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yo my name is chris miller im 14 and i live in californa -.- thats all you need to know bye


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Birthday: 10/15


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Miss c00kie Report | 02/01/2012 10:02 pm
Miss c00kie
New Name on FB ishh!.........Ashlyn Monroe
Miss c00kie Report | 12/21/2011 9:36 am
Miss c00kie
i will!! :3
Miss c00kie Report | 12/17/2011 10:21 pm
Miss c00kie
AHHH! im srry i always get on late! sad i feel bad!! ayyyy make a Facebook!!! my name on there is "Nicole Purdyy"
Miss c00kie Report | 12/06/2011 6:33 pm
Miss c00kie
i cant our time is diffrent! californa time and texas time, by 2:00 hours! i miss you like crazy!
Miss c00kie Report | 10/08/2011 11:32 pm
Miss c00kie
Miss c00kie Report | 08/09/2011 11:05 pm
Miss c00kie
give me ur # again i srry i keep losing it!!!
Miss c00kie Report | 07/16/2011 11:15 am
Miss c00kie
chris can you plz call me! and i know you are NOT on punishment no more!!! plz call me or give me your #!!! chriss! i sooo sad! plz call me bff! love you as a bff!!!!
ChimJungkook Report | 04/06/2011 10:04 pm
Eh? Who do I look like?
iKillyuhh x-x Report | 03/23/2011 4:41 pm
iKillyuhh x-x
lol ohh!
i knew you wouldnt~ :
X-sushi-pop-X Report | 03/22/2011 6:40 pm


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This is my Anime character wheres yours?


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two shots of hate from a mouth as loud as a gun, like an assasin ... who does it for fun. two deafening blows in a war that has just begun, life gone away...i'm done. two red roses sitting on my coffin, the wind blows, leaving only one the world i know the setting sun.

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Hobbies-Roleplaying Hobbies2-Videogames Hobbies3-BeBe Guns,Airsoft Guns Hobbies4-Masturbating HAHA Jk

I dont give a crap about gaia just get on to see my friend who moved to texas when we were in the 5th grade:( miss you ashlyn also known as Miss Cookie everytime im on shes off and i cant call her douche bag people ruining my mood well motha fuka you need to stfu before i make you eat your own ball sack o wait ya dont have one but i got balls so hard motha fukas wish they were me >3

She is truly my best friend when i didnt see her my life was a living hell i was thiking a bout death but now shes back i have know her since we were kids i will do as much as i can to protect her even if my life is on the line i miss her so much and want her to comeback but lifes a ******** up thing but now i can talk to her more and makes me happy :)I Luv u Ashlyn and no matter how far apart we r youll always be my best friend