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this is my obsession.

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are my current obsessions.
i love them.
i can rant about them all day long.
but i've only done one cosplay in my lifetime,
that's about to change during the summer,
when i attempt to make another costume for a convention 'o9.
it's something i've always wanted to try,
so i said why not ?
i love anime and video games ;
ahah, i get obsessed so i guess that helps.
here i go again, well anyways.
if there's anything to update in this box i'll...
update it ?
yes, that's what i'll do.
update it whenever.
kay, i'll shutup now.=]

avi art =3

Here are some avi arts that people have made for me ^_^ ;;
They're amazing so you should check these people out.
<3 ~



At the moment.


Date/Time - March 21st o8' 9:58pm
I'm feeling - Bored/Lazy.
I'm craving - A Smoothie.
I'm listening to - Eyes On Me - CD ft. Will. I. Am
I want to - Do my hair.
I'm eating - Nothing.
I'm drinking - Nothing.
I should be doing - Homework.
Etc - No school, whoo :]♥

get to know me.

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lurk me.

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let's make this happen.




but call me Lily or Fantasy ^_^ ;;

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<33 ~
Lmfao, amazing art done my _Okami_ & Zoanthia
Got it memorized ?

Sorry just had to say it.
Oh gosh, I'm lame.

the way i are.

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simple & clean,
don't get me wrong i love you,
but does that mean i have to meet your father ?
when we are older you'll understand
what i meant wheni said no
i don't think life is quite that simple.

when i walk away ;
you don't hear me say please,
oh baby don't go.
simple and clean is the way you're making me feel tonight.
it's hard to let it go.


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t ry har der.
i know how this world works,
i'm not stupid.
i won't give you my first name, just cause'.
call me lily if you must.
i'm straight ;
i'm bilingual.
don't take $h!t from anyone.
trust is kind of a big deal for me.
love can wait.
i'm a generally nice person,
get to know me you'll see.
hayao miyazaki is my hero ;
he makes amazing movies,
that inspire me.
actually whoever or whatever can inspire me,
is going in my hero list.
i'm not the type who wants to be protected ;
i like standing my own ground.
i'm still young and i have a long way to go.
i know it's not going to be easy,
i know.
i'm human, i make mistakes ;
i have flaws, i complain
i live life.
i say "i" too much lol.
this it it ;
now or never.
this is life.
it can't last forever.

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DLS-eer <3

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oh boy ;



"my heart may be weak, and sometimes it may even give in, but deep down inside there's a light that will never go out."

Speak your mind.

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SailorSayuri Report | 03/06/2009 10:25 am
LOVE your avi!!! Really beautiful!!! ^^
a PrayerWorthDying for Report | 06/25/2008 10:39 am
a PrayerWorthDying for
random comment
Lucifer The Light Bearer Report | 04/28/2008 3:36 pm
Lucifer The Light Bearer
sup,plz vote for my avi a 10 if your nice enough.Have a hell of a great day
Rikku the Sphere Hunter Report | 04/19/2008 3:22 pm
Rikku the Sphere Hunter
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"Thus shall Lenne's scattered thoughts

be woven intobittersweet song..

Something like that?"

"Hey, That was poetic!"


{OoC: Aw, thank you, sugar cube. :3 I quite love your avi too~<3}
Kingdom King 13 Report | 04/19/2008 7:29 am
Kingdom King 13
So, having any luck, Fantasy? Did you get to...I believe it was Lv. 55?
a PrayerWorthDying for Report | 04/18/2008 8:12 pm
a PrayerWorthDying for
haha yeah I guess so, and its perfectly fine

I can't wait for summer either
Yellow_Coated_Bananas Report | 04/17/2008 7:01 pm

Whatever. x3

I'm more of a dork than you are. ;D



I WOULD make my own costume,

If I could sew.


Or if I even knew ANYTHING about sewing. xDD

And to think;

I finished Home Ec with an A+.

Yellow_Coated_Bananas Report | 04/16/2008 3:55 pm

I'm such a dork.

I came to your profile to comment back,

And I stopped everything to listen to your video,

Before I clicked to send a comment. xDD

Gawd I'm a nerd. x3

Unfortunately, I don't have a cosplay account,

On ANY website. xD

This is most likely a one-time thing,

So I doubt I'll need one. x3

But yeah,

My friend Ida is making me the outfit! :


The Kairi outfit looks soooo pretty. x3
Kingdom King 13 Report | 04/15/2008 7:11 pm
Kingdom King 13
I've never bothered to keep track of HP count, unfortunately. If you want more HP, then you can always equip accessories that boost HP. Also, even if you don't have much HP, remember that higher defense can still make that HP last for a long time. A huge HP bar makes no difference if it all gets blown off in two hits. With your accessories, I'd try to equally boost the two. A few accessories boost both! Don't be afraid to shift around your accessories or keyblades if you find that the combination you have now is proving ineffective.
Kingdom King 13 Report | 04/14/2008 4:30 pm
Kingdom King 13
One more thing. Instead of trying to fly out of harm's way when Maleficent breaths fire, try rolling out of the way. See, sometimes Maleficent whips her head all over the place while she is breathing fire, and occasionally the stream of flames will smack you right out of the air, and cause you to land directly on the area she just set fire to. It doesn't feel good. If you roll out of the way, as long as you start while Maleficent is still inhaling to breath the fire, you've got a better chance of getting the frick out of dodge.