Hey...if your reading this your are a stalker...but you might want to know who I am..? if you don't, don't bother reading past this, k?

So my name is Rose.
I live in the live music capital of the world, if you know where that is.
I love soccer, and it runs my life, besides gaia and Aim.
I've stopped playing soccer...
I don't like tennis or baseball.
I hate posers. sad
I like to eat food.
I could live off of chips, rice, and beans.
I do not eat meat..yes I am a veggie eater
I'm pretty tall, about 5' 8".
I have blondish brown hair..like blonde with natural brown highlights.
I am extremely tan, although I am German. (kinda weird huh)
I love going to the beach so that could explain why I'm tan.
I <3 all my real friends and gaia friends, they are the best.
I have no real life, I just play computer and soccer, yep, that's me.
I don't really like school, except for my friends.
There are a few people I wish would burn in hell..let's hope you're not one of them.
I don't like people to make fun of me, it's okay sometimes, but all the times, drives me up a wall.
I play alto sax..in marching band, and it kicks butt.
I want to go to college at UT, NCU, or SCU.
I have the best little puppy, her name is Sadie she is about 5 and the best dog anyone could ask for..
I am a Catholic, go to church every Sunday, and religious Ed. on Wednesdays.
I NEED A LIFE..PLEASE HELP ME... I mean yeah...
Help meh with my quest..or comment in my journal/profile NOW!



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My life..creepy stuff

If you hate me..trust me..I really could care less


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your sig is hilarious!

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My new user name is XxXLordTVmanXxX

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lmao, same here xD
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Fatman was too cool to be forgotten. User Image
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I don't think I ever got around to joining the guild. User Image
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I don't think I ever got around to joining the guild. User Image

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I lol'd hard at your sig. niiiice.


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My birthday is the 17 of August.

[Teh Phoenix]

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[Teh Phoenix]

Hello. ^^

I like your sig, very funny.
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I remember being apart of that thread. It finally died. User Image
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You have the Fatman in your sig! User Image


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