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Polarbear and Pancake

.::~ heart Glorious heart ~::.

~.I'm Pancake. I keep coming back here on and off since things come and go and I get distracted easily ^^; I ramble too. I play one hella game of badmitton. That’s right. Just ask Caramel, she’ll tell you ALLLL about it. The only other thing you basically need to know is. that. um... Aw frick. My train of thought crashed into a ditch...ooh it exploded...AAAHHH THE DEBREE IS GOING TO FALL ON ME -shot'd-

^^;;; Sorry, that was my alter-ego, Pancake. I'm Polarbear, but you may call me whatever you wish. It's true, we do come here on and off, but this is the longest time we've ever stayed with one account; how odd. I tend to be the more literate of my two selves, and I come out whenever Pancake is being asphyxiated and crushed by the debree from her exploded train of thought. I will admit, mine does that to me sometimes too, but I don't believe it's as dramatic. No, I see it in slow motion so I have to get out of the way if I think quickly. A bit like Apollo slowing things down to perceive nervous habits, like the Devil in Gavin that Vera saw. Yes, Gavin is my mortal enemy for the most part, but I don't mind Klavier...no, I don't mind him at all. Edgeworth, I would love to believe, is my love, and I love pandabears. Polarbears are my soul though. I fear what will happen to me when they are no more. Oh well look at that, I got completely off subject, didn't I? Well, let’s move on.

I. am now. The Official Polarbear of Kikyo's thread, as supported by Thunderboltx heart I finally be a polarbaer xd

Now, onto things you should know about us.
Our favorite bands are Muse, MCR, and Panic! At the Disco. We were brutally torn when we heard Panic’s second album, but after time, we found that we REALLY like the change of style: the two almost complete themselves as Pancake and I do. We hadn’t really settled on a favorite word until quite recently; a few weeks into freshman year, actually, is when we happened upon it. Asphyxiated. Doesn’t it just sound dangerous? How convenient that it should be in one of our favorite songs! Sexiest song ever- and note, we don’t normally classify things as sexy: this is a major breakthrough in today’s technology. At the moment, we spend our time at Kikyo’s SUPER LONG QUIZ… Bump, Chat, and Get Gold. We love it there. So great ^^

I’d tell you more about us but Pancake’s stirring from the rubble of the destroyed train of thought, and I’m hungry. Baaiii~ Ciaossu~

.::~ Something I believe I can't acheive just yet... ~::.

.::~ Everyone hail to the Pumpkin song ~::.


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Hersheydudette Report | 09/23/2009 9:02 pm
Okayokayokay. Sorry it took me FOREVER to respond to this, but I've had to write an environmental essay, an ESL essay, and two Brit Lit essays all within a bloody week and a half. Not to mention there's yet another Brit Lit essay assigned for next week.  :stare:  Ugh. Sorry. I'm just sick of essays and the time it takes to write them. xD

Annnnyway. I did make it to my game less than a minute before it started. xD Sadly, we did not win. But we did win Sunday's game! :whee: We kicked butt. Helped that Rob finally showed up, but yeah. xP

That's okay, I know the feeling. I don't think this will be very long either. xD

You mean if public school kids have a disposition to be less open than private school kids or to assume someone else has already asked the new kid to sit with them? Hmm, I don't know. I suppose a private school could be a more closely knit community, in which case the new kid would probably be more likely to be welcomed because they'd already know if someone else hadn't done it. Huh. Never thought of that before. xP
Uh. What's a hattrick? And yeah, some games can have NO goals total. Sometimes four is a lot. xD I think that's part of the reason Americans don't really appreciate soccer... they have to have a sport where something involving whistling happens every three seconds, like in American football, or something where scoring happens every three seconds, like in basketball. See, when we score and get whistles in soccer, it means you're really special. xD

Ooo I love Le Chat. xD Anyway, too bad that you couldn't get William to come. Funny that you and Weber were wearing almost the same outfit. I don't think I've had that happen to me before. xD OOOO! YOU SHOULD BE TWINS FOR TWIN DAY!!! Sorry, homecoming's getting close here. =) I'm actually excited for it this year. Somehow school events just get more exciting when you're a senior, haha. That and a foreign exchange student might be coming to the game with me.... ;P But anyway, funny. I'm trying to think of an equally enthusiastically told and interesting story, and it's not going so great.

Well, the only thing I can think of is what happened in orchestra this week. So I dumped my folder and pencil in the chair by Pam so I wouldn't have to sit in front and nobody would take my spot by her, and I was in a pretty cheerful mood for some reason. I was happily scampering up the stairs to go get my violin when all of a sudden the world just kind of spun around like I was doing a cartwheel, and the next thing I knew I was sprawled out on my stomach on the stairs with the ankle that had tripped me throbbing. So I was kinda like craaaaap, cuz there's like 80 kids in orchestra to see that and a significant amount of them are friends I make fun of a lot who wouldn't let me forget that. ;P But I popped right up like a cartoon character or something and happily noticed that nobody in the second violins or violas (second violin Alex and violas Milton, Althea, and Savanah being my worst rivals) was looking my direction. Mind you, me falling and popping up and looking all happened in about three seconds. So right about that time when I was thinking I was safe, Emily just like bursts out laughing, saying my name between laughs. Luckily, I was standing then, but she kept laughing for like three minutes. I think me falling made her day, haha.

Ohohoh. And the other thing is that I'm helping with the ESL (English as a Second Language) kids. So Fernando (native Spanish speaker) is in that program, and there are some sounds he's not very good at making, one of them being the e's in the word "sheet." You can probably guess what he was actually saying. xD I was finally able to help him a bit by having him combine the words "she" and "eat" to get the right sound, but the program director was asking them if there was anything they'd want help with, and he just says "****!" *facepalm* I was like nononono, you don't say that to the director! xD Luckily, she was pretty calm ab
Hersheydudette Report | 09/13/2009 4:44 pm
Oh, no worries. xD I think we go off on new tangents every time anyway, haha. ;P

Thank you for the reaction! I'm glad it's not just me. xD Lol wow. Our school is like that with some of the newer kids. If they're interesting or foreign exchange students, they're usually pretty popular. Otherwise, they just get ignored. I think that's how Jordan ended up sitting at our all-girl-but-him table in the first place... nobody else invited him to sit by them. xP Those shirts are seriously one of the most awesome ideas I've ever heard. Or seen. ;P

Sounds like fun for volleyball. =) Our school had its own games Friday, but I don't think they were that intense. I was working concessions, so I didn't actually see any of the game, haha. But congrats on beating them. =) It's always fun when you own someone challenging. biggrin Oh boy. That food doesn't sound so great to me, lol. I've had enough junk food this weekend to last me the next two months or so. Two birthday cakes, a wedding reception with three chocolate fountains, and eating about half the frosting I made... the mere thought of sugar's making me sick, lol. I would like to try that pina colada ice cream, though. Sounds delicious. =)

So I'm guessing the riding lesson was a really bad one? xD I kind of know what you mean about mares... we used to have a really good kid-horse, but if you got her around a bunch of geldings it sucked. She was the mother of the filly my dad had to shoot this weekend. Either someone shot and wounded her or she got a stob in her side, and we think it went into her chest cavity because her stomach was filling up with fluid and she really wasn't doing well. It sucked, kind of like your riding lesson sounded. Only not sad. Ooookay, moving on. xD Lol, I love your story. I can so picture that. Sounds like that mare was nuts. xD I imagine it would have been kind of funny to watch you careening all over the place. CRUD! I HAVE A SOCCER GAME IN 10 MINUTES THAT I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT! DON'T WORRY ABOUT NOT COMMENTING AS MUCH TO DO YOUR BIO AND SORRY, BUT I'M LEAVING! xD
Hersheydudette Report | 09/06/2009 9:42 pm
Lol I'm sorry.  I hope you don't miss Weber's speech too.  I didn't know PatD was breaking up.  But I don't really keep that close of tabs on bands. xP Lol I'm sure you'll be able to see Muse before that happens. Hopefully. =)

Sorry, I didn't mean to correct you a bunch. :sweat: I think I used to spell it badmitton too, but I remember my parents getting mad at me for spelling it wrong. ;P And yeah, I read The Great Gatsby last year, so that's how I knew. =) Good luck with a paper on it... I think mine was an in-class essay, so I don't remember which prompt I chose.

Yeah, I don't know how I managed that, lol. I guess I lived, breathed, and slept AP Chemistry haha. Lol I dunno, I wouldn't be surprised if you spoke about homework in your sleep. ^^
Usually I'm way excited to see my friends and everyone at school. On days after I've had a lot of homework and been up late I have a really hard time with it, but normally, I like getting up to go to school. 8)
Lol nice. I can't restart without trading all of my Pokemon to my brother's game or something, haha. I would never part with 3 level 100's. =) Yeah, when I first started the game I did it again and again until I got a female Blaziken lol. I like the Torchicks best, but they just can't learn as good of moves. Oh, I never cried over my games, except when I was trying to trade a Mudkip to my brother and accidentally erased over my very first saved game. I lost like 5 level 70's, and it really, really sucked. I'm pretty sure I cried that time. xP

I could have stopped taking a language as a sophomore, haha. ;P But no, I'm very much a language nerd and am taking two language classes now. I'd want to take more, but yeah... our school doesn't offer more. Oh man, I'd love to go to that school to learn Italian. Except it'd mean leaving everyone here and they wouldn't let me transfer in, anyway... yeah, like you, I really want to learn Italian.

Aww, I'm sorry. That sucks that they think you like Muse just cuz of Twilight. I think it's kind of pointless when people do that... like how can you genuinely like something just because it's associated with Twilight? They could associate genocide in Africa with Twilight and you'd still like it then. Wouldn't make any sense. :roll: Sorry if I'm not making sense. xD

Yeah, he has no idea he is, lol. It was kind of funny once because Tess was being a bit obvious about caressing her pillow named Seth, so Megan and I told him about Tess. And you have to understand that Tess is generally really spastic and random and sometimes perverted so people either love her or avoid her, and Slimy (due to her tendency to stroke his leg hair, I believe it was xD) was one of the avoid her people. So Megan and I told him what was going on since she was pretty much giving it away anyway, and he asked us if there were any cliffs around. It was half shock half that's kind of funny. xD I would think it would be really weird to date someone after dating his/her best friend, or even friend in general. Yeah, really weird. It's like you'd at first know more about the friend you'd used to date than whoever you were actually dating. I don't think I could handle that. xD Lol you're fine. I was going to comment on how short this comment was. It's kind of what I've been doing with mine (except when I remember a good story, lol), so no problem at all. =)

I thought about the Michelle stories, but I always feel bad, like I'm talking trash about someone. :emo: I'll tell you just the one I've been thinking of lately because I still can't believe she did it. Well, I guess it's not that huge or anything, but it seems really inconsiderate to me. xD So we were sitting at lunch--Michelle, me, Haley, Amanda, Laura, Pam--and Mary was just getting to the table from the lunch line, but there wasn't any room for her. Across from Michelle was a sort of semi-cute guy (Carsten, I think his name is) who'd just moved here, and we were pretty much sandwich
Hersheydudette Report | 09/04/2009 10:46 pm
Man, that Senior Speech thing does not sound fun.  I'm glad you only have to do it here if you're valedictorian or salutatorian, haha.  But seriously, the whole school sits through every single senior giving a speech?  That must take FOREVER.  I hate our talent show because unless you get a seat on top where you can rest your back against the wall, your back hurts and you're packed like sardines being unable to move for the whole thing. Wow, his speech sounds really interesting.  It might be worth it to just see a speech like that.  Just... wow.

Badmitton doesn't work with my computer's spell check, lol. So I'm sticking with badminton. ;P Man, I so would have joined that after dragging a friend along. Woooow, that sounds like a really interesting relationship there. ;) Wait, isn't Daisy's last name Buchanan? I thought Nick's was Carraway. :sweat: Anyway, well. Cliques are dumb. xD But a secret "acquaintanceship" would have been fun! =)
Oooooh, I see now. Huh, we've never had a Christmas pageant here, nor a Glee club, obviously. ;P

Haha wow, that must be entertaining. Apparently I've talked in my sleep several times, but I don't think it's a regular basis kind of thing. The first time Sara told me I said something about flamingos, but I didn't really believe her because Sara's the kind of person who will tell you something until you believe it and then tell you she was kidding. xD But the next time we were on an orchestra trip and the girls I was sharing a room with said I asked Pam if she got her chemistry homework done in my sleep, haha. And the last time I'm pretty sure I actually did talk in my sleep because the sound of my voice woke me up and what Sara told me I'd said matched what I said in my dream. I was telling my mom, "NO! That towel's dirty!" because I thought she was trying to put a dirty towel in my room for some reason haha. Your brother's roommate sounds funny. I'm glad you didn't sleep in... I haven't either, though I did have a really hard time finding the will to haul myself out of bed today. I'm tired right now... going to sleep as soon as I get done typing this. =)
Oh man, I don't have any of those Pokemon games. But I do have a Ruby Red one that's like the only game I still have for my GBASP. It's really progressed... my Blaziken's a level 100 along with my Delcatty and Rayquaza haha. I was thinking I should probably start it over soon, but then I got fascinated with something new for the next week, lol.

*shudder* Ooooh, I hate physics. xD Probably more than math, even. :O The AP Bio class here is supposed to be decent, but I've heard that not many (here, at least) who take it pass the AP test, so I went ahead and took environmental science, haha. As it is, that class has the weirdest people of any of my classes in it. And the teacher's looking to be similar to that government teacher who drove me nuts. So I dunno, we'll see. xD Anyway, YOUR SCHOOL OFFERS LATIN -AND- RUSSIAN LIT?! Lucky bugger! The only languages we can get here are Spanish and French. I totally want to learn Italian and Greek, but noooooo. Why would our school offer those or any other languages? Sorry, I'm done. xD
Lol cool. I've only ripped one of my own, but I didn't have many songs to put on it, so I didn't do more after it, haha. I know what you mean about waiting on friends... Amanda borrowed my Spanish teacher's cd and got a song called Estoy Perdido (I'm Lost) that I reeeeeeally want, but she can't seem to find the time either. :roll:

I know what you mean about facebook instead of homework, haha. I had to write that stupid Kafka essay over the summer and every time I couldn't think of what to do, it was just like Levi always said, "and your mouse just wanders over to the facebook button and before you know it an hour's gone and all you've done is update your status and take 8 quizzes." Ahaha I love Levi. He was salutatorian, kind of like Weber, I guess, but he definitely didn't miss all o
Hersheydudette Report | 09/03/2009 11:12 pm
Sorry it took me so long to reply to this.  I was momentarily swamped with homework. xD Anyhoo, I sort of know what you mean about the lack of control thing. xD I usually don't laugh when I trip/fall/otherwise injure myself, but something funny will happen, and we'll all laugh, and everyone else will stop.  And then I'll just start up again for no reason, often at the worst times, like in the middle of math class.  And it's so horrible and you just can't stop laughing and you need to and you have no idea why you can't stop. xD

I probably would get to know the teacher first as well, but it gave me a good reason to tell my parents. xD They always want me to drop French because they think Spanish is enough. *sigh* Oh, those sound fun! I think we already have a book club here, but only people who kind of scare me go to it. xD No friends. I was totally going to start a badminton club this year, but then all of my friends started saying they wouldn't have time for it, so I didn't. A Scrabble club sounds way fun, though! I'd love to join that. =) What's Glee Club?
A spoonerism, eh? I never heard of that. Cool word, though. :D

You're absolutely right, it is way worse during the school year. For me, at least, I think it's because I always start imagining what's going to happen (or fantasies that COULD happen xD ) at school the next day or I just invent some story with all my friends and people I saw at school and stuff. Over the summer, If haven't seen a lot of those people and don't think about them, and I don't dwell upon and build from interactions with people. xD Lol I love the NO SNOGGING thing. xD That's way funny. Okay, was yours the Romeo and Juliet movie with the little kids? We watched one with like 10 year olds as Romeo and Juliet in my English class, and it was really disturbing. *shudder*
Lol I know what you mean about the messed up sleep cycle thing. I think I only got to four in the morning maybe three times this summer, but my sleep schedule was definitely messed up and exacerbated by the fact that my dad doesn't believe ANYONE should sleep in. :roll: Yeah, I usually get hooked on things too. xD It'll be books (especially a series) for a while, then it'll be zOMG, then it'll be Dramione fanfics (hoo boy, I need to read one of those xD ), then it'll be my gameboy advance SP, etc. Silly, isn't it? xD Lol, you're fine. ^^

Lol I loved it. It was one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken, and the teacher did this thing he called "grade pimpage," which basically meant you got to bump up your percentage on every test as long as you answered some question like the capital of Texas. And all the tests were multiple choice, so it was really easy to get a 103% on most of them. xD I still use all these terms from it, though, haha. It was great. Anyway, not rubbing it in or anything, sorry. D: But AP Stat is actually kind of interesting... it relates a lot to Psychology. The terms are pretty easy to remember, and I've only done one actual math problem so far, not to mention that I got to use a calculator to do it. =)
Well, you have a lot more control than me, lol. I suck at not replaying the songs I love. The only one I've listened to pretty much every time I get the chance and not got sick of is Tim McGraw (by Taylor Swift, of course). I don't know why. It reminds me of a friend, I guess. Hmm, if it weren't bedtime I would totally listen to something by Rise Against, but it's late. I'll check later. xD

Lol I know what ya mean. xD I still am addicted really badly to facebook. xD I'm sorry about Lillian. Sounds like your year's going to be a lot different without her. The good thing about Sara was that we never had any classes together except second grade and eighth grade weight lifting, so when she moved I'd already had other friends I was pretty close to. It was still sad, though. Haha you don't sound depressing at all! Don't worry. =)
Nonono, it's really not that huge. xD We only hav
Hersheydudette Report | 08/28/2009 12:01 am
Lol it sounds tough, but it wasn't that bad.  We all freaked out about it too, but it wasn't that big of a deal... you just wrote in your writing record whatever needed fixing and compared it with your next essay.  

I'd consider taking vocab too, but my (distantish) cousin said the teacher here really wasn't good, and I don't think it fit into my schedule anyway. ^^ I'm fine speaking in public, usually... sometimes I get my words mixed up. xD Today my brother saw a son with Bleu on it, and I said, "That's how you say French in blue," instead of blue in French. Ahahaha.
O.o That show sounds disturbing. Possibly just faintly. :sweat: Oh, I so know what you mean with not being able to shut down your thoughts. I have the same problem, and it's always way worse on the nights you most need sleep, like the day before the first day of school or a competition because you can imagine every possible thing that could happen. xD But yeah, Sara (my friend), who falls asleep in like a minute every night told me to just clear my mind and think of black, like a blackboard. I was like... oookay... black, black board, school, why's Eric going to be gone again tomorrow? Hmm, maybe it's band because I think Michelle said she'd be gone too, but it can't be their festival because that's always after ours, and I should really practice that music... WAIT A SEC, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THINKING OF BLACK! It never works. xD The only times I was actually able to go to sleep were those long nights of soccer, gov, and AP chem. I was physically drained from soccer and beyond thinking mentally from chem, and I'd be getting like 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night for a month, so I'd just collapse into bed. xD

It was AP Calc. I don't think our school offers just plain Calculus. I don't know about the AB business, though. I know we only offer one AP Calc class. But our school's kind of weird... we do AP Psychology in just half a year instead of a year long course, too. The teacher's fantastic, though, so it works. :3nod: Yeah, I don't know which class Aaron is taking this year. I'm pretty sure he was dead set against Stat, though, for reasons unbeknown to me. xD Either way, he's probably just taking one math course this year.

Haha I listen to my playlist and iPod all the time (like as background noise while I'm cleaning or zOMGing or whatever), so I kind of get tired of the songs after hearing them a ton. It makes me mad because a lot of them I really like and it's like I bring it upon myself. xD So I'm on the lookout for new songs a lot. =)

Oh, interesting. =) I didn't know that.
Aww, I'm sorry. I kind of know what you mean... Sara moved about a couple of hours away from here close to four years ago. =( So I'm not as daring without her around, and nobody climbs trees with me now. Lol people are always telling me not to apologize, too. Eric even made me say my bad instead of sorry for a while. xD
Lol that's funny that you went to the wrong class... it must have been really awkward to walk into a class of guys a year older than you. xD So our school's not that bad, but I still suck at finding my way around it. Last year I was trying to open my locker to no avail, and this guy I'd never seen before came up, gave me this look like I was crazy, and asked me why I was trying to open his locker. I was like... are you sure this is yours? And he kind of glared at me and opened it. xD I wasn't even in the right wing of the school lol.

I just don't like dancing in general that much. xD But yeah, it started off with us barely having any guys. I always danced with my friend Amanda, so it was fine, and it worked out well because we're the same height. The times we were with guys it was fun, like "lifts," which were actually jumping. :roll: But that was okay because it was fun--same with like jumping into their arms, which sounds really weird lol. It was like... you know how just married guys always pick up and carry their wives? Like that, o
Hersheydudette Report | 08/25/2009 9:01 pm
I wish they offered Latin here. xD Wow, good deal on the National Mythology Exam.  I've never even heard of that. xP Yeah, it was in a myth about a nymph who loved not the woodland but gardening--rather fitting, I thought.

Weird. xD Such silly American cartoon-makers.

Yeah, cutting is definitely the hardest part. xD Yeah, I really got into the habit of doing transitions because my teacher made us keep these writing records where the highest grade you could get was a C (and that's if the paper was like 100%) if you didn't fix whatever she found wrong on your last paper. So I didn't use many transitions on one paper and made sure I used them in every paper after that. xD Aww, good luck with that teacher. D:
Yeah, we have Brit Lit. xD It's pretty much the only good class you can take your senior year. The others are vocabulary, Shakespeare, Imaginative Writing, etc. My friend Levi (the into English one) took Shakespeare and said it was ridiculously easy and not to take it. xD And apparently in Imaginative Writing (which sounds kind of fun, I think) they read pieces by certain authors aloud in class, which Levi said drove him crazy because some kids just cannot read aloud. And it's a high school class. You don't read it aloud unless it's really boring or a play. xD Thus I end up taking Brit Lit. xD
Ugh, nightmares. I've been fortunate not to have any of those in the past five years or so. xP Unless you count the one where the guy who took out my wisdom teeth had two bodies in a freezer, but it wasn't bloody; it was more "AHA I KNEW THAT GUY WAS EVIL!" xD Yeah, it does sound like Aaron and your brother would get along well. xD I don't know if Aaron will get the senior math award at our school because he took Calc last year. There are a lot of people taking Stat AND Calc this year, which I suppose would make them more math nerdy. ;P

Sorry about not explaining the band thing more elaborately. xD Yeah, people always get mad at me because I can never tell them what my favorite band is because I like songs from like 50 million different people. The only one I like more than three songs from is Taylor Swift, and that's more of a singer than a band. :3nod:

I agree!!! Yay picky book nerds! xD
What's aderall? :? Oh, sad that you hid in your backpack cubby hole. It's kind of cute, but sad. xD I know, I used to be so sensitive in grade school. My best friend in second grade, Sara, actually took it upon herself to make me tougher lol. She made me say "Watch it!" to the people who ran into me instead of apologizing lol. I cried the first day of kindergarten because I was in the wrong classroom. It was embarrassing. xD
I know! I couldn't understand it (the violin-moving). That was back when I was either really good or in the favor of the conductor (I swear, he's prejudiced now), so I was like 5th chair out of 15 first violins, and he just moved me to second violin for no reason one day. It was very harmful to my young mind. xD He never made me do it again by myself, but it was a horrible experience at the time. *shudder*

Haha thanks. I appreciate the uppage of my coolness factor lol. xD Yeah, something was really weird in my head then. xD

Oh, I know what you mean. I think waltzing is fun. Well, I would if I could dance. xD As it is, I'm hideously clumsy, have big feet, and generally avoid dancing anyway. Except country, because all you have to do is swing someone around and around. xD Jordan and his mom (an instructor) actually started a "swing club" this past year to teach people, but it sort of died off. I reeeeeally didn't want to go, but Jordan gave me a huge guilt trip and I had my last class with him, Mary, Amanda, and Pam, who were all going, so they essentially dragged me there. Basically I learned that basic swing dancers think they get a huge workout putting them in the same level of shape as track runners, whom everybody neglects to mention are (at our school) less in shape than a soccer
Hersheydudette Report | 08/24/2009 9:03 pm
No problem. xD Oooh, and I wanted to mention in my last comment how I just recently noticed that J.K. gets some of her names from mythology.  I had to read this mythology book over the summer for my Brit Lit class, and Minerva (McGonagall) is the Roman name for Athena (although that one could be coincidence), Merope was the name of two or three women in briefer, less-known myths, and Pomona was the name of a nymph in another lesser known nymph.  I found it extremely interesting. xP Weird, I thought omelet was feminine. xD I watched a bit of Dexter's Lab... not too much, though. ^^ Oooh, I like how Lawliet sounds in French.  Don't like the spelling of it, though. xD

Oh, I see. We don't have any private schools around here. ^^ It's sweet that you get to go to essentially whichever college you want, though. =)

Lol, yeah. I don't mind English essays that much, but I'm elaborate. Back in the days I used to be in charge of a group step that required us to go into detail, and I wrote an infamous 10 page essay last year that the teacher made me try to cut down to five pages. (My revising buddy's efforts combined with mine only managed 7, even with slightly reducing the font size and margins.) The problem with government was that we had to write the essay as a group and that our government teacher was no English teacher. He didn't care about detail and lovely, flowing introductions. He just wanted fact bam fact bam fact bam. No transitions. It drove Levi (the other English person in my unit) and I nuts. xD And the government teacher maintained that it would never be perfect but that we could keep cramming facts into it. And we were at a 2 and a half page limit, so it was like... cut one fact, shove another in every weekend. And research facts. It was boring. xD And we ended up having to split to write the essays (there were three essays at a time) because five of us could not write one essay at the same time. xD
Oh, I know what you mean with revising lol. I always just work really hard on my first draft. It takes me forever, but I've only done one that needed serious revising. The others are just like... change the wording here, stick a comma there, and it's good. xD I am way too lazy to revise my own stuff that hard haha. I think your use of densest was correct. =) Wow about your paper and English teacher. Congrats on the paper and high grade, too. English is a hard subject to do that well in. That's the advantage of living here... we have a sort of accelerated English program where the students are selected by the teacher or a committee or something, so you'd never run into that in our class. :3nod: It changes this year with Brit Lit, though. Some of the kids selected for the other class (my friend Aaron, for instance) opt out of it for an easier class (Aaron is a math genius and doesn't really like English xD) and ones who weren't in the old class but ambitious enough to sign up for Brit Lit are let in. So we'll see.

Haha you're quite fine. I find most of what you're saying (typing, really) rather entertaining. xD

Lol I like your band description thing. xD I didn't like it much just because it wasn't true to the book. xD I'm such a picky little book nerd haha. ;P
I didn't cry in any of the Twilight Saga for whatever reason. xP It makes me really mad that when I'm alone I never cry and I only have a dumb uncontrollable outburst in public every now and then. Well, that's overstating it... it's not an outburst, really. It was like one time in Strings I got moved to second violin for the day for no apparent reason and I was a sensitive little sixth grader and started crying without the ability to stop. It's just like if I start in public I can never stop there. xD That's more like it. Oooh, you're right about Fletcher and Moody. I never thought of that. You're right, though, Moody was way cool. "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" xD

No problem, I think it was a strong and somewhat brave thing to do. =
Hersheydudette Report | 08/24/2009 5:39 pm
Lol it's fine. I kept waiting for you to catch it, but I thought I should point it out when you didn't. sweatdrop That does suck. Orange is (I think, anyway) really fun to say in French, but definitely not as a name. Poor kids.

I'll say that's expensive. Dang, we don't have to buy hardly anything here... you just have like a 15 dollar lab or art fee if you're taking chem or art. Certainly no purchasing textbooks. Unless you want an AP Stat or Chem review... I know our school gives all the Princeton AP reviews for history free, but I think you have to buy the others through a bookstore or something.

No, mine was just that we had to do government outside of class. The class itself was in school, but we undertook a rather large project and were forced to spend like every weekend revising our essays for it and stuff. It wasn't much of a social event for us... we were divided into units. My unit got along the best in the whole class, so we had fun at our meetings, but it was a lot of work too. I'm sure it's not whatever you're thinking of... I don't think I've ever heard of that. xD

I did hear that it was going to be split in two, although I did not know they were considering it for GoF. I would hope they would include it, but you never know with those darn movie-makers. Weird, I'm the opposite. xD If I'm expecting it I can prepare myself more for it and not cry. xD Wow, I've never cried reading a book around the second time. The only times I cried were in the House of Night series once and when Dobby died, so I guess I don't cry that easily anyway. ;P I agree, Mundungus just kind of seems like a slimy, two-faced git. Sort of. That was a bit harsh. xD

Yeah, Remus is very good the rest of the time. He was pretty much Harry's godfather before he found out about Sirius. 3nodding

Wow, I admire your strength in that. I've had people bothering me a little when one of my really shy friends had a breakdown, but it doesn't sound like anything compared to that. Well, good job in keeping quiet. =) Lol a Gringotts bank for other people, that's funny. ;P

Yay, I feel happy we can relate haha. =) I don't know if Jordan and I were THAT close, cuz I didn't know people even thought that until after he'd stopped talking to me. I guess it was that he always sat by me at lunch. And I was sitting at an all-girls lunch table. Kind of weird, I guess. xD But Jordan's not all that manly himself... he's a dancer and wears scarves haha. So, I dunno.

Oh, we had to read something by Edgar Allen Poe. But I don't remember what, and it definitely didn't have tintinabulation in it anywhere. xD

I've never done anything with Legend of Zelda except for writing a paper about Zelda Fitzgerald entitled "The Legend of Zelda" haha. Lol that was quite the interesting rant to read, though I'm afraid I didn't understand much of it. If you don't mind me saying so, it's kind of funny that a dungeon in a game scares you. It means you're probably really fearless in real life and just have an irrational fear, so I admire you for that. ^^
Hersheydudette Report | 08/19/2009 9:19 pm
Maybe it would help if it's PoMona, and not PoNoma lol. =) I say it PUH mow nah, but who knows if I'm right. xP Lol who would name their kid Pomona, anyway? Except some crazy celebrity... their kids always have the weirdest names.

Heh, I know the feeling. =) I was doing all of my huge projects for that class the night before... it was kind of nice, though, because I was so sleep-deprived between that and soccer and extracurricular government stuff that when I did finally get into bed, I was asleep like instantly haha. Maybe the same will happen for you if you ever have trouble going to sleep. =)
Whoa, you have to buy your school books? That must be way expensive. Ours are kind of old, but at least we don't have to pay for them. :O

I don't think I'll cry in the theater. IF they even include that part. stare Stupid movie makers. Lol I know, Kreacher's awesome. I love where he's captured Mundungus Fletcher for Harry and is hitting him over the head with a frying pan. I don't remember exactly what he says when Harry tells him to stop, but it's something like, "Perhaps once more for luck, Master Harry?" xD
I have seen the commercials, but they don't make me cry. ;P I guess I'm just not that into it lol. But my friend Levi is crazy about it... he even has a WTWTA shirt. =)

Ugh, that would suck. I loathe one shots. And song fics. xD

I like McGonagall better. She's level headed and like, the perfect professor. The part where Remus wants to leave Tonks and soon-to-be Teddy and go with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the seventh book makes me really mad. He's like... just trying to run from his troubles. xD But that's a really personal level that we never see McGonagall on, so it's not really an adequate comparison. Remus is pretty cool. =)

Lol, I gotta check that out. xD Yeah, my brother's 12 and he read them... a year ago? So they must be about that age range. 3nodding

Oh, I'm sorry! That would majorly suck. It's almost kind of funny that that's what your secrets were lol. Those are pretty sweet. =) I have one "acquaintance" who tells... well, told... people a lot of my secrets too. She was just always there when I wanted to talk to someone (msn), and then it was like she told everyone everything I told her. And it was following her advice (yeah, I don't know what got into me, although she did tell me that my other friends agreed with her when they told me later that they didn't) that cost me a friend before he graduated too. I haven't even seen him to fix things. And last year she told the crush of one of my best friends that she liked him. She pretty much screamed it at him. So I've learned to keep my mouth shut now. xD
Wow, you got separated from guys?! That would majorly suck. Dang, I'm sorry for that and the resulting awkwardness. Guys make good friends, though. They never make you talk a lot or prod you for information... well, I take that back, they USUALLY don't prod you for information. xD My problem is that something happens with most of the guys I start being close friends. Like Aaron just started being friends with different people too and we gradually grew apart, Eric didn't have any classes with me anymore (kind of like you losing all your guy friends), Jordan was convinced everybody thought we were going out or something and stopped talking to me for like two months before spending more time with his girlfriend than anyone else, and I don't see Cody and Michael that much any more. And that's like all the guys similar to me in my school lol. Except Kit, who's a friend, but not a really, really, super close best friend. xD

Uh, I don't know what you mean by reference. xD I remember you telling me what tintinabulation means, though. =) Oh, and sorry that comment was so long and a lot of junk you probably didn't want to hear about me. xD


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