Remaking this again. ~Sigh~
Well. Thing is, I have a name. And its Ren or Rin. I don't mind or care if you use it.
I'm 15.
I'm A certain gender.
I like all types of music, minus jazz.
I love the rain.
I like a lot of colors
I'm mixed.
I've been on here since the summer of '08.
Relationships aren't my thing. So if you ever ask, a direct no for you.
Violin, Guitar, and some piano.
I like to play tetris.
I like bubble-shooting games.
And I am also a very depressing person to be with. If you wanna risk it, go for it.


H A C K S <3

Okay, where to start you're the best!>.< You're my favorite asian friend! You mean a lot to me like a brother! I'm always here for you no matter what! I barely know you but its like a day now -___. but! I L.O.V.E you<3 and I'm proud to say thatxD I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!:3 You make me smile, laugh && you're gay and you show it priceless<3 I support you >GAY PRIDE< all the way! don't change who you are for anyone ever! Cause I'll bite you grr..(: you're the coolest dopest kid ever.:] I got your back all the why! You're not a two faced you're real! And you troll a lot that makes you the best <--- A day with out you is like 1,000,000 days without water thats mean i'll die. My love for you is a lot! Words can't explain it!>___. But look at the sky take breath that's how I love you kiddo<3 I call you bubblebutt=] don't get mad If I call you that or niqquh I call everyone that!<I could sit here and write a whole freaking book about you! I will NEVER for get the day I met you that's just a NO!>.< Pftttt anyways -4.5.12- best day cause I meet you<---- Cyrena Alexandria was here babeh!<3 Lehhhgoo-

S I G N S (:

This Be Babho. c:
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A R T (:

xXFallen_NiteXx Thank you~!
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