gaia_star My name is Justyna and I am 25 years old.
gaia_star Graduating with my Associates in Criminal Justice
gaia_star I might be an adult but being hurt to many times caused me not to trust people because of that.
gaia_star I like to role play, read, meet new people, play Tetris, watch movies, writing small role play scenarios, and taking care of my friends.
gaia_star Working now but try to be on at break or lunch and then after work before bed.
gaia_star My mood shift quickly because of my trust with people.
gaia_star People are allowed to vent to me and I will listen calmly without a word.
gaia_star Please do not mess with my feelings otherwise I might just de-friend you and stop talking to you.
gaia_star If you talk to me I appreciate it, but if you start ignoring me please let me know what I did wrong or tell me you wish not to be friends no more.
gaia_star I have very little friends or people I trust due to people hurting me in the past because I trusted them.
gaia_star I have become some what addicted to Yaoi manga's, so I try to read some when I can.
gaia_star Been some what dependent on role plays but soon I might quit them all or just keep the ones that I have with the people I trust.
gaia_star I have given up on ever finding love or anyone to be with since people just hurt me or see me as a one time person.So I gave up.