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]シャイ みらい
Here's a bit about me.


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Real Name: -------
Nickname(s): Princess, Foxy
Age: (Box Arc//P'Chi!)16, (Post-Box Arc) 18, (Apocalypse Arc) 22
Hair Colour: Hazelnut Brown
Eye Colour: Pink
Nationality: Japanese//American
Personality: Very energetic. Can be jealous and possessive. Hard working. Holds grudges. Determined. Talkative. Romantic. Can be self-centred at times.. Passionate, Emotional and Brave.
Likes♥: Shopping, demon hunting, Kamina, hanging out with friends, dressing up, designer clothes, meeting new people, food, listening to music, being lazy, travelling, photography, band t-shirts, tattoos, piercings.
Dislikes: Racism, homophobia, sexism, the cold, being lonely, lack of manners.

Shy is a very determined, trustworthy and brave person who always strives to do her best, no matter what. As such, she can be impulsive and naturally competitive. She is sixteen years old, and like the Demon Guardians of Kanta, was given no option and was thrust into the secret world of demons that populate the earth.

Shy's story takes place after the first arc of Demon Guardians and as a spin off of the second arc.

Shy travels the world but unlike her well-intentioned Demon Guardian comrades, Shy hunts and kills demons that possess the bodies of children and adults.

Her weapons of choice are the Bone Scythe, Lunar Scythe, Boxing Gloves and a personalised handgun and she is able to use dual transformation, thanks to her minors.

Her childhood sweetheart is the Master Guardian, Kamina.

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