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Heeey peoplez my name is Chris, formally known as Garin. I am 13, and was born April 9 1996. I like many things, cute and cool. I love to read and collect manga. Whenever I go to a bookstore and find a manga I want to read I don't read it until i buy it, because if I read it i would know the story and there's no point in buying it lol...
I also like Gaming and Drawing, i'm not a professional artist but one day i want to be a Mangaka! ( Manga artist. ) When i draw i always have trouble with ideas, i'm not much of a creative person.
When Gaming i would usually be found playing Xbox360 games or found playing a Towerdefence and sometimes RPG on the computer.
Recently iv'e started playing zOMG! and it's pretty fun, you can often find me at the Village Greens killing fluffs and hardly in the Otami Ruins since i lagg a lot over there.

IRL stuff::

I am short - 5'2 approx.
Asain / Philippino actually
Has short/long hair, i'm actually scared of haircuts.
Smart? Some people call me that but i hardly try working
Lazy... At home I like to lie down and curl into a ball near those heater things on the floor and stay there forever until it goes away. I can also sleep till the afternoon because i don't want to get up from bed..

Likes:Anime, Manga, Drawing, Art, Gaming, Candy, Sugar, Eating, Running, Sleeping, Doing what I want, Lumpia, Sushi, Icecream, Cake, Waffles, Sandwiches, Winning games, Money, Collecting, Dogs, Cats, Cute things, Cool things, Gaiaonline, Runescape, Rpgs, Shooters, Zombies, Swords, Guns, Twizzlers, Flipping Erasers.

Dislikes:Haters, Gangsters, Retards, Many people at school o-o seriously you don't know how they act, being hungrym working, being told what to do, losing, spiders, many bugs in general, abuse, knives, mascots, haircuts, speeches, school, walking, manual labor, ( chores ), Posers,

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I got my first sign from Herz ;]


Secret Book of journalism

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Chris go on here more!!!

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I have come from somewhere...and well, it took me awhile to finish that game of tiles...
CosplayFr3ak x_x

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CosplayFr3ak x_x

hewwo chris!!
CosplayFr3ak x_x

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CosplayFr3ak x_x

CosplayFr3ak x_x

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CosplayFr3ak x_x

CosplayFr3ak x_x

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CosplayFr3ak x_x

wats wrong wit your profile??? you going emo??!!

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Thanks for the purchase! Do enjoy!

(P.S. My own profile is closed until the 24th, due to someone killing the bandwidth on my Photobucket account, but when it reopens you may post a reply if you wish. :^) )

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Thx for buying. ^^

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how have you been?


♥♥ (◕ ◡ ◕) <{ I luv wafflez )♥♥