Name: LaShawna Bailey
Age: 18
Location: Kentucky (that's all you need to know)

I spend most of my time on xbox live since I use my computer mostly for college now. I mostly play first person shooters and rhythm and music games, message to discuss those if you wish.

~Some of my favorite things~

~Color: Lime/Neon Green
~Animal: Pandas and Penguins
~Food: Sushi
~Soda: Dr. Pepper, Coke, and Pepsi
~Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
~Video Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (zombies mode)

I have an extremely varied taste in music, no hip-hip/rap or country. I mostly listen to techno of many types and deathcore/metalcore. Ask me more about my music if you wish.

I am also a "kandi kid", this means that I make kandi and wear it with pride. Feel free to look up more info about "kandi kids" because I do not like explaining it.

I do not judge or like to be judged under any circumstances. I have been judged my whole life, if that is all you are here to do then you are an arrogant prick and need to leave.

Now that we have that covered, feel free to message me anytime about anything. I enjoy having people to talk to on here so I won't feel so lonely after my college classes. I will answer as quickly as I can. =]

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Item List:
Graffiti Hazard
Beat Slim Black Shoes
Green Stripes Left Arm Tattoo
Green Stripes Right Arm Tattoo
Jade and Black Short Keido Wig
Green Stripes Bottom Tattoo
Shiny Black Short Shorts
Cool Female Goth Starter Shirt
Radioactive Green Raving Goggles
Future Assassin
Envious Night Jewel
Green Acinonyx
Radioactive Raver
Toxic Strongman
Radioactive Raver


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LaShawna's Poetry Notebook

I mainly write poetry. It depends what mood I am in what it happens to be about.


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love you baby heart
sexy and i know it XXX

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sexy and i know it XXX

*bites you again* tee heei bit u razz