>>Other than to post on DLS, I don't go on GaiaOnline as much as I use to. :'<
-- L

//NAME:: Le Nguyen / Lệ Nguyen ("l-ee" ; "nuh-wen" is the English pronounciation. . .the native pronunciation is rather difficult when you don't know/speak Vietnamese fluently. xP)
//GENDER:: Female
//AGE:: 13 and over. Guess if you like, but that's all you need to know. .-.
//RACE:: Asian-American. >.<' Yes, I was born in the United States of America.
//ETHNICITY:: Vietnamese. . .as far as I know. ^^'
//SEXUAL ORIENTATION:: Biromantic/asexual.

//FACEBOOK:: Chit-chat here because I am on it the most. O 3O And yes, I put up an image of myself for all to see. Feast your eyes on my paleness. I promise you will not be blinded because of beauty or ugliness. (Maybe ugliness, but I can live with this face, people.)
//YOUTUBE:: The account is a bit new so nothings on my channel. . .yet. ; )
//MYANIMELIST:: Under construction, peoples! >: I barely added one-hundredth of my actual anime/manga list. Please be patient while I find time to update this. O 3O
//FANFICTION:: When I become too lazy to WRITE, something is probably off about me. x.x Nothing posted yet, but hopefully, there will be a story soon.
//MSN:: lenguyen917@hotmail.com
//YAHOO!:: le917000@yahoo.com (Yes, I am so creative with my usernames. xP These are easier to remember so I'll most likely keep them.)

>>COMING SOON:: Blogger, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and WordPress.

I see no point in Twitter so Le does not Tweet. ^^'

I still haven't given into the Crushtags, DLS! >D

My Wish List is more of a shopping list. Js. .-.

Anything else. . .? ASK. Simple enough, yes? c :
I can keep a conversation alive fair long enough just don't spazz out if I don't answer in 5 minutes. I have reasons.

Okies, bye-bye! <3


The Journal Representing Le917000

This online-journal represents the ideas living in my mental state. They just come to me in no particular order so keep checking on daily!


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x N y a p p y L o l l i


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Happy Birthday! Thanks for the info. ^_^ heart

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Hey Long Time No Talk How Are You Doing

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Have we met before...? BUT ANYWAY, you have a cool name!! c:

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Sweet Insensibility

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Sweet Insensibility

You so won.
I, Sweet Insensibility, hereby admit defeat.
Sweet Insensibility

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Sweet Insensibility

Ooh..... uhm...
/ wahmbulance


pirate pirate pirate
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Ohno you didn't!
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Sweet Insensibility

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G e N g E m

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G e N g E m

OOOOH YEAH! Nadeshiko is so pretty XD haha even tho she is a guy smile
LOL i know she seemed so sweet then you see this aggressive character smile So temari is a girl? haha just checking XD uhh can a girl have a boy chara? haha i havn't seen one? surprised confused LOL ego proxy? cool whats it about?


Eh. . .I don't feel like posting a photo of myself on my signature.
My profile has the linkies you want. Yes, including a photo.
ttyl, 'k?
-- L

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