About Meh


I Am Weird Dont Judge meh.
I'm Bisexual.
I sometimes dont reply to messages.
I dont always spell out my words.
Chances are I probably wont like u.
:] But It depends.If your the corny person who likes
to talk about bananas
and scream cookies and say "lol im random."
Gtfo >:]
I'm taken. :]
I'm for now and ever me. And no matter what
you do or say to try to break me Im still going to
stay the same.
<3 Color Purple <3Dinosaurs
<3 Animals <3 7up <3 Music
<3 Friends. <3 Scary Movies
<3 Iron Man <3Mai cell phone o.o
[x] Haters [x] Noobs
[x] My ex-boyfriend [x] Liars [x] Beggars [x] Dumb asses -.-


The Truth is... 
You could SLIT my throat, 
and with my last BREATH... 
I would apologize for bleeding on 
your shirt...

One day, I'm gonna forget your name. One sweet day your gonna drown in my lost pain

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You better love me..
If not, pish pish on you bish.