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Hai there! ツ
Name :: ROARRRRR!...no its reana =D
Age :: 16 or is it? o.O
Bdayy :: Nov. 11th [[11.11.11]]
Nationality :: FILIPINO!!
Sex :: female [; && straight ! no homo!!
[[ ♥ ]]

i love monkeys and the color green(:
oh && my boyfriend <3 4.26.08
my favorite movie is Despicable Me [ i LOVE that movie >.<]
i listen to mostly r&b and too many love songs . . .
im currently learning how to play the ukulele :]
and also play tennis && basketball [not much anymore since i dont have time..]
i barely go on anymore cuzzzz i get busy and stuffs..
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-Awesomely Insane<3333 - :]

"Even though you're miles away
i still will never change
my feelings thats inside
cause im gonna stickwitchu
and even though we're far apart
you're always in my heart
through all the distance that we have cause
im gonna stickwitchu"
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- ★ -