xThere's nothing really to say about me. You can try to find out my real name but I can guarentee you won't get it...I won't give it out and my friends know not to give it out. It's not even in my MSN profile. You want to get to know me..Talk to me for a while IRL and if you gain my trust..You'll get my name.If not..Then too bad...

xI'm 17, Have a boyfriend, Love Rping and such, and so forth and then some...That's about al the personal info you get on me..Please Please Please! do not PM asking to get to know me better in IRl, if I want you to, I'll send You a Pm with my email, don't give it to another soul.

xI used to be known as RazorBladeBeauty on here so if you remember me and want to say hi or add me to your friends list that's cool, and if you just want to randomly say hi and add me that's cool too! ^.^

xThankies to GoThIc CuPcAkE for donating Fancy Pink Ribbon. She is teh awesomest!

xThankies to gc_gothic for donating 850 gold and for donating White top Hat. she is teh awesomest. And the bestest friendest!!!


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Hay nice page n kool outfit! shame you left the pirate rp
Cow Spots.

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Cow Spots.

Hey Asha. =]
I love your avatar. =o

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Haza! I got the first comment!
('' )
( )*


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Fairy Color: Pink
Name: Isilwen

I need gold for my quest..Help me!!! 350/8590