xanxus, since he does not possess Vongola blood. No one had any knowledge of this except the Ninth, Xanxus, and the higher-ups in the Vongola that were involved in the Cradle Affair. Xanxus then tried to cheat by calling reinforcements to kill everyone off. The Varia was disqualified because of this, however they didn't give up until the incoming Varia squad was wiped out by Lanchia, an ally of Tsuna's and the most powerful man in Italy, leaving them outmatched and outnumbered. Mammon and Bel surrendered, and Tsuna and his family were officially declared the winners of the Ring Tournament.

It is unknown what exactly happened to Xanxus afterwards, but he also appeared in the future arc, where he is ten years older. Xanxus lead the future Varia in a raid against the Millefiore, an enemy mafia family whose goal was to completely eliminate the Vongola. They conquered the castle of the Millefiore commander in merely ten minutes. However, they were quickly surrounded by Millefiore forces. While the rest of the Varia were fighting them off, Rasiel and Orgelt, a Millefiore commander and his butler, reached the castle and engage in combat with Xanxus. He emerged victorious, and the rest of the Varia managed to get rid of the Millefiore forces.

Xanxus is next seen during the final battle of the future arc. The Varia arrived to assist Tsuna and his guardians to defeat Bluebell and Zakuro, two of the Millefiore boss's guardians, also known as the Funeral Wreathes. Xanxus and the rest of the Varia then attacked, but soon, Xanxus was seemingly murdered by Zakuro; however, it was Kikyo, another Funeral Wreath, who dealt the life-taking blow. Soon, his subordinates were also wiped out. The Funeral Wreathes had believed that they finally wiped out the Vongola, but it turned out that it was all an illusion created by Mukuro, one of Tsuna's guardians. The fight continued once again, then Ghost, the most powerful of the Funeral Wreathes, showed up unexpectedly and drained everyone's Dying Will Flames, including those of his fellow Funeral Wreathes, and the Varia found that their attacks were rendered useless.

After Ghost was defeated by Tsuna, Byakuran, the boss of the Millefiore Family, appeared and congratulated him, as well as remarking that he found it interesting for making Xanxus and Mukuro submit to him. Insulted by this, the two attacked together; however, their attacks had no affect.

Later on, Byakuran is killed by Tsuna. The Varia proceeded to finish off the rest of the Funeral Wreathes, but they were stopped by a man named Shouichi, stating that they had no previous criminal records and were once normal people. Kikyo started to explain how they were kings and rulers in different worlds, and cursed in this one, but Xanxus interrupted him and seemingly blew his head off with one of his X-Guns. Afterward, he and the rest of the Varia departed and returned to Italy.


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rain inthe wind

Report | 07/28/2011 7:22 pm

rain inthe wind

-hugs xanxus- heart

you look awsome ! ! !
Nimue Devi

Report | 04/07/2011 2:38 pm

Nimue Devi

Aww, same here, actually. RPing is pretty much the only reason I go on Gaia at all anymore.
I RP because it gives me a break from reality and my usual writing. It's also fun and I'd like to think it helps me improve my writing skills.
Nimue Devi

Report | 03/22/2011 5:28 pm

Nimue Devi

If I asked for your MSN, could we RP?
By the way, tell Squalo, Bel, and Fran I say hi. Have fun managing all of them~

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Hahahah sorry. None of those were meant for you... sweatdrop

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G'day, sir.

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I'm not on the important people list. I think you're forgetting someone.
Precious Uni

Report | 12/23/2010 8:46 am

Precious Uni

{. You're welcome. : >
And thank you! > u <;; }
Precious Uni

Report | 12/21/2010 5:06 pm

Precious Uni

{. Thank you for accepting. <3;; And I love your cosplay. You did very well with Xanxus. c: }

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it doesn't matter smile it totally something worth waiting for ^o^

Report | 12/07/2010 7:29 pm


i'd like to join your Varia guild smile i'll be checking to see if you're done ^w^ good luck working on it smile


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