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Hi! My name is Marissa! uwu

I am 23 years old.

I stream on Twitch if that's interesting to ya.

If there's anything else you would like to know about me, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a PM! <3


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penvmbra Report | 01/26/2019 12:34 pm

that's so good!! i'm so happy for her, i know that must have been a lot of work!

also i accepted your friend request on discord! c:
penvmbra Report | 01/26/2019 11:57 am
holy s**t wow!!! that's so amazing!!!

penvmbra Report | 01/26/2019 11:45 am
oh, yay! she must be soooooooo happy!!!!

ok, i think i got it then. pm soon

penvmbra Report | 01/26/2019 10:59 am
i got all mine pulled out at once, so i completely understand that. i was eating mac n cheese for weeks lol

that's a nice way to think of it, maybe i'll adopt that thought too!

yeah, i can message you my discord on fb or pm or whatever here soon. once i figure out what my numbers are behind my name lolololol

penvmbra Report | 01/25/2019 11:32 am
oof. been there. it was interesting to say the least lol.

that's sort of how i feel now, but mostly i get really self conscious sharing original works. but, i'm trying to get better at letting people reading things/posting stuff on Prose.

oh nice! i was going to ask where you share your artwork and stuff, but you beat me too it lol.

penvmbra Report | 01/24/2019 11:30 am
yeah, i get out now and again. i just am still in a spot where i really don't like to yet. plus, my vision is ******** right now so i can't drive anywhere lol
but, i'm getting an eye exam soon so hopefully i'll be back to normal eyes soon.

got it! i'm gonna try and figure it out and stuff so i won't be a complete n00b if i'm at you're stream lol

aw, geez, thanks, that makes me feel a lot better. i just... like writing is hard to come across to some people (not that I put anything out there) but still.
$25 is totally rad!! that friend was super cool. idk if i've seen any of your recent stuff, but what I have seen is suuuuuuuper good, so keep at it!

penvmbra Report | 01/24/2019 9:02 am
i'm slowly getting back into the talking people stage. I completely withdrew for a while, but I know it's what I needed at the time because I was just so overwhelmed.
And I completely understand those gross thoughts/feelings that just make you feel like garbage. but, i'm learning to not give them power and to kind of fight back when they happen.

yes, do! you'll be my first twitch stream!

that's so nice. i've been thinking about writing little poems or something for people, but I also feel like it might be lame??? like i wish i could art sometimes, haha. but, that is so very cool of you!

penvmbra Report | 01/24/2019 7:51 am
that's a good outlook and something i'm definitely trying to mimic in my own life. i'm just trying to better myself hella intensely in 2019 and i hope that it works lol.

oh that's so lovely!! i'm so proud of her! she's worked so hard! and CNU is good, it was one of my top contenders before I decided to do online school instead (which, I hopefully get accepted to)

an OOT randomizer sounds totally wiiiiiiiiiiild, i couldn't imagine!

that's so cool you're out there making art for people. i need to follow your lead and get it together with my writing stuff. it's just so hard to be a coherent person and actually do things sometimes lol

penvmbra Report | 01/23/2019 8:28 am
i feel ya, there's a lot of drama here too. but, i'm sorry to hear you and your mom got into it. still, it's nice you're going to be there for maddie!
i think my brother graduates this year too if he gets his s**t together lol

you'll have to pm or fb me links because you know i'm actually a grandma and don't know how twitch works LOL.

oh, yeah, i'm still learning tbh. mostly just trying to keep busy as coping mechanism, but i'm trying to be positive, which I guess helps some.
it's just taken me ages to admit it XD but, i still have my days/weeks/whatevers. i'm hoping for a good streak here soon so i can work on some stuff i need to do.

penvmbra Report | 01/22/2019 9:18 am
wild in a good way, i hope! it must be nice scenery all the way over there.
it's super cool that you're streaming and stuff, i really admire that.

i've been [LOUD SCREAMING] mostly lololololol, but trying to stay positive like you said.
just been trying to work on some personal writing projects, but i'm so bad at actually starting/keeping with things LOL.
but, i'm going to keep trying!

plus, gaia holds my soul so i'm in sooo many rps lolololol i'm addicted to them like a monster lmao


All the animal items that can have the "I Am..." option (which is basically a bit more than half of my wishlist) are items I am actively searching for!
More than likely a lot more will be added as I search the Marketplace more.


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