I am a mule. Want to know whos? Just ask me and I'll tell.

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My name is Peanut. If you want to know my age, just look to your left. Location? Do you seriously give a ******** where I am? If so, then I'm really not going to tell you. Did I also mention that I am a mule? I am the best fecking mule ever. Know why? Cause I am. Thats all you need to know. I am a female. Seriously.
I am completely and utterly taken in real life. I've been with someone for 4 years. Thats a long fecking time. It really is. On Gaia... I am taken by the same person.
I like to lurk. Lurking is fun.
I <3 music. Completely. I am listenting to music right now.
Don't believe me? Come over and listen with me. Its
She Wants Revenge- "Tear You Apart"
I love that song. I love that band. They make me want to dance like the people in "The Breakfast Club."
Have you ever seen the movie The Secretary? You should. Its soooo good. So is Corpse Bride. But thats my opinion.
I can't stand a lot of things. But a lot of things intrigue me.
I have a bunny. His name is Ghetto Bunny. He's my main squeeze. No one messes with my Ghetto Bunny. Hes a fluffy purple bunny. Don't worry, I will have a picture of him soon.
I have a cat. He is fluffy and a b***h. I <3 him more than you.
I have a hawt couture car. Not really. But she is a hot babe too.
I just got her a new CD Player for Christmas, she's completly happy. I smoke. I drink. I don't do drugs. I love Pepsi, specially Cherry Pepsi. It is so damn good. You wish you tasted that good.
And if I know someone of you Gaians, I know you thought dirty thoughts. Pervs. Its ok. I'm a perv to. I thought it.
You don't really want to know all this about me do you.
To fecking bad. Your the one who's reading. And you know you want to know more.I'm just that ******** cool. As I was saying.
No wait. I think I'm done. Want to know more? Talk to me then.
It really helps. Seriously. Try it.

By the way, my name is Lexie.

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A Muleh Journal

Pssshhh... I'm a mule. Do I need a damn description.



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Hey want to be friends?

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Yup ^^

But to be honest, I think they sucked. D: XD
AFI is nice though. x)

Aaaah! Skyline! xD

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Peanut.. peanut.. refresh my memory? D:

.: points at your profile :.

I've seen She wants Revenge live, just a few days ago. xP
Pup pet

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Pup pet

Lol, thanks. <33
happy fat girl

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happy fat girl

December Underground-666

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shaa : D

i know who this is x]
are you using this account now or just for now : O!

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-pokeyourmule- o.o
Pup pet

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Pup pet

Yah, it is a pretty mule. x]

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-I'm A Mule-

This is what I thought,
I thought you need me,
This is what I thought so think me naive,
I promise you a heart you promised to keep,
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.