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XAlexis_iZ _s3xyx45's avatar

Report | 03/10/2012 3:26 pm

XAlexis_iZ _s3xyx45

That fresh you profile
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Report | 07/24/2011 11:58 am


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Report | 06/30/2011 5:32 pm


Copy and paste this to 2 pros, and you'll get 300,000 Gold, It works! *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *po
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Report | 05/07/2011 10:50 am


want 1000000 gold then copy past this on 10 pro im rich!!!
snitch_fitch's avatar

Report | 05/06/2011 10:41 pm


copy/past this on ur pro and u'll get 1000000 im rich!!!
bass10's avatar

Report | 04/18/2011 5:00 am


Dayummmmmmmmmmm yhu sexy girl
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/14/2011 9:12 pm

The Twin Kitsune

lol If anyone is doin the luvin, it is meh. I'm the one who needs to make up for lost times XD

Well, its gettin a little late for me. I need to get to sleep. Talk to ya tomorrow.--------> Vince out.
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/14/2011 8:53 pm

The Twin Kitsune

lol I kno i've been gone but that doesn't mean you gotta give "LOTS" of luv. I'm jus glad that i was able to get my friends back ^_^
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/14/2011 8:37 pm

The Twin Kitsune

lol, naw ur just sayin that XD
Xxbluelinks_girl4eva12xX's avatar

Report | 04/14/2011 8:29 pm


hey girl how are to day
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/14/2011 8:22 pm

The Twin Kitsune

Just stoppin by to show your pro some luv. Haven't done so in a while so im gonna leave a hug. ^_^
x-KrazzehKiwi 's avatar

Report | 04/12/2011 10:51 pm


haha heey how are you ?
young shoud's avatar

Report | 04/12/2011 12:58 pm

young shoud

so when did u and oh boy break up
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/10/2011 6:30 pm

The Twin Kitsune

Much better now that im single xp
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/10/2011 4:56 pm

The Twin Kitsune

yeah some lame hacked my pro, but all is good. How you been?
The Twin Kitsune's avatar

Report | 04/10/2011 11:00 am

The Twin Kitsune

hey hey, it's me Vince, or amarant since i cant recall if I told u my real name or not XD. Sorry for not talkin to you for a while, my profile got hack and was I pretty occupied with gettin my stuff back.
So yeah, I was just droppin by to see how u have been doin. message me back when ya can. ------->Vince Out.
_ME DOPE_'s avatar

Report | 04/07/2011 1:50 pm


i was just about to go wit u but naw i see u have a boyfriend now thats ugly
Sexifide Devil's avatar

Report | 04/07/2011 4:33 am

Sexifide Devil

thx u
Xx-ROYAL-SWAGG-xX's avatar

Report | 04/06/2011 7:39 pm


im (X)single
xd blaugh 3nodding heart
H3r Sup3rman's avatar

Report | 04/06/2011 3:29 pm

H3r Sup3rman

oohhh kooo, do u play madden?naw i dont have a gf rite now in rl, i we broke up like 2 weeks ago
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