A little about me. :'3

* * * * * * * *
-coughcough- o u o
Anyways: Haii. :'3
My real name isn't important and I don't use it online.
Jade or Cj is what I go by.
Or you could make up a nickname for me, I don't care.
I'm 13 and I live in Florida.
Please do not stalk me. O.o
I sometimes like to fight and argue but not with the people I love. . o.
I used to play volleyball and softball but then I became lazy and quit. -w-
I'm easy to get along with if you say on my good side. :3
I can be a b***h at times and I can be sweet and nice at times.
I have many friends.
I'll name some of my best friends.
There's Jeremy♥, Nate♥, Hazuki♥, Hiro♥,
Steven♥, Pradit♥, Orion♥, Nic♥, Holli♥, Jordan♥, Zak♥, Kris♥, and Samm♥.
I have too many guy friends. :3
So, if you want to know more about me,
Message me or Comment.
Thank you for reading. :'D