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&Life is too short to dwell on the Passst,, :] So, im Living in the present Today . Like there is no Tomo [;

Albert Einstein,,
"Gravity isn't responsible for making people fall
in love"

&♥;0110302009 . ive already met himm <3

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so, i live my life to the fullest & this is how
i do it. i live it full of tears, full of joy, full of forgiveness,
& full of laughter <3 . i forgive, but i'll never forget. i made a lot
mistakes, but i learn from them everyday. i keep my head held high. i
don't & i will never let anyone put me down. 2009 . i've been so
immature. & i have so many regrets. i was so selfish & i did
only care about myself. i couldn't rely or trust anyone. i didn't let
anyone help me. 2010. i'm changing. i'm learning now to be more mature.
i'm learning to respect the ones who have been respecting me for the
past few months. i want to be able to stand up to my mom and make a
change. i want to be able to speak my own opinion without mymom
hitting me or yelling at me. i want to be able to show my family that i'm
not a dumbass like they think i am. living life for 12 years, i
realize that everything happens for a reason. i learned that no one's
perfect so i shouldn't struggle to even try to be perfect. i learn that
even though there will always be someone trying to put me down and
calling me dirty names, i will always have god and my true friends. i
learned a lot, and i'm thankful for being able to breathe. i love my
life the way it is. i know there's always going to be obstacles, but
that's the adventure. &i know that i need to accept the fact that i
have to deal with it. story straight. i'm nikki vongphakdy &i would love it
if you got to know me on your own time.(: i promise, i won't bite.
&that's a promise i'll keep.

i beleive that everything happens for a reason . people change so that you can learn to let go . things go wrong , so that you can appreciate them when they're right . you beleive lies , until you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself . sometimes good things fall apart , so BETTER things can fall together <3 .

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iLoveeYou . & i mean it (; ?<3

Saranghae`Yo Bitchass (=

- xoxo .