Its all about me :)

Whats Up?
Im Nikki [:
Im a 16 year old girl that lives in the ghetto of Tucson, AZ. The 520.
Heres a little about me:
•September 10th is my birthday.
•Im random.
•Im Colorful.
•I smoke.
•Im a little kid at heart.
•I talk in 3rd person.
•Im currently: In a relationship♥.
•I have a Twitter. Follow me? @AhoyNikki
Robot Unicorn Attack. is my obsession.
•Movies, love to watch them.
•Pokemon is one of my favorites things in the world.
•'Weird Al' Yankovic is my hero. ♥
•Photography is something I love.
•Im bisexual.
•Tattoos are my thing, and Im currently an apprentice to become Tattoo Artist.
•Piercings are sexy and are also my thing.
•Gauges are sexy.
•Im a concert kid. I go to alot of concerts.
•I have my septum and tongue pierced.
•I have two tattoos.
•I have size 2 gauges and want to gauge up to 00s.
•My birth name is Sara.
•Im simply me.

Im a wild child. Simple as that. Any questions?