Do I 3v3r Shut Up!?!

Hai, My name is Breanne.
I prefer Bree. Also,Just Because I Wear Black and not bright colors dosn't mean I'm emo,goth whatever your stereotype name is...get it thaxs stare February the 18th is offical give Bree presents day :XP: I'm 13.I'm a complete band geek...but i love it!!!Likes:Cheddar Chex Mix,Vanilla Ice Cream,Rain,Music,Reading,Eyeliner,PUDDING!,Random People.
Dislikes:Chocalate Ice Cream (looks like s**t),Non-Random People (gracie as an exception),Stuck up girls/guys, PINK!.
Colors:Lime Green & Black
Main Friends on Gaia:Taylor,Gracie,Alex,Austin,Toni,Tino
Main Friends off Gaia:Simone,Zalee,Bonnie,Mande
Favorite Saying:Turn up the Music & Turn Down the Drama!
Favorite Movie:Nigthmare Before Chrismas (JACK RULES!)
Favorite Band:TDG (Three Days Grace)
My Friends are my....
Taylor: Is my Twin we were seperated at birth and she is my (PARCDISABFFL) If u don't know what it means then u are not Tay or Bree get over it!!! X3
Gracie: Taylors and My mother she keeps me and Taylor out of alot of trouble (when we listen)
Simone:She keeps my head on.
Zalee biggrin osn't take my s**t and a good listener
Alex:An awesome randombuddy.
Austin:Sweet guy,Random,Fun to talk to.
Toni:My Stalker
Tino:Good guy
Bonnie:Very sarcastic when you get to know her
Mande:Someone whos listens and dosn't judge.
Well you know me now add me! :XP:
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