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As u can see, its alot different than others because I made it myself. Feel free to leave me a comment and I will return the favor

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Above & Beyond
by KittiKat

I hate you so much
For every single lie
So much to the point
I wish you would die

All you think of
Is the one and only you
And what you can get out
Of every thing you do

You have no thought
For others around
All that should be close
You run into the ground

I cannot even stand
The sound of your voice
Or the sight of your face
But I have a choice

I have the choice
To continue on
Without you around
Oh, with you gone

I have the chance
To find the real me
Myself inside and out
I am ready to flee

I am fleeing from you
I am becoming free
Free from the bonds
That I let you have on me

The bond is now broken
You shall not have it again
I haven't felt this good
In I don't know when

I have a new life
Cars and a house
Husband, kids, and all
No longer am I a mouse

I don't hide in the corner
Like I've done so many times
I don't scurry through the room
Those were my crimes

The crimes against myself
And torture I put myself through
All of that will be gone soon
With all that I look forward to

I look forward to being happy
Carefree and fun
Not the person I was
This time I have won

I won my freedom
My own personal goal
It's been hard to get there
But I have now found my soul

I know inside of me
There is love and kindness
It has always been there
Hiding behind the blindness

Blinders that you had
Pulled over my eyes
For as long as I remember
But they were all lies

Blinders there for you
Certainly not for me
To put you in control
But now, now I can see

I can see who you are
No matter your disguise
I can see what you are
From here I will rise

I will rise above all that has hurt
To find deep inside me
Strength to learn and discover
Who I was truly meant to be

In Love and Memory of Sashi Son
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thanks for buying! i like your avi ^^ very nice

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i like your new song name guns out the az

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