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I love my job so much right now which is working in a concession stand at a volleyball club! I know many people at the club now and I can call them my friends.
I love that I can make people smile, giggle, and laugh and make their days whenever they seem to be sad. It makes me feel really good when they say, "You just made my day" and give me a good hug. And I'm a guy who love hugs very very much. I could go on and hug all day if I wanted to. I love the love and attention I get from friends.
Though, I've never been in a real life relationship before so I always wonder what that is like being in a relationship with a girl. To start caring for one another, start falling in love with each other after a couple months to a year, to see if I'm allowed to give her hugs everyday, and all of that.
And since it's my mother who runs this Volleyball Club, I love to hang out there to play volleyball and socialize with other people when I'm not working there. It really helps me relax especially when people listen to me there.
Recently, I have chosen to start exercising everyday and becoming healthy a fit, as well as going on a diet. I just want to become a healthier man, mind and body, before I hit 30 years old in 5 years. So that I may continue to live a longer life when I grow older, you know, longer lifespan for exercising and staying healthy.
I'm always around my family because I love them so much. I'm very family-oriented and we just got a new family member 2 years ago, my first niece! I love her very much and whenever my sister asks, "Would you be able to babysit her?" I have a smile on my face and agree to babysit her! I really love kids so much and I love that my niece loves me and runs up to me for a hug smile I'll show you a picture of my niece one day after we get to know each other smile
I'm an all-around type of guy. I love to go out. Places to eat, places to have fun, travel around this world and meet people along the way. Soon, when I can, I would love to go on as many vacations as I can around this world. Even, maybe, visit another country if I can afford it. But visiting another country is optional. We have plenty of things in the USA to travel and explore for years and years.

I have a couple of hobbies as well.
Video games. They actually mean a lot to me. I started video games when I was 8 years old playing Pokemon Red/Blue and got attached to video games ever since. Playing so much video games in my life has taught me things from love, giving advice to others, drama, and much more. Role Playing Games teaches you these things and has helped me grow.
Watching movies and TV shows. There are a bunch of TV shows I love to watch. I've watched Supernatural, Criminal Minds, House, Charmed, Degrassi, The Voice, The Vampire Diaries, Lost, Kyle XY, and much more. I even have a netflix account I had going for about over 1 year and a couple months and always watch movies and television shows there. Me and mother love going to the movie theaters every Sunday to watch a new movie we haven't seen yet or new movies that just released and we're interested in. I love a bunch of movies from Adam Sandler movies, to Jim Carey movies, to Will Smith movies, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Chronicles of Narnia, Transformers, and way to many more. I'm a movie/television buff guy.
Singing. I do have a passion for singing and started singing when I was 10, in 5th grade. Then after 5th grade I chose Chorus as one of my elections to choose from 6th--12th grade! And even after graduation, I continued to sing on other choruses that needed someone, which was mostly pop music. Singing is fun and I'll always enjoy this.
Those are just a few things out of different hobbies that I have!

My taste in music is pretty good!
I love all sorts of music. I could listen to any of them. Except for Death Metal and Screaming music that I can't understand. Just to heavy for me I cannot stand. My favorite genre has to be Classic Rock. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen, The Beach Boys, and much more! I'm into other types of songs as well. Listening to music is always very refreshing and I mainly listen to the beats. I don't know why I find it hard to catch on to the words that are being sung. So I don't know a lot of music. But there are very few music that I really love because I know the lyrics now. But this is part of growing a healthier mind, I'll be able to really catch on to these words soon enough and really enjoy music. I'm not the kind of person who will go to concerts, it's just not my thing. But if someone really really wants me to go and drags me to a concert, I really would give it a try and see what it's like at a concert.
And since I love to sing, sometimes I'll even go to a site where you can post videos of singing a song with just YOUR voice and get rated and receive comments from the community, while making new friends there.

I will update my profile here and write so much more if I can think of anything else.
I have a feeling that I'm missing something else here, so I'll get back to it soon.


~It's official, I look like Nicolas Cage says a number of people here~

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