So stay sweetly numb.
Remain lifeless, love.

Watashino namaewa Chira desu.
Watashiwa kookoo ichinensei desu.
Watashiwa nihongogoto furansugo hanshimasuyo.

You can call me Chira.
I love to sing.
I love to dance.
Music is my passion, my addiction, my release, and my life.
I love my friends.
They mean more to me than they probably realize.
I care too much.
I'm too trusting.
I have a tendency to blame myself rather than other people.
I act confident, but I don't think I'm really all that special.
I'm annoying.
I'm loud.
I'm obnoxious.
I like attention.
But I don't need it.
I'm straightedge.
I'm extremely clumsy.
I'm hopeful.
I wish on falling stars, at 11:11, on eyelashes, and on dandelions.
I believe everyone should have a dream.
And I believe everyone should follow it.
I tell people too much.
But I only tell people close to me everything.
There are next to no people who know everything about me.
I live by quotes that explain how I feel.
And by lyrics that explain what I'm going through.
I can be a b***h without realizing it.
But I can also be a b***h when I try.
I'm the one who's nice to the kids who have no friends.
But I also do stuff I'm not proud of.
I'm a hopeless romantic.
I think cheesy pick-up lines are sweet.
I believe anyone can fall in love, no matter what age, whether it be 4 or 104.
Don't judge me before you know me, you might be surprised.
I love dancing in the rain.
And I love dressing up.
But I don't care about getting dirty.
I love to write, but would never actually show someone.
I love to talk.
I love to make new friends.
So hit me up.

I love to roleplay.
I get bugged by people who can't roleplay.
When I'm not doing a lit rp I rp with [..]
I believe there aren't enough good rps in the forums these days.
Gaia is being over run with noobs.
I am a gaia veteran.
I've been on here for 4 years.
I started when it had worthy people of roleplaying.
But sadly, they have all disappeared.
[except for a select few]

I won't tell you how old I am, you can figure that out yourself.
that's me.
Let's party. x]

Teh REAL x_Porcelain D o l l.


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Tyrant Rave

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Tyrant Rave

The Eternal Wallflower

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The Eternal Wallflower

Dylan-chan!! Guess who started a new gaia account again!! IT'S WEST!! Woot!! Send me a pm before I break your face lol
The Penguin Mongler

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The Penguin Mongler

The Penguin Mongler

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The Penguin Mongler

The Penguin Mongler

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The Penguin Mongler

The Penguin Mongler

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The Penguin Mongler

om i can has fanboy and fangurl ok
The Penguin Mongler

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The Penguin Mongler

******** ya lets party
7x Ninja

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7x Ninja

yo what's up how you been ^_^

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Ello Ello!

I'm leaving you a comment and then isn't much you can do about it...


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I ish Annie.


Dontcha remember meh? ;-;



If you become one of my fans, I will love you forever

[.~And you were the one who broke me down...~]