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x - s h a d a w n is the name

"I ♥ GOD c:"

Hey! What are you doing here?
Are you stalking me? D:
Go away SHOO SHOO!

Your still here? D:
What do you want from me!
Leave me alone! I'm scared! *cries*

Still here?
Ok enough. lol
I'm now going to introduce myself.
Excited much? tee hee.
Here i go.

Hey there! You haven't noticed this right? lol
That's what i call "Magic". xD

I'm x - S h a d a w n. *shake hands*
You can call me Sha, Dawn, Shadow or whatever you want!
I am a proudly Pinay~.

I'm a college freshmen.
The course i'm taking is Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
Actually, that's not my profession.
I'm more on Graphic Design.
Yeah i love arts.
Then why did i took BSHRM?
Go and ask my mom. lol

In my LIFE ,
I create my own life and then go with its flow and live with no regrets. : )
Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. : )
I may not be perfect. I may not be pretty. I may not be popular.
But at least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not. =))
I never tried to impress someone for them to like me :]
coz when i do, i will have to keep that image for the rest of my life and its hard to pretend to be somebody else..

Oh, I'm fun to be with.
I love when people enjoy my company.
I make every day count.
So I appreciate every moment and take those moments everything that possibly I may never be able to experience again.

i LOVE --
• yew
• my family
• my friends
• my collections (hankies && teddies)
• music
and of course ..
• ART!

Ok, now seriously, You may now leave.


Ok i think that's enough.
Now you can leave me. Byes!

Hmm what?
You haven't see anything?
LOL! go back and highlight the first two dot down to the other two.


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Art Request

Don't you know that i love arts?
You did?
Did i already said it above?
Oh, I forgot. lol

Let me say it again.
If you draw my Avatar or my oc Kaelyn
i will love you forever ! > u <

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