my name is David Grove, i'm 14 years old. I'm a freshman in highschool, I'm from detroit, michigan. My dream is to be an actor, but my back-up is to become a video game developer and create some pret sweet games. i'm currently writing a short story book, called "Xambler and the Fight for Humanity", which will later probably become a Flash cartoon on youtube.
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The name Xambler originally came from something me and my friends came up with. Here's how the story goes(i know i'm a nerd):
Back when Kngdonm Hearts2 came out in '06 my friends and i came up with a copy group of rg. XIII; Our group name was Organization VIII. Made up of eight members. My group name was Xambler(each member had their name with at least one X) and my group number, was V or five, thus coming up with the xambler and the 05.
My youtube name(by the way) is xambler06 because the original xambr05 account was lost somehow(i'm dumb that way.)

So check my profile out, i got music and friends so yeah, that's all ya need to know.